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James Comey FBI, Sam Hall of the Media Company that Suppresses Stories, James Clapper DNI, Robert Litt Who Might Have KNOWN Mossad Spied on Me at the Marriott MAYFLOWER, John Brennan Who Might Know the CIA Spied on Me at the Marriott Wardman, Mike Vickers Spy Who Owes Me an Apology for Egyptian Who Tried to Do a "Hit" on Me at a Marriott Owned Property (He tried to date me.... not kill me - I DON"T Do Foreign Born Nationals..... UNLESS Ya'll changed the rules? , David Grannis Senate Intelligence Committee, Jack Livingston the GOP Intel Gatekeeper, Stephen Preston TOP DOD Lawyer Who Really Confuses Me, Leon Panetta an Ex CIA Director That OWES Me a Drink, Another Message for John Brennan YOU Owe Me a Job or Retirement... Look at MY Social Security Statement... During Iran Contra NO Money Put Aside for My Retirement, Mike Dorris Ex FBI Current Credit Suisse YOU Owe Me a Drink, Al Gore YOU Need to Get ANOTHER SPY Cause I Wanna Retire & YOU Need to Tell Annie Meenan of Salesforce & Sheryl So of Nectar PR To Get Me Dreamforce Press Pass SO I Can Blog to Moderates & Keep My Sources Confidential as a "Prof" Journalist

The GLOBAL POST article NOT  true: Dick Cheney remained an ALLY of Chalabi 
Abandoned by his former neoconservative allies in the US after the American-led 2003 invasion discredited his claims about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Chalabi faded from the headlines as he entered elected Iraqi politics, his political bloc repeatedly unable to win enough seats in parliament to wield any real power. 
But amid widening calls for Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to step down following military losses to the Islamic State and its coalition, Chalabi is experiencing a comeback of sorts.

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Date: July 21, 2014 at 11:58:49 AM CDT
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Cc: Michael Dorris <>, "" <>, Mark Silverman <>, "" <>, "" <>, 

I talked to my friend the Ben Bradlee winner Mark Silverman today- I told him why I need a job and resolution. My hope is the Feds monitored the call cause I explained HOW the Iraq conflict was created by "special interest" I was told by Sardar Pishdare a 7 year Army Intel source about HOW the NeoCons let the situation in Iraq escalate. Iraq has a Kurdish President - a Shia PM & a Sunni (something) the Shia leader has always been in bed with Iran BUT American has the other two top positions as allies. The President of Iraq has been MIA (🇺🇸 MSM never reported this - why?) the Iraq President had a heart attack about a couple years ago ( might have been calculated) & he's been living In Germany- so the Shia (Khomeini secretly backed dude) put his friends in important roles and pushes out the Kurds- NO smart Kurd would want to be President of Iraq knowing they'd be targeting so the Kurds "let" Talabani keep the role - and "get this" the whole point of the uprising was to replace Maliki with Dick Cheney & Haley Barbour Puppet Chalabi- Sardar a credible source told me he (Chalabi) was a CIA asset for 15 years and got 350 a month & his colleague was the notorious "curveball" Valarie Plame knew was "uncredible" and the CIA knew we were going to war with bad intel.  Now the NeoCons want to make him  PM? At the same time Mike Loya on the board of Pilot Flying J is caught buying Iranian oil & breaking sanctions allowing for Mitt Romney to profit from Khomeini & that's suppressed by the MSM Along with story that Romney cut an amnesty deal to tax evasion in 2010. He was allowed to run for president and serious issue went unreported- had he won America would be a militarized nation & fight more "trumped up" wars. That's why I want Al Gore and the ethical GOP to work together. My rational for being a MSM blogger- who needs a press pass and to know "if" I still owe favor to Al Gore?  

 I told Mark Silverman today on the phone I was giving a way to DIRECTLY communicate with Colin Powell who would get a message to Obama. Do I have to do that to get a press pass to DreamForce.  I need to be a legit journalist so I can keep my sources confidential - People at the DOD have uses me & my blogs to whistleblow about issues that endangered our Nation BUT were ignored due to a system set up to muzzle whistleblowers and fuel cronyism 

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Date: July 18, 2014 at 6:09:27 PM CDT
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AL GORE is one of your speakers so you have access to his people… & I “know” that the Press list would be accessible to me “if” he wanted me to succeed at  so I must take your email as that Al Gore’s people are telling me the answer to my request is NO .. AL GORE does NOT want me to try to get the GOP to accept Climate Change- which is OK just please confirm that is the case. Thank you!


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Thanks for responding - out of curiosity what is the list of criteria ?

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Hi Sharyn,

As you can imagine, we get hundreds of requests to attend and due to limited space we must weigh each one against a list of criteria. You did not meet the requirements this year for press and therefore were not approved. 

Thank you,

Sunday, July 13, 2014

James Comey FBI, James Clapper DNI, David Grannis Senate Intelligence Committee, Raj De NSA, Robert Litt DNI Guy That I Hope Had a Haircut This Weekend, Jack Livingston Senate Intelligence Committee, Stephen Preston DOD, Michael Vickers CIA Movie Guy Turned USA Top Spy Who Owes Me an Apology & John Brennan of the CIA Who I Wish Would Either Confirm or Deny Me... I'd Like Ya'll to Meet My Favorite Kurd His Name is Sardar Pishdare and he Deserves RESPECT From the US Intelligence Community - Actually I Do Too... Have a Great Day & a Premature Happy Monday:):)

Voice of a GOP Moderate: James Comey Tell the FBI to ...
8 hours ago - James Comey Tell the FBI to Communicate to James Clapper & John Brennan at the CIA to Do "This" Regime Change: Sardar Pishdare an Intellect Genius Who ...

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    6 days ago - I Want My Source Sardar Pishdare PROTECTED an RESPECTED The Fact is American Can't Trust Iraqi Kurdish Leaders.... Although Jimmy Haslam, Haley ...

Saturday, July 5, 2014

James Clapper, Stephen Preston DOD , James Comey & Valarie Parlave FBI, Dan Meyer IC - DNI Whistleblower Liason ex DOD Director & Ex Whistleblower (Dan you're "complicated") & David Grannis and Jack Livingston of the Senate Intelligence Committee.... I Want Ya'll to Turn on Your Fax. This Man Needs Amercia to Listen to Him - He's Been Compromised By Communicating to Me Via UnSecure Email... He Has FACTS About Saddam's Daughter Linked to ISIS and He Knows of Wasted Spending of Taxpayer Money in Kurdistan. I've Been Told By a RELIABLE Source He'ls Legit - & That Barzani is a "Stalking Horse for IRAN"..... PLEASE Treat Mr Sardar Pishdare with RESPECT & Make Him An American Intelligence Asset. FYI- Tony Hayward Ex BP Has Done Some "deals" That Need to Be Exposed. I Learned Haley Barbour & Mike Loya Vitol & Jimmy Haslam (the Cleveland Browns) & 4 other NFL Owners Have Profited From Allies of Those Linked to Khomeini

This Kurdish Whistleblower wants me to inform people in America of his issues and desires for an independent Kurdistan.. I made him a proposal to communicate the issues BUT due to American foreign police I can't solicit money to make his dream come true... his dream is = to the American dream..  Please if the current American agenda in Iraq fails... consider Sardar as a resource for Plan B

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From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Sardar Pishdare Here is Your Next Step -
Date: July 5, 2014 at 11:45:34 AM CDT
To: Sardar Pishdare Rostam  Sardar Pishdare Rostam********************* 

********& Sardar: It’s my opinion that the US can’t support an independent Kurdistan due to relation with Saudi - etc etc… My opinion  is once America know WHO funded ISIS the US can make better decision.

Sardar -
Don’t tell me what you know tell the FBI, Senate Intelligence Committee and IC contact - Give the classified ISIS stuff & other intel to them.
 ALL I can do is tell them your credible.   
Very Important  Send a letter of introduction - tell them WHO you are via fax Tell the you want to give information to the USA about Kurdistan & ISIS 
& tell them you will make a follow up phone call. 

Due to the fact that what you want is NOT considered US policy I can’t solicit any money for your project. Some might consider if I did solicit money It would be an act of treason ALL I can do is educate people as to who you are & to your goals.  

There is no way I would hurt my country and the ONLY way I can do the research that I outlined for you is if I’m hired to do it. If I were solicit then I’m engaging in disobeying the law.

That means I can’t travel to educate people or do professional website… so the only option for YOU is become an American Intelligence asset & if someone sponsors & for you find sponsors for the research project- then I can do the proposed plan.  What I can do to NOW is blog about you and educate people of the situation in Kurdistan - but that is not my job so it will be done with blog posts integrated with others - 

Please communicate with these sources - you must Fax the FBI the same time you fax the senate intel mail package to Dan Meyer & put on the cover letter that your sending the info to ALL 3

London, England
American Embassy: 0-11-44-207-894-0007 call to get secure fax for UK FBI 

FBI Fax - Attention Valarie Parlave 
(202) 278-2478

Dan Meyer IC (intelligence Community) Whitleblower Liaison - Director (he’s very well connected) Send him your letter of info to:

Dan Meyer
Drop Box
Washington, DC 

His email is ******************

Senate Intelligence Fax  (202) 512-2250

 I saw this on twitter…. Let me know your thoughts!!!

Read "real" dialogue that show Sardar Pishdare "is the real deal".... He's a PRO American Kurd and his credibility has been vouched by people with excellent credentials.  The American IC needs to listen to him 

Sardar wants me to inform people in America of his issues and desires for an independent Kurdistan.. I made him a proposal BUT due to American foreign police I can't solicit money to make his dream come true... his dream is = to the American dream..  Please if the current American agenda in Iraq fails... consider Sardar as a resource for Plan B- Below is the research project I proposed to him....  the current President of the region of Kurdistan is truly a supporter of Khomeini... after looking into so are MANY political leaders in America....

What the **** was Dick Cheney thinking?

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From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Kurdistan Summer Research Project Proposal Draft - Prepared for Sardar Pishdare Rostam 
Date: July 2, 2014 at 11:23:01 AM CDT
To: Sardar Pishdare Rostam *88**************Sardar Pishdare Rostam *****************
Cc: *******************************

Everything I do is assumed to be listened to or read by the American govt.  Please understand “if” they tell me that what I’m doing is not appropriate I will have to stop.  If they say nothing I take it as a sign that it’s OK.

I’m still working on the formal proposal but I think the draft shows what I’m thinking and you can tell me if were on the “same” page.  Any input from Andrew would be great and if you could fly him to the states to communicate to me your agenda that would be appreciated.  What your looking for is politically very difficult in USA- I’m sure you know why. Sir there are many obstacles but I believe in the need for an independent Kurdistan & will take on project. Using my connections I can gather data to show you “what” needs to be done to fulfill your agenda and give you suggestions from an American prospective on how to proceed.  I understand you’re a strategic genius and I respect that.  What I offer is the Voice of an American to assist you.   FYI- in 2009 I spent 3 hours with the President of NISSAN North America Carlos Tavares - he wanted to be CEO of NISSAN/Renault he then had people communicate with me on being a change agent… He emailed me directly after I emailed him the offer- then All hell broke -it’s a long & complicated story & instead of becoming CEO of NISSAN he’s CEO of Peugeot.  One of his people recently contacted me and it was my efforts that propelled him to his current leadership role. I’m still waiting for him to fulfill his obligation but I respect him as a human being & he’s my reference as a change agent.  

As far as communications I worked for the best - Reagan’s people. Because Ronald Reagan is so respected by the Tea Party I get “respect” even though I’m a political moderate. The people connected to the GOP establishment respect me cause they want me to NOT tell the Feds what I know about them. The Democrats like me cause I “rat out” racists - the only time I ever talked bad about anyone I ever worked for is Haley Barbour- I directly worked for Henry whose now in some “hot water”… OK enough of my credentials.  This email is about creating an Independent Kurdistan.

The fees for a freelance  “Change Agent” are between 12,500-15,000K a month - If you were to hire a consulting company it would be much higher. My goal is to get a “legit” job but will take on the first phase which is the most critical for you & that is getting the research done that shows the current political climate in the USA for Kurdish Independence and also data on how to sell the concept to the policy makers.    

This offer is a 3 month deal that culminates in my going to Washington DC in Sept when Congress returns from summer holiday & lobbying them with a packet filled with reasons WHY supporting Kurdistan is good for America & then after the Scottish reform election I will travel to the UK to meet you (my Uncle was Chief Pilot for Pan Am and I spent time with Palestinian money launderer that worked for the Iranian National Guard in reference to the Lockerbie bombing - long story but I was told it was not safe for me to travel to the UK until after the election. - Most MI6 are ethical it’s just a few “rogue” operatives linked to Tony Blair that want me dead”… I prefer to stay alive and help Kurdistan become a nation:):) 

Kurdistan Independence - Summer 2014 Research Project  (draft)

Republican Lawyers Conference I’ll be surrounded by Mossad - it’s a Sheldon Adelson linked group of ALL the top GOP lawyers associated with USA power brokers (Las Vegas)
My Bio for the Republican Lawyers Association… Friends got me in the group because it’s great networking

CPAC - American Conservative conference - it’s a BIG networking event & I’ve already asked about the possibility of a booth for Kurdistan - Rand Paul Supporters and Oddly those that are Friends with the Bush Family ( San Diego)

HopeX -  This is the BIG event for liberals Snowden types in New Media.  I’ll need to be associated with a “credible” news agency for Media credentials which allows for access to ask questions to important people

Veteran’s for Peace -they want a united Kurdistan-Theyr’e doing a joint camp with Codepink & that movement is getting BIG in America They need to be educated on need for an Independent Kurdistan ( North Carolina)

Monthly Washington DC Lobbying & Networking- attend think tank discussions and network with sources (many of my sources can’t call or email me-they “bump into me” at events.  I have to be at events for that to happen.  

United Nations networking- TBA

2 New Websites that tells America in a way “average people” can understand- it will be updated weekly with News- uplifting stories & needs of Kurdistan - I will make my own that would be looked at my IC friends & outsource to a skilled design professional the task of creating a glorious website with human interaction and shows the world WHY Kurdistan needs to be independent and promotes your message. 

Slogan creation:  These are “samples”… that I’ll test out 6 slogans ’s a focus group of Average Americans and congressional staffers.

KURDISTAN - Respect for ALL People 
 "Lets make Cheney’s Stinky War Smell Good” -  KURDISTAN

KURDISTAN - Iran’s American Friendly Neighbor

Pro Kurdistan Rallies- arranging for “spectacles” 10-15 clean cut college kids wearing t-shirts to Support Kurdistan at events attending by policy  makers and news outlets 

Weekly Conference Call with You Via Skype to Update You on Results

Estimated Cost 

50K that includes monthly expenses for travel to DC -2 websites-weekly updates-LOTS of exposure for Kurdistan in targeted groups - professional 3 color brochures directed at audience being targeted & A temporary office in the Chicago Area for meetings. Travel cost estimated for non DC trips not included-but when traveling domestically I fly coach:)

60K includes college interns (2-3 articulate American students with tech savvy hired to do social media to tweet & make Facebook posts in support of Kurdistan.

If in the next 30 days you want more exposure I’ll hire more interns-they can be our best tool once we get the right message to communicate.  After we motivate Americans we’ll have access to Tea Party groups & Veteran’s groups that offer free volunteers. We just need to hire the right organizer for each…. again this is based on the research that needs to be done ASAP to get America on board with an Independent Kurdistan,  

Just say the word and I’ll get started - I’ll need a 25K retainer to cover start up cost and the July Change agent fee.  I’ll then work on 6-8 slogan’s for the brochures and a logo for the USA project. 

More soon & respectfully submitted,

Sharyn Bovat