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James Clapper, Michael Vickers & Stephen Preston I'm NOT Saying that Mitt Romney Killed Princess Diana - I'm Just Saying That He's Linked to a People that Profit From IRAN and "Creepy" Stuff.. Like Who Bombed Pan Am FLight 103 & Who Killed JFK OMG!!! Fox News Has Admitted the CIA Suppressed JFK Intel....Why?

"Why is this important to the discussion? I think I told you that my ***** did was a ********who was a go between the government, private industry and black organizations. In the early 1970s the government and the private heads got together and decided to cap all the oil wells to make it look like our reserves were in danger so we would have to go overseas to get the oil cheaper....." 

For the record I believe that the Ritz Carlton/Marriott has NOTHING to do with the murder of Princess Diana - Still maybe a "rogue" employee participated in the "cover up"... where's the surveillance photo of the "2nd" time Henri Paul had drinks the night the princess dies?  Plus a NATO wife told me she was murdered... and took me to the tunnel to show me that UNLESS there was a motorcade then there's NO WAY they could have been traveling "that fast" .... because midnight in Paris at the "end" of the summer season is VERY busy.  something is VERY fishy... & the Diana truth is important BUT the Lockerbie Truth is MORE IMPORTANT.  Let the princess rest in peace and let the families that suffered losses in the Lockerbie bombing "have peace of mind" by knowing the TRUTH!!!!

From Wiki: In April 1995, Marriott International acquired a 49% interest in Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company LLC.[8] Marriott International believed that it could increase sales and profit margins for The Ritz-Carlton, a troubled chain with a significant number of properties either losing money or barely breaking even. The cost of Marriott's initial investment was estimated to be about $200 million in cash and assumed debt. The next year, Marriott spent $331 million to take over The Ritz-Carlton, Atlanta and buy a majority interest in two properties owned by William Johnson, a real estate developer who had purchased The Ritz-Carlton, Boston in 1983 and expanded his The Ritz-Carlton holdings over the next twenty years.

On December 13, 2011, J. W. Marriott, Jr. announced he would be stepping down as CEO of the company, while assuming the role of executive chairman. It was announced that Arne Sorenson would be taking over as CEO as of March 2012. The hotel is noted for including copies of the Book of Mormon in addition to the Holy Bible in its rooms.

Mitt Romney released his 2011 federal income taxes on September 21, 2012, showing that he declared $260,390 in director's fees from Marriott International, despite the fact that news was released on January 13, 2011, that he had already stepped down from the Marriott International board to run for President. His previously released 2010 tax returns showed earnings in 2010 of $113,881 in director's fees from Marriott. In February, 2012, Bloomberg reported on Romney's years overseeing tax matters for Marriott, which had included several "scams" (quoting Sen. John McCain) and legal actions brought against Marriott, which Marriott lost in court, over its manipulations of the tax code.

Clarification*** MITT ROMNEY Does Business with IRAN Via His


Where are the photos of Henri Paul drinking at the Ritz the 2nd time?

Why did he have a drink their earlier (was he invited for a free drink?)

The fact is the people involved with the Lockerbie cover up know MORE than they'll admit about "other" issues too... Heck FOX NEWS just reported the CIA suppressed info on the JFK deal.... OMG!!!
Among the material that remains classified are the files of a number of long-deceased CIA officials who are believed by researchers to have had knowledge about the movements and actions of Lee Harvey Oswald, the president’s assassin, in the months before Dealey Plaza.
Some of these officials are also believed to have helped the CIA conceal this knowledge from the staff members of the two major official probes into the assassination: the Warren Commission, which concluded in its 1964 report that Oswald was the sole assassin; and the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA), whose final report in 1979 determined that there was a “high probability” that two gunmen fired at the president that day.

Senator Dianne Feinstein Remember Me?: Louise Arbour - What Do ...

Aug 20, 2013 - It Could Be Linked to Kosovo & Princess Diana's Humanitarian ...Sonny Bono, Margaret Lesher and Princess Diana ALL died around the same ...

Nissan Whistleblower: James Clapper, Michael Vickers and ...

Aug 26, 2013 - 6 days ago - It Could Be Linked to Kosovo & Princess Diana'sHumanitarian .... Dianne Feinstein There are a LOT of Impressive People that ...

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharynbovat <>
Subject: Marriott- Westin Tampa Romney Island at RNC convention Surveillance Question? 
Date: November 22, 2013 11:24:50 AM CST
To: 10 top Marriott Execs

Just wanted to show you this…below

FYI- there are some fun Marriott stories… i had one just last summer at the RNC convention I parked at the Tampa Club (private building where American Crossroads had it's secret meetings) and walked toward the Marriott and a taxi  stopped & a girl in the car said "come in" 25ish, blonde, looked dressed in Hermes she took me to what I call Romney Island the Westin & there i talked to a DOD contractor… weird?   

Memory- I was told Sal Russo of the Tea Party was at the Marriott in Tampa in 2012…. in the "old days" he didn't use Marriott… In the 90's when the current head of the Tea Party Express had an operative hire a gay college prostitute to put Ariana Huffington's husband in a compromising position it was NOT Marriott.  

Anyway- I would like to know that there is NO video of me in the Marriott system?   

Think of "this" as a Foia.  Are you going to tell me NO again? 

Thanks & have a great weekend!


Mitt Romney would have STOPPED the JFK truth from being exposed…. NOW "most likely" it will be told in 2017.   I would like to be able to get a job and healthcare BEFORE that… FYI- my grandfather was a lawyer that did the cover up stuff…I was told the CIA/FBI used lawyers  as "ethical/legal advisors" in cover up issues so  I'm 95% it was JFK plus I was told it will take 14 agencies to declassify "what" he did and the JFK deal seems to be the ONLY issue still hidden.  OUCH!!! 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Gracia Martore a Gannett UK Paper Does Article About IRAN Involved with Lockerbie Bombing BUT Suppresses It From "Online" Publication. Luckily Scottish People Scanned Article.

 Link to copy of article:

The American People are going to learn they were lied to about the Lockerbie bombing & I don't think the Iranian President was personally involved BUT he might have details & Secretary Kerry & his State Department team should ask Iranian officials to "leak" what they know during the N-deal negations..

Click link to read email from Buck Revell the FBI guy that did "cover ups

Re-launch of the treatise was reported in an article by Lucy Adams in The Herald on 13 November, 2013 (“Iranian president accused of insight into Lockerbie attack” – for some reason... the newspaper has not posted the article on line, despite its prominence in the paper edition).

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Just Because My Grandfather Worked for the People that Killed Kennedy Should NOT Be a Reason to Be Bullied? OMG!!! The Higher Level CIA People Were Given Awards? Why Am I Abused?

The mood in Langley was even uglier. Journalist Richard Starnes, filing from Vietnam, gave a stark assessment in The Washington Daily News of the CIA's unrestrained thirst for power in Vietnam. Starnes quoted high-level U.S. officials horrified by the CIA's role in escalating the conflict. They described an insubordinate, out-of-control agency, which one top official called a "malignancy." He doubted that "even the White House could control it any longer." Another warned, "If the United States ever experiences a [coup], it will come from the CIA and not from the Pentagon." Added another, "[Members of the CIA] represent tremendous power and total unaccountability to anyone."

Knowing that America's military-industrial complex would oppose him, JFK had kept the text of his speech secret from the Pentagon, the CIA and the State Department. His call for a unilateral test-ban treaty shocked his own National Security and his military and diplomatic advisers.

Caught off guard, the military-intelligence apparatus quickly mobilized to derail the treaty, which still needed to be ratified by the Senate. The Joint Chiefs of Staff, who had announced months earlier that they were "opposed to a comprehensive ban under almost any terms," joined CIA director John McCone in lobbying against the agreement in the Senate. The Pentagon tried to sabotage its passage by hiding information about the ease of detecting underground tests.

Read more: 

When I had tacos with former President Ford I was I was told I could ask him ANYTHING except for the Kennedy thing.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

James Clapper, Michael Vickers and Stephen Preston: Why I'm so Interested in Having Elizabeth Loftus Help Me is So I Can Know WHAT Memories Are WRONG. Mark Silverman the Ben Bradlee WInner Vetted Me at 85-90% Accurate. Still Some of What I Think is Wrong. I Think the Part of GOP Moderates in 1992 Drinking too Much being Responsible for Haley Barbour & the Conservative Takeover Was Wrong? When I Blog I Just Write What I Remember & I Do Remember Moderates Liked the Bar:):) Anyway I Know That The FBI Has 95% Good Ethical People....James Comey I Was Told ONLY 5% in the FBI are Corrupt/Mislead/Tampered with Investigations. Sadly I Think in My Past I Did Research for the 5% and That is WHY I'm Bullied Today.

I really like this article: It's helping me understand WHY about 15% of my thoughts are wrong.
My goal is to blog about the truth (actually my goal is to get a job and not be bullied anymore) & I know I've been vetted as HIGHLY accurate....  Maybe that is WHY I had so many "page views" when I blogged about CIA cover ups?

I think I was wrong when I said Leon Panetta was linked to El Salvadoran assassins...  I'm 95% right that Sal Russo was....

Please read this article:  It's really good I have posted a few excerpts.

How Many of Your Memories Are Fake?
The Atlantic-21 hours ago

All memory, as McGaugh explained, is colored with bit
s of life experiences. When people recall, “they are reconstructing,” he said. “It doesn't mean it’s totally false. It means that they’re telling a story about themselves and they’re integrating things they really do remember in detail, with things that are generally true.”

Loftus’s research has already rattled our justice system, which relies so heavily on eyewitness testimonies. Now, the findings showing that even seemingly impeccable memories are also susceptible to manipulation could have “important implications in the legal and clinical psychology fields where contamination of memory has had particularly important consequences,” the PNAS study authors wrote

Loftus .......pointed out that false memory recollections also occur among high profile people. Hillary Clinton once famously claimed that she had come under sniper fire during a trip to Bosnia in 1996. “So I made a mistake,” Clinton said later about the false memory. “That happens. It proves I'm human, which, you know, for some people, is a revelation.”

“It’s so powerful when somebody tells you something and they have a lot of detail,” Loftus said. “Especially when they express emotion. To just say, ‘Oh my god it must be true.’ But all those characteristics are also true of false memories, particularly the heavily rehearsed ones that you ruminate over. They can be very detailed. You can be confident. You can be emotional. So you need independent corroboration.”

James Comey the FBI Needs to Investigate Buck Revell, Frank Duggan, Richard Marquise, Brian Murtagh, Sir John Orr, & Darrell Mills About the Lockerbie Bombing Cover Up. They Might Be Innocent BUT They Know Something & YOU Need to Talk to Them Before They Get to Old. It's ONLY Fair to the Lockerbie Families

Seems like the 1979-1981 "get rid of Carter" thing  is the one people in the Obama administration wants to solve?  Why Else would a "most likely" relative of the TOP DOD lawyer tell me he'll have me charged with contempt of court for not answering questions about WHO in the gov. I knew in 1980? OMG I was 14 years old HOW could I remember?

In reference to the Iran Hostage thing I do NOT think Bush was the mastermind like many connected to Sal Russo have told me.  Had been responsible for it then he would have been president & NOT Reagan….   Sal Russo is the "link"….  James Comey & the FBI should start an investigation. DO NOT put Buck Revell in charge!!!! 

All I want is to get a job and get my reputation back. NOW I don't thing Mr. Revell will be a reference for me to get a job:(:(    

On Nov 17, 2013, at 11:19 PM, Buck Revell <> wrote:

Miss Bovat,  
I have no idea what you are talking about. Please delete me from any of your future babbling.
Oliver "Buck" Revell

NOTICE the G-Man from JFK to Lockerbie does not say he has NO idea who I am? Guess I can't use him as a job reference?
I decided to email him "one last question"

-----Original Message-----
From: Sharyn Bovat []
Sent: Monday, November 18, 2013 7:00 AM
To: Buck Revell
Cc: Jonathan Collegio; DOD IGO, Memphis FBI, Ed Gillespie, Mark Silverman; Tom Ingram,  Andrea Uckele; Luke  Arthur Brooks; Blake Farmer
Subject: One LAST question to Buck Revell


Sorry if i bothered you.

One last question. is my past babbling about the Lockerbie bombing cover up correct?

Thank you

Sharyn Bovat
Sent from my iPhone

This is his response that he sent to  Frank Duggan, Richard Marquise, Brian Murtagh, Sir John Orr, & Darrell Mills I was told that "had he thought I was a "loon" he never would have cc'd all those people. He did it so they'd be on the "same page".... 

Miss Bovat,

This is my last response to you; after this your e-mails will not be accepted by my computer.
Let me make this loud and clear!!!!!There was no cover-up in the Lockerbie investigation. Hundreds of dedicated law enforcement officers and prosecutors in the U.K., U.S., Germany and Malta worked countless hours, often under very difficult circumstances to solve this tragic case. I first thought that Iran and the PFLP were responsible, but intensive investigation and forensic examinations finally lead us to Libya and the true perpetrators. More Libyans were involved than have been able to be charged, but the investigation continues.

Oliver "Buck" Revell
Associate Deputy Director, FBI (Ret.)

I've been terrorized every since NISSAN put me in the computer system as the # 2 security risk : NISSAN HR said I was a spy (CIA) & told executives to NOT communicate with me- I was living in Franklin TN & was not a SPY I'm a "former spy"  & UNLESS Tennessee is not part of America I don't see an issue and they committed a crime by "outing" me. I was told they hired a guy in 2011"formally of Wackenhut" to look at ALL the hard drives & wipe them:  NISSAN is a Japanese/French company and they were illegally taking money from America - That is WHY I was labeled the #2 security threat.  I had NOT been involved with IC stuff for over a decade and did not tell the man I was married to that I did it.  He now wants a divorce and I need health insurance (like the rest of America) but I'm unemployable due to the having to fight trumped up charges by those that profited from NISSAN- including the people connected to the Tennessee governor Haslam & past governor Bredesen.  

JAMES COMEY- I was joking with a guy from DC today that Mr. Revell's email to me was cc'd to the ENTIRE "cover up" team.  He included the guy from the UK- Does James Clapper still have access to all the emails... I bet if he looks at those cc'd to me yesterday America can finally get CLOSURE to the Lockerbie Bombing & a LOT of other creepy cover ups. Also I'm RIGHT about the NISSAN CEO linked to CIA drug trafficking.  someone really should investigate? 

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    Oct 11, 2013 - Wow another "link" Sharyn has to Buck Revell..... Oliver "buck"Revellwas the FBI agent who would be king but was denied the job running the ...
    You +1'd this

  2. Nissan Whistleblower: Buck Revell I Need You to Fess Up About ...

    2 days ago - This Blog Post Will Show Sharyn is CREDIBLE...& Linked to Renault ...Seems like Buck Revell can "vindicate" me. Since I'm having trouble in ...

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James Clapper ,& Jeff Toobin - I Got Buck Revell to Say Lockerbie Bombing Suspects are Still at Large Gracia Martore of Gannett will NOT Let the Story Break When I Worked on the Executive Floor of Warner Music (My Desk Near Michael Fuchs Office & John Kerry Visited for a Gangster Rap Meeting) It's Where Ted Turner Did Meetings with Gerald Levin in the mid 90's for their "Secret Deal" That's When I Learned CNN Was a CIA Propaganda Tool - YES!!! Robert Eatinger I Just Leaked the CIA Has Liked Gays for a LONG TIME... Look at Anderson Cooper? Rhori Johnston Did They Ever Call You for the Piers Morgan Deal?

The Lockerbie Bombing Cover Up is REAL and I Was Told "the guys" can't hold it together much longer: Bad news Good Ole Boys the mainstream media "has lost control".... Frank Duggan sometimes your words are CRUEL - time to retire.

Oliver B. "Buck" Revell, a top FBI official overseeing the international investigation, had a personal as well as professional connection to the crime: His own son had held a reservation on the flight but changed his travel plans several days before it took off. "I just say, 'There but for the grace of God. . . ,' " said Revell, now head of a private investigative firm in Dallas.


Aviation: Lockerbie downing brought home the message that being on a U.S. jetliner does not give ... July 21, 1996|JONATHAN PETERSON | TIMES STAFF WRITER ...Oliver B. "BuckRevell, a top FBI official overseeing the international ... to the crime: His own son had held a reservation on the flight but changed his travel 

Jeff Toobin I told Senator Feinstein the problem- Lets see "how well" your Snowden advice is? 
Rhori Johnston I think I deserve an apology? 
Mr. Waldmeir: How Well Do YOU Know Mr. Revell?

Look at WHAT Buck Revell Emailed Me Today: He CC'd  Frank Duggan

What NISSAN Did was NOT LEGAL:   

The DOD Whistleblower Was Abused

Monday, November 11, 2013

James Comey of the FBI & Senator Dianne Feinstein - DOD Whistleblower Told HOW Gaddafi would Die BEFORE it Happened. One of My Sources Wanted to Show He Had "Good" Sources. That Source ALSO Was Freaked Out "After" IT Proved to Be True.... I Can Take a Lie Detector. That Source is NOT the Main Source.... It's Layered Like a Cake..... People at the DOD Want RESPECT and for the French to Want to Do a "Fly By" After the Killing in Libya was Tacky.

There are SO MANY Whistleblower that want to "believe" they will be listened to and RESPECTED.
My sources LOVE America and want what's best for our troops.


Ultimately, Colonel Gaddafi was killed by rebels as he tried to flee Sirte in October 2011. It was believed that he was heading for the border of Niger at the time of his death.
His 50-car convoy was attacked by Nato airplanes before rebels attacked on the ground. Colonel Gaddafi was tortured before he was killed

Secret MI6 plot to help Col Gaddafi escape Libya revealed - Telegraph › News › UK News › Defence

Sep 27, 2013 - MI6 drew up top-secret plans to allow Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to flee... that he was heading for the border of Niger at the time of his death.

Lockerbie bomber release linked to arms deal ... - Telegraph › News › Politics
Jul 27, 2013 - The release of the Lockerbie bomber was linked by the Government to a £400 million arms-export deal to Libya, according to secret ...