Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sorry Mike Dorris, Mark Zaid, Jesselyn Radack, Elizabeth Loftus, Mark Silverman, Ed Gillespie, David Garrison, Medea Benjamin, Reid Weingarten, Park Overall I'm SO Used to Death Threats & Insults I Had NO IDEA I Was Being "Complimented"..... Thanks To Google Translate my Blood Pressure is Lower & I'm Laughing:):)

FYI - I was Really freaked out.... one friend thought it was illuminati based.. Happily it's not:):)

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Note slipped under my cabin door while I was sleeping on Amtrak 
Date: April 26, 2014 at 8:04:44 AM CDT
To: Michael Dorris <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, Mark Silverman <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>

I'm scared- could be a tip?

The note written in French- Just told a guy named Rich
A retired Air Force guy from Virginia. Ed he thinks your too
Moderate BUT he'll vote for you. Anyway- someone knew I was
On this train from FRANCE?

It's written in pencil... The front of the note Says "this is not in code" & they used 
Happy face:) I'm sure I'm OK It mentions the CHINESE?

It's really not good for my blood Pressure - can someone figure out
HOW I can get Internet privacy So spies don't travel with me?

All I want is to not live in fear!



To writer of note that "freaked me out"......Thank you for the kind words: Happy to know I'm not alone:):)

Thank You GOOGLE Translate

It took a while to figure it out:):)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

** Update- I Emailed the Lockerbie Bombing Cover Up Team *** David Grannis Are YOU Gonna Help Me - For Some Reason Dan Meyer the IC Whistleblower Dude is NOT Allowed to. Please Ask Jon Rymer WHY?

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Note to Lockerbie Cover Up Team - It's NOT Healthy for America to Keep the Lies Going... You'll Have "Egg on Your Face"... Deal with It!
Date: April 9, 2014 at 11:45:41 AM CDT

If YOU want to prevent another 9-11 stop LYING
I was told that “most likely” the people in the Middle East used America 
"railroading” Megrahi to get volunteers to bring down the towers.  
FYI- he was convicted in May 2001- LOTS of CIA connected expats moved
back in summer 2001. I HAVE MORE!!!  FYI - killing me won’t help cause it will 
piss off  my source. Thank you to those that keep me alive.. I’m still scared but OK:):)

It’s time to OWN the mistake and make the world healthy.


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Message to Lockebie Bombing Cover Up Team - Frank Duggan, Sir John Orr, Brian Murtagh, Darrell Mills, Richard Marquise & ESPECIALLY to BUCK REVELL

Begin forwarded message:
From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Message to Lockerbie Cover Up Team
Date: April 8, 2014 at 5:02:18 PM CDT

Lockerbie Cover Up Team

Just figured out most of what’s wrong with America is linked to Buck Revell FYI- I’m sick of this trip down memory lane and need to get a job and find a new life. Please encourage “someone” to help me: cause in America if your ethical your fucked!

Have a great day!


Fwd: Just realized there were NO Clinton Witch hunts - in reference to me: All it was in 1993 someone was "spooked" when they learned I had dated Mike Dorris
Begin forwarded message:
From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Just realized there were NO Clinton Witch hunts - in reference to me: All it was in 1993 someone was "spooked" when they learned I had dated Mike Dorris
Date: April 8, 2014 at 3:53:54 PM CDT

Hello: Just realized I'm an idiot 

In dec 1993 I had to leave my friends and family in CA & could NOT communicate with anybody - I did make an occasional trip to Pebble Beach but could not see any lifelong friends from where I grew up in Contra Costa County - it never made sense until now.

In the fall 1993 was at a BBQ in Dallas - it was a mixer of both groups that battled in the GOP internal Battle of control (haley Barbour won) Many of The people there later worked in Bush "W" White House- at the BBQ I made a joke about the corrupt FBI director- the guy seated Next to me said "that's my dad"... Ouch!!!  - can't stop crying. How could 1 comment haunt me my whole life? 

It's just sad, at least it makes sense.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

James Comey I Want the FBI to Know That my grandfather said ONLY when you sincerely need something ASK.... Sir, I'm asking... I Need Help!!! Now That I Spoke About Mike Dorris People Might Think My Benghazi Intel is Real... I'm Scared!!!

"...Mr. Daly (owner of World Airways) told me I could make a difference in the world....sure I "get" he did some sleazy deals but he can't be all bad... I did not know him very well he was just my bio dad - my "real" dad Larry Bovat was a Whistleblower... he couldn't be retaliated against cause his kid was the bosses daughter.... it's complicated...."
Sharyn Bovat

After my dad died (83) and Mr. Daly dies (84) Mr. Lesher (Contra Costa Times) let my mom lead the effort to ban smoking in restaurants....  that pissed of the Tobacco lobby.  Howard Baker was PISSED at the California GOP.. but people that were exposed to Agent orange were susceptible to lung cancer with 2nd hand smoke....

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Whistleblower Needs Help Getting Resolution - Fears Tennessee District Attorney Corrupt or Clueless. Information Went to US Attorney Already- It's RICO.
Date: April 2, 2014 at 1:41:05 PM CDT
To:,,, "" <>, Mark Silverman <>,,,,,
Cc:, Sharyn Bovat <>

Message for Kim Helper: Williamson County DA I’m also including people I respect on this email (except Mark Silverman- I’m still a little mad that he lied to me) I need help-Please!

People might be shocked I’ve included Ed Gillespie BUT I’m 90% sure alive today because of him. Haley Barbour wanted me “taken care of”
just ask Mark Silverman he’ll also tell you why the former Gov of Mississippi had to pardon so many…   I’m cc’ing Eric Holder’s best friend to. This is a plea for help. 

Recently I was contacted by an agent of Sirius radio- they’re tying to create a new radio channel of “Moderate” talk. THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANT… HURTING MY FAMILIES REPUTATION IS NOT WHAT I WANT but I have to get a job & health insurance by next week… cause my future ex-husband turned 50 & he’s mad that I lied to him & never told him I did research for CIA operatives.  

OK.. so based on my life experiences I might get my own show: A publicist said I should clean up my blogs and write a book - self publish to get it done fast and written in my views.  Luckily I have the court transcripts that show NISSAN saying I was a “global” threat. Rob Traynam in charge of NISSAN Americas Security (1/3rd the planet) I was a #2 security/risk to the company- In court he said I was the 2nd Biggest threat in his whole 30+ year career.  that will be in my book to counter the claim I’ll also publish in the book a letter from Mike Dorris of in charge of security for Credit Suisse (via Stratfor) he’s in charge of ALL of Asia.  Oddly according to Wikileaks he was hired “after” I vindicated 3 men at Renault that were ALSO accused of being security risks…. Hmmm I see a pattern.  

Rob Traynham NISSAN Director NISSAN Corp. Security for the Americans says in "real" court transcript Sharyn Bovat 2nd the relocation consultant is carmakers BIGGEST threat- WHY?

The fact is the NISSAN CEO is “in bed” with Putin and Khomeini & I’m a security risk to those that are aligned to them. Jim Morton the former right hand man of Carlos Ghosn was part of Lee Atwater’s group & linked to World Airways. FYI - recently I ratted out World for doing the Khomeini deal in 1979-1981 to secure DOD contract to a US Attorney. Also that my mom interacted with Yakuza in the 70’s & In the early 90’s I escorted a Japanese man to dinners who was doing real estate deals while he was donating large amounts of money to politicians ( he was linked to the Rockefeller Group (Yakuza -Mitsubishi, linked CIA).

Recently I told the US Attorney that my possible bio dad Ed Daly was the owner of World Airways and in the late 70’s when President Carter fired CIA friends of his and took away Worlds contracts he was mad. When I was a teen my mom took me to Ed Heering’s house (World Chief Pilot & best friend of Mr. Daly- who got some medal from Queen Elizabeth)…his wife was named Madelyn & I named my child after her. 
My dad in 1979 was the union pilots rep for the ugliest strike in aviation history.  Mr Heering kept telling my mom.. the pilots will get work once the republicans are in charge… my mom would yell at him.  

My mom left in November 1979 for a democracy trip to China during Thanksgiving in 1979 & that’s when my dad told me he was NOT my bio dad- this was during Strike negotiations and he was stressed- he told me he could NOT look at me cause I had the “ face of management” …  When my mom was in China she traveled with June Joy Picas (who I later learned was a friend of the Reagan’s) even thought I never met the LA city council woman she felt a “bond” with me and mailed me a book. This was while I was attending a Catholic boarding school in San Anselmo & was rooming with a girl from El Salvador whose families led CIA backed death squads. After the priest was “whacked” (Oscar Romero) I was taken to the hospital for panic attacks…  my mom found me a psychologist that taught me HOW to not over react to things… that is WHY I believe I’ve been able to take all the abuse that has happened to me over the last 5 years since i Whistle blew at NISSAN.

Oops back to the point- Sadly AFTER I told a US attorney this information World Airways “died” suddenly ceased operations: just last week.

It was relayed to me that the American government would not let any company help World with financing. Basically World Airways was “forced out of business”  & I’ve learned that FedEx is also getting "spanked"

~History~My possible bio dad Mr. Daly mentored Fred Smith…that CEO took over the CIA drug trafficking routs… my family was NOT a big fan of the drug running I learned I was conceived in the 60’s while my dad was in Laos running drugs/weapons..  That is most likely why I got to spend time with Mr. Daly- It was just about 1/2 dozen times total.. but he was a very memorable person. One time I sat with him while he had a meeting w/Ford’s “ new guy”…. he was cranky… but my mom made me sit there cause the guy was important.. (it was Rumsfeld) - small world:):)   He called me a brat!

So- Kim Helper I know you like to prosecute drug crimes & this email is a suggestion: You’ve got a corporation in Frankliin (NISSAN) that has a CEO from the Bekka Valley (Lebanon)  and he’s connected to the biggest drug dealers in the world…  Maybe you can help clean up America by going after the “big fish”.. those that orchestrated & promoted the political climate that let drug trafficking happen OR you can continue to assist those that profit from drug sales via their political CIA connections & you can arrest me a  4th time - maybe you can let me “bunk” with Amy Burns the future ex wife of a money launderer that you keep prosecuting on “trumped up charges”… I know YOU know Troy Burns is a CIA linked money launderer.. yet you help him- Why? 

I’ve learned my mom has Alzheimer's  and can no longer be held accountable for things she might have done in the 70’s- So being bold  I would like to know “if” you want to prosecute me for running drug money when I was “9“ years old ?  

Please let me know-Mr doctor says all the stress is affecting my personality and I need to get closure & no longer live in fear.  

My doctor also knows that my fear is justifiable since I was told at my mom’s country club in 2011 Monterey Peninsula CC that Leon Panetta was railroading some guy to scare others from whistle blowing.  
it was - John Kiriakou.  FYI= Mr. Panetta knew my grandfather and belongs to “the club”.. 

This freaks me out too.  I got a call about Benghazi in spring 2012 - this is BEFORE the attack & I fear because I was told of a weapon buy back deal linked to the State Dept. gone bad my life is at risk.(i could have some details wrong… but the blocked # called me multiple times).  

Also a different source told me last spring the Boston Bombings were linked to the raid on the Haslam family business (done the same day) they goal of the Russians (?) is to scare the US Gov from prosecuting Pilot Flying J a big buyer of Russian oil & they have bought Iranian oil from Vitol that was processed in Switzerland. 

Mike Loya the President of Vitol a 300 Billion Oil/Energy middle man his dad Miguel took me for coffee after the RNC convention in Tampa and he told me my mom was “hot”….  He was happy that I enjoyed the Journey concert at the RNC convention and said he “cut the check”… Ed Gillespie THANK YOU for getting  me into the “wheels up” party.. best part of the last 5 years was that concert. 

I’m scared. Mark Silverman can confirm this: I was told several years ago the State of Tennessee wants to jail me just so they can stage a suicide.I don’t want to die… i was told that in jails in Tennessee staging suicides to “ help” the CIA is the norm.  

Earlie Story is a witness to one CIA drug killing in Memphis.  He was abused by the same judges that abused Martin Luther King too. He has details BUT is scared to share them.. I was sent NOW unsealed FBI documents showing the cover up but CIA docs are still sealed and NOW Earlie Stories file is MISSING.

Back to me:  I’ve been told that Terry Wood the ADA that helped railroad me has NISSAN ties.  Baker Donelson spent a lot of time & effort destroying my character.  Howard Baker knows my family.   The Tennessee courts allowed for my constitutional Due process rights to be violated and NOBODY cares.  

Kim Helper I fear you’ll try to prosecute me again because Kline Preston my ex lawyer with CIA ties asked me on an interrogatory to list WHO I worked of in the CIA in 1980. I was 14 years old (that is when I was at the boarding school).  He sent me an email threatening to jail me if I did not answer.   I did not and was terrified YOU would jail me again- FYI- have PTSD … after you jailed me 3 times.. I had flashbacks to when I was in the USSR-

In Dec 1989 was asked to go to Leningrad AFTER the Interfor report was issued for the crash of Pan Am 103…I went in winter 1990 The KGB barged into my hotel room the middle of the night- I was terrorized & when I did not say anything I was allowed to escape- I was in an abandon hospital.. walked to a road a car picked me up.. they dropped me off at some sort of hotel.. when i was they these people dragged me to a room & this lady applied make up on me.. then a young couple drove me to the consulate office - they dropped me off about a block away… I had to convince a marine to let me in… I was taken to a Finish hospital and then back to the consulate. The Consular general (think named Charles) knew my ex fiancee Tom Huffaker-(from 1985) & that night I escaped from the KGB I got to sleep in the SAME bedroom that Richard Nixon stayed in when he was in Leningrad.  

Tom Huffaker was as divorce lawyer from Lafayette California that I dated in 1984 then “out of the blue” he came home (we were living in sin) and said “i’m gonna be a diplomat”… he got the great news after he put a big ring on my finger too… that ring went down a heat grate too… because I knew then he was “in bed” with my mom (not literally) today Tom is a top Exec with Exxon. He’s read my blogs and knew i was jailed and did NOTHING… well so did Mike Dorris.  **** You!

Ya’ll I’ve got webstats… hard copes and I don’t want to embarrass anyone especially Mike Dorris or his friends…  I believe Mike is a good guy. In fact I know he is- people that know him keep telling me. Had the CIA not lied/misled him 9-11-01 80% might not have happened.  The towers fell because the CIA did not do their job to the best of their ability.  Mike has to live with that & to him I’m sorry you have that burden.  I must live with knowing about the Lockerbie Bombing cover up & that is stressful too.    

My goal is to simply have a life that is free of fear- I’m sad I’m losing custody of my child but grateful to her dad for financially supporting me for 5 years. I’m happy her dad wants our child to have a normal life. The kid was ruthlessly bullied in Tennessee  Mark Silverman knows for a child to have the stress of having a mom that’s a whistleblower is life altering.  Her dad wants to date and remarry & I want that to happen. Then my child can have a normal step mom. NOW-  I HAVE to now find a job with health insurance PLUS I need to go to a spa for a month..because my nerves/emotions are out of control… The only way I can get mentally healthy is RESOLUTION & then I need to heal & hopefully “move on”… 

Thank you for reading, Please help!
All I need is someone to put pressure on NISSAN.

Thank you,

Sharyn Bovat

In 1984 Dean Lesher took me in under his wing after Ed Daly died he was the owner of the Contra Costa Times- (he wife Margaret was murdered i 1997  by people link to Blackwater/CIA drug trafficking & so was Sonny Bono… it’s not a conspiracy) - In the mid 80’s Nancy Reagan feared that our Nuclear Scientist would leak info to Russian spies.  That is why I dated Glen McWright who in the 80’s worked at Lawrence Livermore Lab and worked of the Star Wars program. Today he’s a top DOD scientist & people linked to him told me HOW Nissan uses tech to harm America.   Auto tech is in weapons tech.  NISSAN harms America… Their corporate security said I was the companies # 2 Global security risk… Maybe I’m a security risk to Putin… I learned my ex lawyer Kline Preston was on Putin’s payroll WHILE he was “not defending me to the best of his ability”…. Guess Kim Helper the Williamson County DA should consider moving to Russia… Maybe she can take Edward Snowden’s apartment He seems to care more about America than most people that are protecting the whistleblowers that are simply speaking up and using our constitutional right of FREE SPEECH. 

From Wiki- 
In the 1985 and 1989 elections, Picus was unsuccessfully challenged by Jeanne Nemo, "a Republican activist from Reseda" who was supported by Supervisor Michael Antonovich. Picus recalled that "My opponents were sending partisan mailings to registered Republicans, so I did my own mailing, signed by Maureen Reagan, who's been a friend since we campaigned for the Equal Rights Amendment."[3]