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Sharyn Bovat Vindicated CHINA Too When She Helped the 3 Men Who Were Falsely Accused of Being Spies. She Better Add That to Her Resume.

SPECIAL REPORT-Renault's spy scandal

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Fri Jan 28, 2011 2:15am EST
China has adamantly denied any involvement in the Renault case. "We have noticed the relevant reports," Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei told a regular news briefing on Jan. 11. "We think that some people saying China is behind this case is totally baseless and irresponsible. China cannot accept it."
Chinese media suggest that some in the west are simply struggling to accept the rise of Beijing's international economic and political clout. "China's growth not a result of espionage," proclaimed a headline in the Global Times, a popular tabloid run by Communist Party mouthpiece the People's Daily. "Surely, China's modernisation includes some imitation of the west," it wrote. "It is 
natural for western society to feel proud and the occasional cheap shot is even understandable. However, it is ludicrous to cast China as a thief that grabs any technology it can by illegal means to try and take a shortcut to power."
Chinese automakers who spoke with Reuters say the scandal is "Renault's internal business" and that Chinese companies are capable of doing their own research and development without stealing ideas. A spokesman for automaker Changan (000625.SZ), which has partnerships with Renault's French rival PSA Peugeot Citroen (PEUP.PA) as well as Ford's China arm, said it is investing 4.5 percent of its annual sales in R&D and already has several of its own electric vehicle models in production. Automaker Geely (0175.HK) and others have all unveiled electric and hybrid models over the past couple of years. "I really have nothing to say on this. I'd suggest (they) strengthen their internal control so as to prevent it from happening again," says a Geely spokesman.
Security experts such as Control Risks say that proving the involvement of a state intelligence agency, whether acting through moles or by computer hacking and cyber attacks, would be difficult. Many firms face an increasing onslaught of cyber attacks, often from servers that appear to be located within China. But pinning an attack on Beijing itself is all but impossible.

Senator - I Just Told My Friend Silverman That I Made an "Impression" on the Group Chat For CIA Analyst Wanna Be's. Odds are The Moderators are Still Catching Their Breathes.

Oddly During The Group Chat I Got a Call From Someone Whose Dad Did Communication Work for Reagan.  It Was Just a Coincidence?

Also when registering I clicked YES that I wanted my profile to be available to ALL agencies and recruiters. How come it's no longer available.  Is the CIA worried that some other agency will grab me?

FYI- I had a lot of people look at my websites.  It would have been NICE to have had so many intelligence agencies have the opportunity to "check me out"... As courtesy  I have put a copy of my profile below.  NOTICE how I've said I'm an "expert" at the SHADOW CIA.  It's because I believe that those at Langley were not aware of a lot that has gone on "in the shadow."  The global intelligence community is complicated.  I've seen too many newbies that are unaware of HOW things happened.  All I want is the opportunity to get HEALTH INSURANCE.   Maybe my profile which "stands out" scared some.  Still I will vouch that I have told the truth that I believe it to be.   I would NOT have had millions of hits and hundreds of thousands of page views had I not been credible.
In a Free Market society one should be open to ALL opportunities. I'm sure recruiters from the agencies could have found my bio worthy of a 2nd look.

 On a recent google search of   -   Stephen Preston CIA  -

I DOMINATE.  I'm sure the thousands interested in legal jobs in the IC found my story interesting.  My hope is it reopens the Freddie Woodruff issue.  I did "chat" about the Lockerbie Cover Up during the CIA Analyst Wanna Be e-Chat.

ALL I chatted about with 200 applicants is what I have blogged about on her for a LONG time.  All these other applicants "on paper" seem steller.  They had degrees from top schools- 3.99 GPA and internships at think tanks.  I on the other hand have KNOWLEDGE of an area that is taboo.

Also the courage to talk about issues that are important to have - to make America "grow" from out past.  America is a great country and people all over the world want to live here.  It's the job of America to keep being a nation of hope and inspiration.  Democracy is good & so is RESPECT for ALL people.

If the CIA does not want me then just tell Gannett to hire me as a blogger.  Evidently YOU/the CIA has been helping out Gannett for a LONG time.  That paper along with Bloomberg/Fox News has let so much go on and has kept it hidden from America.  When making sequestration cuts STOP the indirect subsidies to the mainstream media?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Senator - I Should Have Research G4S Before Offering My Application. Look at the Malawi Stuff...OMG!!! Maybe I Should Work for an American Company?

"A spokesperson said Group 4 Securicor was rapidly becoming the 'the worst face of global capitalism'...." Corporate Watch


For other staff, G4S has not been as generous an employer. The company's outsourcing model depends on cost-cutting, and the first cost is invariably the staff. In the UKcomplaints have been made against G4S detention centres for being under-staffed, leading to detainees missing medical and court appointments. (see Whistleblowers have accused the company of not providing adequate training to security guards 'escorting' refugees on mass deportation flights.[20]
When responsibility for a public service transfers to G4S, terms of conditions of existing staff salaries may stay the same but they rarely extend to new staff. About 600 staff switched to G4S when it took over running Winson Green prison in Birmingham in 2011, for example. Although the former government employees retained their salaries, new recruits have been brought in on lower than the average £28,000 pay and on different terms and conditions.[21]
And as it expands into 'developing markets', the majority of its employees' wages are sliding further away from their bosses in the UK. RecentlyFor example, security guards in Nepal and South Korea recently went on striketo protest against G4S' low levels of pay, (see for example, while an investigation by Malawi's Sunday Timesnewspaper found that wages paid by G4S “raised questions about the survival mechanisms [employees use] to see themselves and their families through each month.”[22]
The NGO War on Want had previously found that G4S paid its workers so little in Malawi that “their daily meals consisted of only bread, they lived in homes without electricity or running water and cannot afford to meet their children's school or medical fees”. It also found that white G4S managers inSouth Africa were accused of forcing black employees to use separate toilets “while white guards are given keys to the company toilet. And black G4S guards at Johannesburg airport complain that white supervisors call them 'kaffirs' and 'monkeys'”.[23]

Monday, February 25, 2013

Stephen Preston - I Hear G4s is Better at Housekeeping than Molly Maids. Just Applied to Them for a Job I'm Not Qualified For... ...I've Known Since 2010 That Wackenhut/G4S Was OUT to Get Me - That Scared Me. I Was Told NISSAN Hired a Guy (formally of Wackenhut) to Clean the Systems and Destroy Documents That Might Show Corruption in Reference to the Move to Tennessee That I Blogged About. CREEPY

James Clapper - Maybe I Can Work for YOU.... Silverman Told Me to Show WHY You Need Me....

Senator - I'd Be a GREAT Special Agent for the FBI But I Can't Do the Fitness Test. Seriously NOT Everyone Should Have to Be a Tri Athlete to Do Terrorism Research?

At least the CIA takes Blogger Couch Potato Types....  
All I do is HOT Yoga   ****

I understand that FBI's physical fitness test is comprised of the following events; 1) one minute of situ-ups, 2) a 300 meter sprint, 3) maximum push-ups, 4) a 1.5 mile run, and 5) maximum pull-ups. I also understand that the events of the physical fitness test will be administered according to the protocols described on "Attachment A." I further understand the purpose of these tests is to measure my general level of physical fitness and my present ability to safely and successfully complete New Agent Training. 

Senator - Can YOU Tell Biden We Want Background Checks & a Guy That Fired a Weapon Caused Havoc in Tennessee. People Think I'm an Alfalfa Liberal. I'm NOT - They're Just to Stupid to Know the DIfference. Tennessee Needs Critical Thinking Offered in the School. It's important for Society.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: NISSAN Whistleblower Sharyn Bovat 's Gun Views Gathered 2901 Page Views in Less Than 12 Hours. Topic a Recent Closing of an ENTIRE School District Due To Janitor Missing After He Fired a Gun: Red State Parents FEAR Gun Control & Have Lost Logic: Moderates Don't Want to Ban Guns We Want BACKGROUND CHECKS…. It's Obvious Tennesseans Refuse to Listen - Maybe Jeb Bush Can Put CRITICAL THINKING Into His Education Reform
Date: February 25, 2013 11:09:31 AM CST
To: People that Can Make a Difference 

Usually on this blog I get 150 
page views a day.  On average with
all my blogs I get 1500-2000 page
views a day.  i had over 2500 in less 
than 2 hours last night. 

GUNs are HOT

Feb 24, 2013, 56 comments


Below are copies of comments from Tennessee Parents about Teachers with Guns and Mental Health Checks etc. 

Also the comments show how the people here KNOW who i am and they hate me.  I've been slandered by NISSAN executives that committed fraud.  Those people that wasted taxpayer money wanted me discredited.  Management "let" it happen.I want OUT of Tennessee. I applied for a job with the CIA & in case they don't want someone that knew people that were connected to Post WW2 CIA backed drug trafficking (that were connected to the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn & Hezbollah) ALSO I'm working on my resume & plan on doing opposition research consulting.  ALL I want is OUT of this state. The red people can have it all to themselves.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Senator - I Got Over 2500 page views Over Gun Control Issues... In Less Than 2 Hours...

Senator - I Can Answer PART of Rand Paul's Drone in the US Question


I talked to a person working with Drone technology & brought up the question about their usage in the United States.  Because of legislation Virginia is considering the topic came up.  AFTER the conversation my biggest concern is Drones will be used to cite people with speeding tickets.  

As a sporadic lead foot driver that sometimes goes 5 miles above the limit I fear letters in the mail.  Due to that fear I will use cruise control "more" frequently. 

Could a Drone be used to "take out" a meth labs?  I do NOT know?  Then I would think the DEA and the FBI would be involved.  Basically I would think that any drone activity in the US would be done ONLY in extreme cases.  

Can someone pass a law ensuring Drones will NOT be used for traffic violations ?

Paul has previous stated that he will  do “whatever it takes” to delay the Brennan confirmation until the nominee answers whether Americans can legally be killed by drone strikes inside the United States.

Read more at 

Senator - What are They Reading In IRAQ? Right NOW

Jan 1, 2013

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Senator - Please Tell James Clapper to Swap North Korea & Cuba on Terrorist List....Thank You

North Korea has a NUKE and is NOT Terrorist Nation List?

George W. Bush struck North Korea from the list in 2008, according to the Boston Globe.

CUBA is?

The Boston Globe reported Thursday that high-level U.S. officials have concluded thatCuba no longer fits the definition of a state sponsor of terror and should be removed from the list, which only includes three other countries -- Iran, Sudan and Syria. Kerry is reviewing the policy and has discussed it with officials, the paper reports.
Pictures of Cubans Living in Terrorist Nation

Pictures of North Korea NOT a Terrorist Nation

  1. Why did North Korea explode a nuclear device?

    Christian Science Monitor ‎- 2 days ago
    Despite - or perhaps because of - strong international pressure, North Korea conducted its most powerful nuclear test to date. Now analysts say ...

Friday, February 22, 2013

Sharyn Bovat's NOT Classified Cover Letter to the CIA Human Resources

Hello - My name is Sharyn Bovat and this cover letter could be one that stands out.  I hope in a good way. 

The below links show my writing style and my knowledge about America, the CIA,the Military Industrial Complex, Drug Trafficking, the Lockerbie cover up and more. 

Although  I will admit that emotionally “coming out” as a former researcher for CIA operatives has been stressful (I did not tell the man that I was married to for over a decade about my IC family... We’re getting a divorce and I need this job).  I admit that I blog about having PTSD including “flashbacks” I strongly believe it’s just an anxiety disorder &  I’m emotionally healthy.  

After harboring so many secrets about Lockerbie for almost 20 years simply telling the truth feels good.  I do not know what the intelligence community is going to do in reference to Lockerbie.  An an individual I have to trust that the leaders of our country will make the right decision. 

Thank you for reading,

Sharyn Bovat

Here's some screen shots of my application.  FYI- the program won't let me "do" quotes and I found "that" VERY difficult :):)

I just sent a letter to the NISSAN lawyer asking WHO at NISSAN will do my references FYI- That is WHY I was there on July 7th 2010.  ALL I wanted was RESPECT & for HR to follow up on my reference requests and training that they had promised.  Because I whistle blew they TERRORIZED me.  NOW... ALL this has been exposed.  The corruption in Tennessee is severe and I hope the Feds are looking into issues I uncovered.  The taxpayers too deserve RESPECT.