Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dianne Feinstein - I Thought I Could Trust YOU.... Some Say YOU Want to Take Away the Freedom of Speech. Is That True. America Needs to Honor the Constitution

Many questions press on this issue: why are there repeated efforts by Congress to affirm the power of military detention of Americans? Why are Obama's lawyers drafting language that yet more broadly targets journalists and activists who might be subjected to military detention?
And, just as importantly, why is this appalling and historic set of developments not front-page news in every newspaper in the land?

Feinstein amendment doubles down on NDAA's assault on ...

The Guardian Blogs (blog)-Dec 5, 2012
Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein recently introduced an amendment to the 2013 NDAA, which, at first, seems to protect Americans' due ...

Message to Stephen Preston:  Top Lawyer at the CIA

I'm tired.  I really need this resolved.. Baker Donelson is trying to "stretch it out" do I really have to keep ranting for another 5 weeks? I think someone needs to put pressure on NISSAN to mediate.  Thank you,  Sharyn Bovat

Picture of my mom was Chief Stewardess for Transocean Airlines in the 50's. -My grandfather lived in Korea in the late 40's (38th Parallel) helped get her the gig.   She hired & trained women to "spy" for America.  She's a true hero.  

FYI - I need healthcare starting January 1st.  My child's father is mad that I did NOT tell him i did research for CIA operatives.  , He will not let my daughter watch Fox News and is VERY angry that America got into some needless wars.  We were married for over a decade.  He's 49 and turning 50.  He wants me out of his life.

All the wars are NOT my fault. ALL I did was low level research. Still he blames the Neocons.  Sir, I was raised by Neocons.  My dad was in Laos when I was conceived. Maybe my mom snuck away and met him in Southeast Asia or my biological father is the man that I was led to believe it was - Ed Daly the former owner of World Airways.  He let me fly a "big jet" when I was 10, I had TOTAL control of the aircraft and got to sit in the "left" seat" -  Donald Rumsfeld was on board too. Mr. Daly kept calling him "Ford's guy"....   memories...   It was during the World Pilots strike that the decision was made for me to go to boarding school.  While my mom was in China on a "democracy" trip in November 1979 My dad was elected to represent the pilots for the UGLY strike.  He's come home and yell at me saying he wish my mom had an abortion and I had the face of management. I was really upset - so sending me to boarding school to be the roommate of a girl from El Salvador whose family led death squads made "sense"....

Anyway former President Gerald Ford had tacos with me backstage of the RNC convention in 1992. He gave me advice. He told me to always know whose controlling the ball and to be a "team player"...

Also Oliver North told me to be "Loyal to my country and to whom I work for" he said this to me AFTER I told him to his face I did not respect what he did.  To this day I'm grateful that Mr. North gave me that advice and I've been loyal to America.

When NISSAN started bullying me and America "let me down" my heart was broken.   Ed Gillespie years ago told me to read the constitution & because I did I knew I could represent myself in court.  I had to do that after all the abuse NISSAN did to me.   They swore out warrants and had me jailed 3 time simply to discredit me.  Since I was a former researcher for CIA operatives they knew that I could expose the fraud.

Mr. Preston - Is America going to be loyal to it's citizen whose done nothing by speak up about a company that discriminates, took taxpayer money based on fraud, & a company that fuels our enemy.  Nissan is on the IRAN watch list.  Please talk to former CIA director Woosley- he's part of UANI a group that is trying to prevent war through sanctions.

Mr. Stephen Preston - I will be loyal to WHO I work for.   Good News for the CIA - I'm available.

Is the agency ready for the TRUTH?

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