Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lamar Alexander Connected to Iran Contra Profiteers. He's a BIG Time Crony Capitalist (in a Checkered Shirt) Senator Have Him Testify UNDER OATH About the Lockerbie Cover Up and NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn's Involvement. I Think He Knows Something. Is Justice For WHO Bombed the Plane "What" America Wants? IF NOT Let Me Know & Please Tell NISSAN to Mediate..... The Dots are Coming Together and I Won't Waste the Ink IF YOU DO NOT Want the Truth.... I'm ONLY Doing This Because NISSAN Terrorized Me.... Also HOW Can Something Be Classified "If" It's In Wikipedia?

Senator Feinstein YOU Might just have to walk down the hall to get "the truth"...

I've added Senator Lamar Alexander to my timeline

The Way NISSAN is Dragging "out" the malicious Prosecution case.... The Guy that's Knew Marvin Runyon and told me Lamar was connected to the Good Ole Boy network and the people bullying me might be BEFORE the race... 

I hope the Democrats put up a good candidate.  America needs to get healthy and 

Senator Alexander was the "cheerleader for NISSAN (a company that does business in IRAN to get a 1.4 Billion dollar Dept. of Energy loan that was funded by the treasury bank.  Also it was allowed by Lamar's "friends" that the collateral be a taxpayer backed Rutherford County IDB bond)

Lamar Alexander Announces and Proves Crony Capitalist Won in Tennessee.  Sharyn Told the "Squeeze" Was on Challengers to Step Aside.  It's OK... Sharyn Bovat Just Wants Out of the State That's a Cesspool of Corruption  Maybe NISSAN Can Mediate Just so Lamar Has SMOOTH Sailing? 

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