Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holy Shit! The Waste Management Guy ..... I Need to Add Him to My Timeline.... I Could NEVER Figure Out WHY I Could Not Find a Decent Guy.... Looks Like The People Fixing Me Up Wanted Data Not for Me to Have a Good Date:(:( Although I Did Like Glen McWright Who's NOW a Big Shot at the DOD - The Issue Was He Was Too Smart. Nice Height....Bit of Adult Acne (Fixable) & VERY Polite and Caring... Back Then Glen Drove a Honda & I asked Him WHY He Bought that Car.... He Told Me Honda's Engineering.. Later in Life I Bought Hondas Because of His Comments..... Back to the Point and That's The Garbage Man Who Flew Into Town for Big Meetings....Some in San Ramon? He Had a Big Budget - Drove Luxury Rentals and Liked Fancy Foods... Maximillions in Walnut Creek Too... I Took Sonny Bono to Maximillions.... The Owner Played "I Got You Babe".... Memories.... for My Memoirs....


 Played Footsie with Top Guy from Waste Management at La Virage in Walnut Creek.... Why?   

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