Friday, March 6, 2015

James Comey iWant the FBI to Investigate HOW Both My Mom (Carolyn Bovat) & Uncle (Bill Frisbie, the former Chief Pilot of Pan Am & Was Part of the Lockerbie Bombing Cover-Up) Got Dementia ... After I Whistleblew. I Just Sent a Fax to Kyle Krasa Her Lawyer Telling Him My Aunt Who Executes the Estate ADMITTED on the Phone to Lying About Me to Him .... YES!!! My Aunt Cathy Leach LIED to Kyle Krasa Telling Him I'm CRAZY .... My Aunt Cathy Leach YELLED at Me for Blogging That Our Family Protected Nazi's After WW2. Evidently the Truth Hurts and I Wouldn't Blog IF My Family Helped Me After I Was Terrorized for My Iran Contra Past .... I Was 19 Years Old.... John Brennan Don't Ya'll Think I'm NOT Responsible For That... I Want the CIA to Take Me Off the BLACKLIST.

Message Asking for RESPECT to My Aunt Who Yesterday Said she LIED About Me to My Mom's Lawyer Kyle Krasa 
Cathy IF you don't like my blogs then YOU have the Freedom in America to start you own & remember that if your wrong you make clarifications. Sadly when it comes to how YOU treated me I'm right. YOU had not justification to yell at me yesterday & if the truth hurts then I'm sorry BUT when NOBODY in the family helped me when I was terrorized by the CIA I had "no choice" but to blog.  Notice I've had OVER 4 million "views" & some of my tweets get THOUSANDS of views each. Maybe instead of lying about me or fighting with me YOU should treat me with RESPECT.

Begin forwarded message:
From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Date: March 5, 2015 at 3:39:10 PM PST
Subject: Cathy admitted to lying to Mr Krasa about me... 
To: "Kyle A. Krasa" <>, Michael Dorris <>, Mark Silverman <>, Jim Gammon <>

Mr Krasa,

Cathy admitted to me she lied to you about me. She admitted to lying to mom's caregivers about me. How can I trust she'll act in the best interest of mom?  How can I trust her EVER? 

She yelled at me for emailing you about not being included in the visit to to the house or the meeting with you that Heather attended. 

Contrary to what Cathy says to people I'm not crazy and as per many requests i made to her I would like what happened to Mom investigated. I was told statistically there's no way BOTH mom & Uncle Bill could both get dementia (the happened after I whistle blew) BOTH Mops and Papa did not have it & they lives long lives. 

What are the odds that Papa's only two children involved with CIA ops coming down with dementia during the same time CIA drug trafficking & Iran Contra issues are being unclassified? 

Cathy instigated a conversation with my child via text w/o my permission i want her to stop manipulating my daughter. 

I deserve RESPECT and my own family bad

mouths me cause i dared to tell the truth about the CIA ... All I want is for Cathy to stop bullying me.  She should have been communicated to me about what's been going on with mom's estate.

Bottom-line does anyone really care about my mom?  

For BOTH Uncle Bill and Mom to suffer mysterious illnesses and for Cathy to want to sweep family history under the carpet and at the same time pretends to be a voice for GOD when she silently watched  her niece abused... It's emotional too much for me to deal with. The soul purpose of this email is to say I'm not crazy-I'm rightfully angry. Respect is all i want for me, Mom & Uncle Bill.

Sharyn Bovat