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Sharyn Bovat The NISSAN Whistleblower Was Told Leaf Was To Be An "Image Car"and Not Intended To Be Mass Marketed. Then WHY Did NISSAN Take OVER 1 Billion Dollars Of DOE Taxpayer Money To Build A Battery Plant To MASS Produce Batteries. NISSAN Told Congress That 1300 Jobs Would Be Created. 

It’s Estimated That Only 60-70 Jobs to Be Created: That Means The Average Cost Per Job Is About 20 Million.  


The NISSAN Leaf REALLY cost 63,000 to 67,000 just to manufacture.
The $63,000 Leaf price is achieved by statements from and industry expert who said “the non battery part of the Leaf would be approx. 15-20K” then added “that does not include marketing or R & D” & realistically the car cost 80k.

“replacing a single module in the Leaf's 48-module battery pack would cost £404” Andy Palmer Board Member NISSAN Motors.

 Leaf battery has 48 modules and each module cost about $1000 to produce*. That’s $48,000 JUST for the battery modules.

*Nissan says they will replace the modules for about $650; I was told it's due to "recycling"... They can do it for the lower amount due to MORE government subsidies. It’s a vicious circle.
(that’s 48K for JUST parts of 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I ONLY started blogging because I had DEATH threats.

The Nissan CEO is connected to Michelin CIA. Think Agent Orange- Condor- Iran Contra.

Those operations happened decades ago still a "friendly fixture" had her life torn apart. Mark Silverman the Ben Bradlee winner KNOWS that I blogged
to "save my life".

I talked to a man for about 3 hours in PR at the Pentagon (he had just gotten back from Kosovo) last February ... He was late forties early fifties... Attractive probably married :(:(. Anyway he read my blog and said there was nothing wrong with it. Everything is "old news"

Here's Some Newer News- Has to do with IRAN.

A person Connected to British intelligence communicators that Sarkozy is connected to death of Libyan Oil guy. This happened before his election. He did some "housekeeping". Heart attack and then falling into the Danube? Come on it's RIDICULES.


You have to get Carlos Ghosn and Al Gore to testify. Give the Lockerbie families closure: PLEASE!!! Gore needs to testify about his relationship to QATAR. Also Warren Buffet made about 1 Billion on the "failed EV" I heard there's a "reason" why he made his secretary President Obama's cheerleader. Back to Al- he's connected to banks that gave "encouraging" reviews about solar stocks that ended up making Middle Eastern businessmen rich and Average 401k owners poor. It's NOT fair!!!

All I know about Lockerbie is on my blog and it's VERY minimal: basically I just know there was a cover up and I spent time with. Those people.

One comment NOT on my blog was made by a VERY identifiable person (not North... My only interaction with him was at a brunch and he came up to me while I was walking up a driveway and he lectured me on LOYALTY to my country an to WHO I worked for...). That comment that I directly heard will be communicated to the Senate intelligence committee . It would take 2 minutes BUT would show that IRAN was "one" of the player.

Just to ensure nobody harms me for "holding back" I've given info to 3 people

Living in Tennessee is HELL. The people here are xenophobes. They took away my Freedom. TN does not deserve to have America as their last name. Let's fire them.... Create the Friendly Forty Nine :):)

Respect needs to happen for all people. That includes Whistleblowers.

Can we send ALL the ex CIA connected to Michelin to France?

Sharyn Bovat

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Senator ... You Told Me to Speak Up When I Say Something Wrong... I Did and Look What Happened to Me.

Copy of lawsuit being filed TODAY in the State of Tennessee

In the circuit court for Williamson county, Tennessee
At Franklin
Sharyn Bovat,  Plaintiff
                 Nissan North America, Inc. Defendant.

Comes the Plaintiff, Sharyn Bovat (“Bovat”), by and through counsel, and sues the Defendant, Nissan North America, Inc. (“Nissan”), and for cause would state and show as follows: 
The parties
  1. The Plaintiff, Sharyn Bovat, is a citizen and resident of Williamson County, Tennessee and was such for all times material hereto. The Plaintiff is a whistleblower for various assertions regarding Nissan, its hiring practices, and its use of federal money for the development of the Nissan Leaf which is a technological and financial failure. 
  2. The Defendant, Nissan North America, Inc. (“Nissan”) is located in Williamson County, TN. Its registered agent is LexisNexis Document Solutions, Inc., 2908 Poston Avenue, Nashville, TN 37203-1312.
venue and jurisdiction
  1. The Plaintiff avers that venue is proper in this Court because all acts complained of occurred and accrued in Williamson County, TN.
  2. The Plaintiff avers that jurisdiction is proper in this Court because it has in personam and subject matter jurisdiction over the parties and this type of dispute.
the facts
  1. The Plaintiff avers that the Defendant had her charged with stalking on the 11th of October, 2010 and she was arrested on charges of criminal trespass and stalking in indictment # I-CR105253. 
  2. The Plaintiff avers that Defendant, Nissan, did not have probable cause to bring charges against her for stalking particularly since a corporation cannot be the victim of stalking pursuant to Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-17-315.  
  3. The Plaintiff avers that Defendant, Nissan, misused and abused the court system in an attempt to silence the Plaintiff because of her internet postings which revealed compromising information about Defendant, Nissan, and its use of government money to finance the Nissan Leaf which is an abyssmal failure.
  4. The Plaintiff avers that Defendant, Nissan, brought the false charge against her in order to silence her and it did so with malice.
  5. The Plaintiff avers that this case was tried before a jury on February 1,  2012. The Plaintiff further avers that the stalking charge against her was dismissed upon her motion to dismiss at the close of the state’s proof because a corporation cannot be a victim of a stalking charge brought pursuant to Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-17-315(b)(1).
  6. The Plaintiff avers that she was arrested for violating Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-17-315(b)(1) on several occasions and forfeited her freedom as part of the unlawful scheme and covin instituted by Defendant, Nissan, and Carlos Tavares and Carlos Ghosn, to silence the Plaintiff. 
  7. The Plaintiff avers that the charge remained pending against her for almost two years while she awaited trial and that this caused her great stress and anxiety.
  8. The Plaintiff avers that she has suffered extreme stress, humiliation, embarrassment and anxiety as a direct and proximate result of Defendant’s actions.
  9. The Plaintiff published a blog at  which was critical of Defendant, Nissan’s, use of federal tax dollars for the development and manufacture of the electric vehicle Nissan calls the Leaf, which is an acronym for “Leading Environmentally Friendly, Affordable, Family” car. The Plaintiff has been critical of the waste of the federal tax dollars particularly with the short distance the Leaf can actually go on a single battery charge. 
  10. The Plaintiff avers that Defendant, Nissan, was motivated to silence her due to her critical internet postings and that it used the criminal justice system in order to do so. 
first Cause of action
malicious prosecution
  1. The Plaintiff relies upon the factual averments in numbered paragraphs 1-14 in support of the following cause of action.
  2. The Plaintiff avers that Defendant, Nissan, has committed the tort of malicious prosecution by having her charged and arrested for stalking when she could not lawfully be charged with violating Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-17-315(b)(1).
  3. The Plaintiff avers that Defendant, Nissan, did not have the legal authority or probable cause to charge her with violating Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-17-315(b)(1).
  4. The Plaintiff avers that Defendant, Nissan, and with the aid and assistance of the Williamson County District Attorney, maliciously charged her with stalking in order to silence her. 
  5. The Plaintiff avers that on February 1, 2012 the charge against her for violating Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-17-315(b)(1) was dismissed at trial at the close of the state’s proof by Judge Walter Kurtz who agreed with her position and argument that a corporation cannot be a victim of stalking pursuant to Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-17-315(b)(1). This constitutes a termination of the unlawful stalking charge in her favor.
  6. The Plaintiff avers that the stalking charge was brought against her for unlawful purposes in order to silence her and Defendant, Nissan, used its political weight in Williamson County to compel the Williamson County District Attorney’s Office to prosecute the Plaintiff and incarcerate her using a statute, namely Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-17-315(b)(1), which could not be lawfully used. The Plaintiff was jailed, had to post a bond, make numerous court appearances and hire a defense attorney to defend her. 
  7. The Plaintiff avers that the Williamson County District Attorney knew that the Plaintiff could not be legally charged with violating Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-17-315(b)(1) at all times yet they proceeded with initially charging her using a warrant and then by convening and presenting the charge to the Williamson County Grand Jury in secret. 
  8. The Plaintiff avers that Defendant, Nissan, also hired a private prosecutor who attempted to prosecute the charge against her. The Defendant, Nissan, hired the former Williamson County District Attorney, Mr. Joseph D. Baugh, to prosecute the charge against her. Mr. Baugh is a well-respected, capable attorney, with years of experience prosecuting criminal offenses. 
  9. The Plaintiff avers that Defendant, Nissan, had the aid and counsel of the taxpayers’ funded District Attorney General’s Office and the former District Attorney General himself, Mr. Joseph D. Baugh, to advise it, consult with, and prosecute the Plaintiff on the illegal charge of violating Tenn. Code Ann. § 39-17-315(b)(1).
  10. The Plaintiff avers that she has sustained significant financial and physical injuries as a result of being charged illegally with a crime that she could not actually commit, by being incarcerated illegally, by having to pay bail money, and having to hire attorneys, as well as the pain, humiliation, stress and anxiety caused by facing up to eleven months and twenty-nine days in jail. The Plaintiff avers that the Defendant’s actions were intentional, malicious and they warrant punitive damages. 
second Cause of action
abuse of process
  1. The Plaintiff relies upon the factual averments in numbered paragraphs 1-24 in support of the following cause of action.
  2. The Plaintiff avers that Defendant, Nissan, used the process of the Court in arresting the Plaintiff and charging her for an improper purpose and with an improper motive.
  3. The Plaintiff avers that Defendant, Nissan, used the warrant and capias process to further its objective of silencing the Plaintiff. 
  4. The Plaintiff avers that she has sustained damages as a direct and proximate result of the Defendant’s actions as previously pled. 
  1. That the Defendant be served with process and be required to answer within the time allowed by law;
  2. That the Plaintiff be awarded compensatory damages in an amount in excess of $250,000;
  3. That the Plaintiff be awarded punitive damages in an amount to be determined by the jury;
  4. That a jury of six (6) be impaneled to hear this action;
  5. That she be awarded such other, further relief to which she may be entitled.
Respectfully submitted,
G. Kline Preston, IV
TBPR #17141
Kline Preston Law Group, P.C.
Belle Meade Office Park
4515 Harding Pike, Suite 107
Nashville, TN 37205
Tel: (615) 279-1619
Fax: (866) 610-9565

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NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn Accused 3 men of Being Spies Because They Complained About the Electric Car.... He Tried to Blame China for Stealing the OUTDATED Technology that NISSAN Executives Said Was New to Get a Dept. of Energy Loan for OVER 1 Billion: Inspector General Gregory Friedman's Office has the Information

  1. "We put $5 billion on the table...If this goes wrong, we are dead.”  Francois Bancon, chief strategist at NISSAN.


    A lot of the money is American taxpayer money backed by a Rutherford County IDB Bond.  Also the "Cash Flow" provided by the DOE loan was used to "keep the company afloat" during the economic crisis.  NISSAN committed FRAUD


     ".....A friend of mine whose dad participated in the “Bay of Pigs” confirmed that the men were innocent and in mid January 2011 then I sent a LOT of people at the French consulate emails telling them that the 3 men at Renault were INNOCENT of being spies and cc’d reporters from all over the world: In January I started a website saying they were innocent & at the same time Carlos Ghosn went on television saying he had MULTIPLE PROOFS they were guilty."   Sharyn Bovat


    Three Men at Renault a car company ALSO led by Carlos Ghosn spoke up about the electric car and were "falsely" accused of being spies.


    Oddly, the 3 men from Renault connected to the EV were accused of being spies on the “same day” I was in DC in January 2011 talking with people about DOE fraud. Also within 24 hours a federal court told NISSAN to release its tax information from Bermuda.

    Der Spiegel reports that the team around Michel Balthazard, had made “disrespectful comments regarding the corporate strategy” of Renault: “EVs harbor many unsolved problems, for which there is not even a hint of a solution.”  such impure thoughts are heresy at Renault which is betting the house on the success of EVs. 

    Sharyn Bovat -Led a viral effort to STOP the malicious prosecution of the 3 Men from France that were being harassed in a similar fashion t her.    

    The blog was called.


     After obtaining verification from a credible source connected to  Blackwater  she press release & continued emailing the French consulate.   A French diplomat did confirm Sharyn was the "voice" that gave "light" to the situation, thus she really did "Free the Renault Three"



    The Press release is below:



     Nissan Whistleblower Sharyn Bovat is Speaking About: Carlos Tavares, the NISSAN Leaf EV, the Renault Spy Scandal

    In January Renault/NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn went on “public” TV & said he had multiple proofs that 3 men working with the EV were guilty of spying (doing espionage).
    An official website for the NISSAN leaf even documented the NISSAN & Renault CEO’s claims that the men “stole the business model”

    Ghosn Claims to Have Evidence in Electric-Car Spying Case 
     January 25, 2011

    “….Renault SA Chief Executive Officer Carlos Ghosn stated that he has “multiple” proofs that some of the company’s executives were involved in the recent leaks of its business model about the electric vehicles currently in development. “We have certainties,” said Ghosn during a telecast on TF1 television….. Unfortunately, because of this spying case, Renault will be forced to delay the launch of three electric vehicles that they had planned on releasing sometime this year.”


    The 3 men from Renault Settled Quickly each got 1.4 Million Euros'& their lives back....

    NISSAN Whistleblower Speaks About: Vindication of Accused Renault Spies, Carlos Ghosn, Leaf EV, Karl Rove & the Lack of Tennessee Media

    Stories About Faux Spy Scandal

    BBC News - Renault spy scandal risks denting carmaker's reputation
    Mar 15, 2011 – The BBC's Hugh Schofield considers the damage to Renault by the false accusations of spying levelled against three top executives.
  2. Renault Spy Scandal Turns Into Farce. Cover For Lack Of Leaf Sales ...
    Mar 5, 2011 – Ever since the Renault spy story broke, we had our doubts. It simply did not pass the smell test. Now, the smelly stuff is hitting the fan. “France ...
  3. Renault industrial espionage scandal may have been a hoax | World ... › NewsWorld newsFranceCached
    Mar 4, 2011 – French car company admits the possibility that it was tricked – but motive remains a mystery.
  4. Renault security chief arrested over 'fake spy scandal' allegations ...
    Mar 15, 2011 – Dominique Gevrey, a former military intelligence agent, was arrested on Friday evening at Charles de Gaulle airport just before boarding a ...
  5. SPECIAL REPORT-Renault's spy scandal | Reuters
    Jan 28, 2011 – China has adamantly denied any involvement in the Renaultcase. We have noticed the relevant reports, Foreign Ministryspokesman Hong Lei ...
  6. France probes China link in Renault spy scandal | Reuters
    Jan 7, 2011 – PARIS (Reuters) - French intelligence services are investigating a possible Chinese connection in an industrial espionage scandal at carmaker ...
  7. IndustryWeek : Heads Must Roll After Renault Spy Scandal: French ...
    Apr 11, 2011 – Report on handling of case showed that the company's management style was 'dysfunctional' and revealed the need both for a 'revision of the ...
  8. Renault's Pélata to go over spy scandal - › CompaniesIndustrialsCached
    Apr 11, 2011 – Patrick Pélata will step down as Renault's chief operating officer – the most senior official at the French carmaker to lose his job after the ...
  9. French probe Chinese link in Renault spy scandal | euronews, world ...
    Jul 1, 2011 – world news - French intelligence services are investigating a possible Chinese connection in the Renault industrial espionage affair.
  10. Renault Spy Scandal Is a Complete Fiasco For Ghosn | Autosavant
    Mar 15, 2011 – We haven't given much attention to the EV spy scandal that has rocked Renault and drawn the attention of the French government. But it's ...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Senator Ca YOU Please Do This?

Inspired by a Chinese online post about Brazil's newest effort to provide closure to Condor victims: They Full amnesty is in place to anyone involved or profited and "that" allows for the truth to be exposed.

FUN FACT: The first FEMALE President of Brazil is Promoting the 2 year study on Condor,

Again- With the amnesty it offers people the freedom to speak without retaliation . Many of the participants are OLD and many 'most likely" want to express their opinion/and or Why they did what they did. People were "tossed out of airplanes" in South America - some in masses the victims families & the world deserves to hear "Why" that way it can NEVER happen again. I think the Germans did a good job in telling people about the Holocaust did anyone see the Wall of Terror ... It's a exhibit that most school children are required to see.

This is the "thought" Dianne Feinstein & John McCain announce. A Lockerbie Truth Commission to start AFTER the election.

Have Hillary Clinton & Jeb Bush as co chairs. Also on the commission. Rupert Murdoch and Ben Bradlee. That way BOTH republicans and democrats feel that are getting the TRUTH.

Just to "make sure" the Mainstream Media that has ignored the story covers it have new USA Today publisher Larry Kramer be the moderator ... We will have to get a Couple of UK participants... Details to be worked out.

So WHAT do you think?

Maybe Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn and former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair can testify?

Larry Kramer "if" you want Gannett and the Mainstream Media to be TRUSTED again The this idea is a Win~Win.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dianne Feinstein PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

Why would someone connected to top Nissan executives want to "set me up" with Al Gore AFTER Nissan "trumped up" charges against me and had me jailed  3 times?

Its my understanding the state of tennessee showed a "secret grand jury an email that was about my PERSONAL life"   I want to know if it's true?

Was I indicted because of my "California morals?".

That email was not connected to Al Gore but it was related a member of Nissan management that tried to date me after my 1st arrest. He contacted Me! He did NOT tell me originally WHO he worked for.

I feel like the State of Tennessee was willing to "throw me out of an airplane"
They were going to jail an innocent person just because of fraud going on with the electric car?

The Al Gore inquiry I thought it was a joke (at first) and made a "flippant" remark (to the right) It was supposed to be FUNNY. NOW I realize had I dated Al Gore maybe the "trumped up" charges would have been dropped?

In America women should be able to not feel pressured to date anyone for fear of judicial retaliation.

Nissan slandered me- That I'm 100% on an nobody at at the DA's office cares WHY?

Yes in 2009 I did perceivably "date" Catherine Perez who was the most powerful woman at the company. I went to dinners and parties with her for 2 reasons: a) she was smart and I enjoyed spending time with her B) I was going to be getting a divorce & needed to get a job that included health care...

Sharyn Bovat pictured with Dee Kelly wife of Greg Kelly for many years they were friends and Sharyn heard "stories" about discrimination at NISSAN, NOT from Dee.... From her other friends.

At the time I knew Nissan was discriminating against women - other companies had similar Good Ole Boy reputation (also i was told that i was TOO SMART to work at Nissan - Both HR leaders Mark Stout and Marlin Chapman told me- the fact is BIG picture thinkers with IQ'a over 140 scare people - its nothing new).

I told Catherine and she promised she Would help me get the job I needed with healthcare AFTER the "internal battle of control". There was a WAR going on for leadership of Renault.

Yes Cathering told me she "loved" me..... many times... I have emails from her too.....
Did I flirt with a VP to ger a job.... That could be the ONLY thing I'm guilty of....

Duke Energy Fraud is Connected to NISSAN...... Remember Enron?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Crony Condor Capitalist Ghosn Green

Argentinian People that Succeeded in Business & Politics from Operation Condor Connected to the NISSAN Fraud:   www,

I know this from a Polo Player.

Many Latin America Condor Profiteers are connected to the former Nazi's that took control and they became "team players" and helped America in the fight against communism.  

Oddly many decedents of that era are linked to foreign companies that support Obama.  Some linked to the Green Fraud.

MANY bankers are involved.  I found a connection to Citibank.....

Remember when Carlos Ghosn "framed" the three men from Renault in 2011.  I immediately blogged about it & quickly notified the French consulate because I learned the "bogus backdated accounts that were going to frame the men were not complete...."  By my VIRAL PROTEST I stopped them from harsh prosecution.

FYI-  I do NOT think that the bankers that are connected to post Operation Condor regime elitist are evil twisted people.....  Heck I've had dinner with some of them and they are very civilized.  

One guy in the late 70's who was close to the right wing Argentinian President almost became my "Uncle"......  He said "if our family ever needed anything then he'd help"..... NOBODY has taken him up on the offer.   If I become homeless because the NISSAN CEO linked to Condor won't mediate then I will be "calling".... I got his number.
Why is President Obama apologizing to the world for AMERICA? 

HELLO!!!  Obama's financial supporters have money today because of them being on the "winning" side of the Cold War.

Also, Mitt Romney has to STOP saying that "he'd never apologize for America."  Because EVERY TIME he says it people wonder:   "what does America have to be sorry for?"  

The fact is America is one of the greatest countries in the world and YES we've been apart of some wars... YES some of the tactics were "not the best ideas" but when you look at history it's not that bizarre

FYI- I will NEVER slander people connected to President Ford because I do NOT have the facts on WHY America participated in Condor..... I have "no clue".....     Carter was President for part of it.

It's my belief that the WORST American President as far as atrocities done to "his own people" is John F. Kennedy.  His directive during the Vietnam War to use Agent Orange (when he knew it was to promote the French agenda) was "Treasonous".....   That fact might become "more known" in about 80years.

Just to show you that I'm NOT a biased Republican.... I Believe that Hillary Clinton is going to be viewed in history as one of America's BEST Secretary of States.... EVER
Plus she has the courage to wear a scrunchie .....

What America needs to do is look at history and learn from it and then we can make the future better. America has NOTHING to apologize for.  

The NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn (a 2nd generation Condor Profiteer) who "most likely" assisted the CIA in the 80's in covert activities is NOW exposed.  This happened because "his stupid people in America  outed me" ...  They made the "relocation consultant" the # 2 Security Risk & have TERRORIZED me for OVER 3 years.... I've had death threats, been stalked and have been jailed on trumped up charges..   I'm fighting back.   

America is About Freedom

What Carlos Ghosn did was UNETHICAL & he needs to be accountable for his "current" actions in harming the American taxpayers.  

NISSAN took OVER 1 Billion dollars from the Dept. of Energy to build a car they KNEW would be a failure.  

Ghosn pulled "strings" to make that happen.  

In fairness to society at the same time he testifies about the Leaf FRAUD he should be forced to testify on what he knows about the Lockerbie cover up and Iran Contra.   

He should NOT have to testify to the actions of his father.   NOR should someone like me be "abused" for actions of my family.   

FYI- EVERYTHING my family did was for America.... Today America is a "Super Power" because of people who sacrificed like them... To anyone who says differently then FU. 

America can learn from that part of history.  It's ODD that  Ghosn is doing deals with Obama?    Again, in history stranger things have happened... still we can make the world better.

Have a Great Day!!!