Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Joe Arpaio Helped Cover Up the Murder of Margaret Lesher.....Why? Ask Sal Russo!!! People Connected to Drug Trafficking Wanted Her SILENT - The Same People Wanted Me in Jail and They Work at NISSAN

 There's a reason WHY I have high blood pressure.  People in Tennessee have terrorized me. I see the GOP from Tennessee "Circling the Wagons" Please Help Me....  I don't need to expose these corrupt people ALL I want is a life without fear.  The "bad" element of the GOP needs to be dealt with.  They're destroying America.   Also some Democrats are connected.   NOT You Senator Feinstein.  It was YOU that gave me the strength to speak. Years ago at a mentoring brunch you told me when I saw a problem to SPEAK UP.... I did and NOBODY is listening....

Why does Gannett in a "stealth" way support Joe Arpaio?   They are WHY he was reelected.  The fact is that man is corrupt and his posse is stupid.

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