Monday, February 2, 2015

James Comey (FBI) Can You Tell John Brennan (CIA) That I Need Resolution & Think Caroline Krass is My Only Hope Since Dan Meyer the IC Whistleblower Liaison Has Given Up on Me... Yet in the Last Year He Never Did Anything So It's NO Big Loss. I Really Trusted Dan Meyer Cause I Was Told He's a Good Guy BUT Sometimes Being Good is NOT How to Get Resolution for a Whistleblower in Todays Intelligence Community. I Apologize to Mike Dorris of Credit Suisse (Ex FBI), Jim Gammon (A Long Time Family Friend That's Close to My Family), Claudia Cojocar (My Aunt That Hates Me for Exposing My Uncle Being Part of CIA Drug Trafficking), My Other Aunt Cathy Leach (Who Lied About Me to People JUST To Protect My Uncle Bill Frisbie the Former Chief Pilot of Pan Am), & Kyle Krassa (My Mom's Lawyer That's Comes From a Respected Monterey Family). ALL I Want is Resolution & I'm Tired of Living in Fear....WHO HELPS ME? Just Say Who.... please:):)

My Aunt who admitted to lying about me to protect my Uncle but she's mad I accused her of using a Marriott time share without consent & sent an angry email to Dan Meyer and NOW he won't help me.   Many people say my writing style is horrible and maybe its cause I missed a lot of school running drug money for the CIA? Maybe it's because ***************** & ****************** & **********

I actually think Mr. Meyer whose not a bad person has been looking for an excuse to NOT help me cause the people connected to my Uncle Bill are VERY powerful. I'm not angry I'm just tired of being abuse. I'm tired of living in fear and I won't shut-up until I get RESPECT.   Here's a text fight between me & my Aunt. My family hates that I "destroyed them" by blogging, yet instead of helping me get resolution they "lie about me" they know I told the truth and if anything was wrong I'd take it down. I think they too live in fear and they don't want the CIA drama... yet I can't get the harassment done to me stopped until the CIA takes responsibility for getting "a child" involved with drug trafficking during the Vietnam war, well that and some other stuff.