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Lockerbie Bombing Media Suppression Continues: Elizabeth Loftus Needed to "Sort Out" False Memories Obviously There's a Problem Since MANY Think I'm RIGHT That Iran Responsible for Ordering the Lockerbie Bombing. I Will Tell the Senate Intelligence Committee WHO Told Me.... Do They Wanna Hear Who? Senator Feinstein? PLEASE Read the Reply that WAS Not Posted on Al Jazeera .... FYI- I Think Al Jazeera Has Done Responsible Reporting....

Voice of a GOP Moderate: James Comey of the FBI PLEASE 'Lets ...

Nov 18, 2013 - Below Read the email I got from Buck Revell. I'm grateful he sent it. ...

I know longer think Al Gore is an evil twisted human being.... because someone who is evil and twisted told me NOT to trust Al Gore or his people.... Therefore he most likely was "used" for his green credentials which was ALSO told to me.  The massage Al Gore incident happened in 2006 and was exposed on the tabloids in 2010- I was told the "creepy people" did it.  I started using the term "Creepy People" when I was a child. It's describes Nixon era CIA (a lot of them fired by Jimmy Carter).  I was raised by people linked to them.... for 4 years I've been bullied after I whistle blew... Carlos Ghosn the Lebanese CEO of NISSAN Renault is a "Creepy Person"..... his ex mistress became friends with me & when I spoke up against immoral behavior ... All Hell Broke at NISSAN... I Told Carlos Tavares.... NOW He's CEO of Peugeot.....   "It's complicated" I hope he hires me- All I want is a normal life.

James Comey of the FBI - Kim Helper Williamson County DA .... WHY?
Dec 13, 2013 - It's possible that AL Gore was intentionally put in a "sexually" compromising position or .... Voice of a Moderate - Sharyn Bovat : Ed Gillespie IF You 

Yes he did live in these conditions and had special priveledges and his family lived in a house in the better \ best part of Glasgow all the while he was in jail..Why.??? These are all part of the mystery and he did mix with the other prisoners and came through it unscathed. Dr Jim Swires who's daughter died on the flight claims Meghrahi was innocent from the very start of the investigation and sat through every day of the trial and the evidence does not stand up to proper scrutiny.
Have you ever heard of witnesses being paid to give evidence.I have given evidence in court as a witness in Scottish Court and you can hardly get your bus fares out of them never mind all that money the brothers got. Look into it Perthite and leave out the J word.

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      I was given 2nd hand info that Megrahi was paid for each month he was jailed. Also if anything happened to him there would be "repercussions" I do not know details of what that meant. I do not know what role he played in the Lockerbie bombing. The CIA & FBI still today say 100% he did play a role - although the role could just be "scapegoat".... I did ask that specific question and got a shrug. People know the truth... All i know is there was a cover up. Only about 400 people worldwide ever knew what happened and they are getting older or are dead. Many people I knew that knew died mysterious deaths. Sonny Bono and Margaret Lesher are two of them..... OK again TMI. Thank you Sandy the Scot for wanting the truth.

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          Repercussions against the Glasgow prison fraternity, I dont think so .You obviously not been to Glasgow.I go through for the football and come straight home. Anyway Sharyn a very interesting post and thanks for replying. I think the push for the truth to come out is more prelevent over here than in the states since it is a stain on the Scottish Judicial system.The worst stain being witnesses being paid under our system.

          Sandy the Scot.... Keep searching for the TRUTH!!!  All I know is what i know and that's ONLY that there was a Cover Up... If Libya was "really" the sole conspirator then there would be no cover up....

          Buck Revell is obviously suffering from False Memories.... 

          Frank Duggan is a shill.... yet calls other conspiracy mavens... my favorite is he blocks comments on the Lockerbie Victims Facebook page and deletes comments that are NOT part of their storyline....   

          I've offered to take a lie detector test.  Members of congress KNOW I'm telling the truth.... They are mad that they can't get the truth.

          The American people no longer trust the government and the LIES start with Lockerbie.... OK actually other issues with Iran..... LOTS of stuff happened there....   Contras... Get Rid of Carter- Coups.... etc....

          The Iranian people KNOW their responsible and fear that until the truth comes out they will NOT be able to apologize and normalized global relations.  Also America needs to apologize for the ACCIDENT of Flt 655. I was told that when Iran retaliated for the downing of the civilian jet carrying "almost the same amount of people" as Pan Am flight 103 - when Iran responded to the ACCIDENT with "an eye for an eye" then America and the world needed to fear Iran- for they could not be trusted with Nuclear weapons... What if another accident happens?   

          Still Pakistan has a weapon and they are not reliable- they kept Bin Ladin hidden.....  Iran says if they have a bomb - we want a bomb. So NOW we know the problem and WHO has a solution?   Until one happens then a LOT of taxpayer money will be spent on foreign wars & to many in America that is NOT an option. Plus people in Iran tell me they want to go to DisneyWorld - the want the Freedom to Travel.... 

          It's time for SERIOUS negotiations with IRAN and the Lockerbie TRUTH is part of that..... ONLY with Transparency can TRUST happen. 

      Why Would Mandela write & Visit Megrahi?  

      1. Was Terry Waite freed as part of secret Lockerbie deal withIran? 15, 2013
        His conviction — and he is not alone in holding it — is that Iran was ...There will be simultaneous services in London and in Lockerbie, and ...
      2. Secret CIA testimony identifies real Lockerbie mastermind

        Channel 4 News-Dec 20, 2013
        Secret CIA testimony identifies real Lockerbie mastermind ... by theIranian government to avenge the 290 lives lost when Iran Air flight 665 was ...

      3. CIA held Syrian militants responsible for Lockerbie bombing 20, 2013
        CIA held Syrian militants responsible for Lockerbie bombing ... They added that blame may have been diverted from Iran in order to protect ...
      4. Leaders: Yes camp can embrace Tories | Lockerbie legacy

        Scotsman-Dec 21, 2013
        YESTERDAY'S Lockerbie anniversary commemorations in London, ... and whether the attack was perpetrated by Iran, rather than Libya.

      Buck Revell was FBI - I believe his son cancelled his flight on Pan Am because he was lucky and got advance warning.  The Lebanese told people at the Moscow Embassy- those that knew of CIA drug trafficking. After the report was issued on the crash by Pan Am I was asked to go to the USSR (winter 1990) I was taken from my hotel room and detained by KGB - when I did not say anything "except" my country knows i'm here I was released and got taken to American consulate office in Leningrad.  I got to have dinner with the consulate general and stayed in the same room Nixon stayed in on his Russia trip.  When I got back to the states I was told "someone" thought I'd appreciate sleeping in an historic room...  i thought it was CREEPY!!!    

      FYI-  My cousin flew that route and my grandfather wanted her NOT to fly during the holidays.  My Uncle was Chief Pilot of Pan Am and testified at Senate Intelligence committee.  I do not know what he said.  I do know that I've been terrorized by ex CIA linked due to my knowledge.  That & twice I met Oliver North.  One time he gave me a lecture while standing in a driveway on loyalty to my country and to "whom" I worked for.   OK.....tmi....  The fact is there's a Russian link to the Lockerbie Cover Up and I want to know what it is. i have PTSD from being taken from my hotel room in the middle of the night - strapped to a board.   I was driven around for hours and taken to an abandon hospital.  All this was vetted by Gannett.  The former Ben Bradlee winner knows I'm telling the truth....  Google Me... Sharyn Bovat

      Tuesday, December 17, 2013

      Laura Donohue of Georgetown Can YOU Relay a Message to James Comey & Robert Mueller of the FBI - It's About the Lockerbie Bombing..... Thank You & Happy Holidays!!!

      People want to know "what" I want out of this?  
      Laura Donohue of Georgetown Law please communicate my answer & give Mr. Mueller a message.  It's for AMERICA!!!

      A: My reputation back
      B:  Stop the abuse being done to me by the CIA
      C: A job with healthcare
      D:  Government that I trust.

      Below was sent to people involved with the Lockerbie Cover Up and to others.... it's a complicated "mess" and if someone wants details call me 615-944-7599.  I've been blogging for 4+ years I've been jailed 3 times for speaking out & the mainstream media knows about me and vetted me to be truthful. they will not report the story for a reason I do not know. Except the CEO of Gannett Gracia Martore makes about 8 million a year and get a 46 million dollar severance "if" fired. I knew from he era that Ted Turner was doing his Time Warner deal that CNN had CIA ties. There's a reason why CNN hosted the Tea Party- Sal Russo!   Andrew Breitbart & most likely Michael Hasting were murdered to protect a "clique" that is very powerful  I don't want to expose that element - I just want then to STOP hurting me and my child. Obviously they are too power and I was told Obama appointed some. 

      A few years ago at a conference for global AP type editors organized by John Seigenthaler's group at the Gaylord Hotel in Nashville (the first amendment center) editors discussed me and my story was banned (reuters source). Bloomberg source confirmed there's a press embargo about me... Why?  If I was a "crazy" they could write about me but the problem is I"m credible.
      Begin forwarded message:

      From: Sharyn Bovat <>
      Subject: The Lockerbie Families KNEW When They Cashed Their Checks They Would NEVER Get the Truth… If that statement is wrong then tell me.
      Date: December 17, 2013 10:21:22 AM CST

      I was told once the families "cash the checks" they would not have the right to the truth about Lockerbie: This was said to me in the 90's BEFORE Megrahi was convicted of the of Lockerbie Bombing & the compensation deal was done years later.  

      That memory I know is 99.9% true! The source GRADE A.  I never blogged about Lockerbie UNTIL I was bullied by NISSAN & ONLY after they outed me for doing research for CIA operatives- they told people I was a "spy" and put me in their data base as #2 security risk. I can give you list of people to confirm this.   Below is a picture of me and piece from court transcripts. NISSAN spent over a million dollars trying to get me jailed - just to discredit me……. 

      Frank Duggan question for you:  How about a copy of "what" the families signed to get the check?

      It was relayed to me that some felt bullied into taking the cash… is that HOW American treats victims?

      My favorite 2nd hand memory is If someone did not take the money they were hurting those that needed the money for "medical treatment" - did that really happen?

      Did the CIA really bully the families of those that died in the Lockerbie Bombing… or was it the FBI?

      Is it true that people just pretend to respect Frank Duggan?  I'm not picking on Frank but I've seen how he treats people who don't have the same opinion as him.

      FYI- I told his friend at the Blue Ribbon GITMO conference in DC at the National Academy of Sciences  "Frank must think I'm a loon" 
      he told me "if you were- you would not be here"….

      Buck Revell KNOWS the Truth & my webstats prove it!!!

      At this point i know I've said ALL I know about Lockerbie: NOW I will communicate it to the Millenials because they already don't trust America and 90% of those that I talked to tell me they believe me… unlike 40 % of those over 50. 

      The next generation that's gonna run the government likes HONEST facts.  
      For that I say Thank You Jesus!!!!

      Remember when you make your speeches at the Memorial service a lot in the audience "gets it" and it will be taped for HISTORY!!!
      Please make sure the Ex FBI get this.  That man owes me a drink too!!!

      Happy Holidays!!!


      The ex CIA linked to the Lockerbie Cover Up are also linked to Iran Contra, NISSAN, Micheline, Operation Condor,  Renault Spy Scandal, CIA drug trafficking, Blackwater antics, murders of Margaret Lesher and Sonny Bono and NOW FedEx needs to be asked questions in Tennessee the courts "favored" a pilot who abused his wife.   WHY?

      People are asking "what" I want out of this.
      A: My reputation back
      B:  Stop the abuse being done to my by CIA
      C: A job with healthcare
      D:  Government that I trust.