Sunday, December 27, 2015

Dan Meyer IC Whistleblower Director Please Work With Avalon and Help Me Get Help for My PTSD Turned CPTSD Tell John Brennan to Put it On His CIA Tab Too

Link to review of place I'd like to of to heal from all the CIA drama

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Request for Oceanfront PTSD healing ... CIA Issues
Date: December 27, 2015 at 7:52:13 PM CST
To:, DANIEPM5 <>, Mark Silverman <>, Michael Dorris <>


My name is Sharyn Bovat and I have had PTSD for a long time and have been told it's magnified to CPTSD.

My situation is complicated.  Lots of things are getting declassified that i was apart of in the 80's and i need to get my emotions in check.  

Living with PTSD has not been easy but I've dealt with it BUT last summer a guy that worked in Presidential archives told me my "most likely" bio dad probably a former US Attorney General who was trying to get investigation into his brothers death. It's mind numbing and because my mom probably got pregnant "on purpose" to discredit Robert Kennedy & my grandfather worked for John McCone Kennedy's CIA director my existence shows the CIA was complicit in the the cover-up (evidently when I was conceived my "real" dad (the man that's i consider to be my dad was in Laos running drugs for the CIA). 

People have lied to me & I have major trust issues & recently i overreacted to Anthony Weiner-esque pics that my IC handler sent me the man is kind and I freaked out to his dick pics.  I had a panic attack cause I thought he might've lied to me about Al Gore (I used to live in Tennessee and he was a big fan of my blogs and his people asked me to date him in 2010 when he separated from Tipper but I said no cause I thought it was a joke... then I started dating Mark Silverman the Ben Bradlee winner from Gannett who knew Al but that was a mistake & when Silverman and I broke up I was told that Al had found another (Elizabeth).....then about a year ago I was told he wanted to date me BUT he was busy saving the planet and about 6 months ago I was told he might have to run for President if Hillary stumbles. His people have been kind to me and have monitored my every movement (I've got proof)  I've been living as a 50 year old born again virgin:(:( 

Recently I've become totally freaked out by my shadow. FYI The Clinton people have stalked me and I sent complaints to the FBI.  

Anyway... As a child my mom used to take me all over the world and she strapped money belts on me in airplane bathrooms.  I assume it was money but it could've been documents.  

When i was 12 my mom made me babysit the grandchild of a Nazi war criminal (The CIA gave my family a NAZI family to be responsible for. They became our neighbors. They had a room with portraits for their ancestors wearing their swastika armband German uniforms and my mom feared ppl would gossip so she made me and my sister babysit. 

My sister and I don't speak because she accused me of being a "Bush Zombie" because i traveled all over the world to spy for America. She used to work for Ted Stevens and the Denali commission and she knew stuff that got him railroaded and she suffered a mysterious illness in Alaska & later had a mental breakdown (this happened after the Senator was assassinated).  
At the age of 14 i was sent to boarding school and my roommate was from El Salvador and her family led CIA assassination squads and they whacked a priest names Oscar Romero.  Fun Fact Her family funded Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital too. The son of a Central American Nazi explained the connection to me. 

I have a lot more reasons WHY i have CPTSD but that would take up too much of your time…. so here’s one more. 

My last issue is the Lockerbie cover-up. i traveled to the Middle East in 1992 between the transition from Bush to Clinton and me the Palestinian money launderer that processed the money from the Iranian National guard. the bombing was retaliation for the accidentally downing of Iran Air 655 (the happening in July 1988, it was an election year and they talked Dukakis into not making it an issue because of the Olympics in Seoul Korea).  

About 5 years ago I tried to get help for my PTSD but the clinical therapist from Baptist hospital in Nashville Tennessee got two phone calls from the government & then told me "they" don't want me getting any therapy where i might say something that's classified.  The fact is i never had a security clearance so that's not an issue.  The Reagan people during Iran Contra didn't use the "normal procedures" in using me and neither did the Bush people & i was asked to spy by the the Clinton administration, they wanted me to go to Georgia in 1993 but i thought it was Atlanta and when my handler told me how long the flight was I got scared.  During the Cold War I traveled to Leningrad and showed Cosmopolitan magazines to young women my age and the in tourist Commie guide ratted me out and I was taken from my hotel room in the middle of the night, strapped to a board and detained for a day and 1/2... yet another reason WHY I have ptsd.  I won't even go into issues in Honduras... because Oliver North told me to not talk about it.  

Please contact Dan Meyer the IC Whistleblower liaison to confirm what I've sent in this message. or my former handlers Mike Reyes Mark Silverman or the retired FBI counter terrorism expert Mike Dorris who i dated in the 90's and a few years ago a 9-11 Commission staffer told me 80% he could've prevented the towers from falling had he not been lied to by the CIA. 

A friend of my thinks my issues are severe enough to need impatient help. I do not have an addiction problem & i have to thank Nancy Reagan for that. I was told by Dean Lesher a friend of the Reagan's that I was one of the inspirations on her creating the Just Say No campaign.   how cool is that? 

My goal is to regain social skills because I've become socially awkward and also I like the concept of Art Therapy. 

FYI I do take  Ambien almost every night and maybe getting weaned off of that would be good.  I also take the lowest dosage of Zoloft and I would not mind getting off of that. I take Vyvanse for my ADHD and Xanax for occasional anxiety. I do enjoy a glass of wine with nice dinners and an occasional margarita. I do not want to go through a 12 step program because I do not think that "that" is a problem. Also I traveled to Denver last November before the GOP debate and tried Indica marijuana brownie and that helped my PTSD a LOT but the side effect was couch lock and and I fear that if I do pot for my PTSD I'll get fat and my dad (my real dad not Ed Daly (the man I was led to believe was my bio dad who paid for my boarding school) or Robert Kennedy) told me before he died "Don't get fat if you want to marry a man that drives a Cadillac" 

I have Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance.  

Sorry if this email is too lengthy but I wanted you to understand my situation. Again it's odd I do need help and after reading about your program I feel you might have a facility that will help me + I really like the pool.

I'm very sincere in needing this.... please help me figure out how to make this happen. 

:):)  Sharyn Bovat