Saturday, May 31, 2014

***UPDATE**** Scottish Independence Polling Shows 5% the Problem is TONY BLAIR.... If the UK Wants Scotland it's Gotta Admit to Abuses By Spying Agencies and Over Zealous Prime Ministers... Who're GREEDY

Good News I heard powerful people "got the point" THANK YOU "Uncle Henry" ....should tell you one of your conference attendees in Denmark had no encryption security... showed up on my web stats:):)  That means Clapper got em first... 

Ya'l my data about the Scottish independence vote being close is GOOD...  Also do ya'll really want to break up the UK cause Tony Blair cashed in on Lockerbie bombing lies?  There are other lies that UK and their spy agency did... since "sources' are not  protected anymore for journalist in America I've got to be VERY careful.... Because of the fear of cover ups being uncovered I'm now a MINISTER

The reality is Scotland could go independent... the people don't trust the Crown ... Maybe their distrust should be with Tony Blair... Why is he "still" worshiped in some circles?

Saturday, May 24, 2014

James Comey is the FBI Enjoying the Holiday Weekend? On Tuesday I Hope Your Guys Question Frank Duggan, Buck Revell, Richard Marquise, Darrell Mills, & Others That Did the Lockerbie Bombing Cover Up... I Want it KNOWN All Docs & Photos in My Possession Linked to Condor & Cyclone are CLASSIFIED Permanently - President Ford Told Me to Be a "Team Player"... I Only Went ROGUE Cause People Linked to the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn "Outed Me" Cyberly and They Bullied Me for My CIA Past... I Can PROVE I Have a CIA Past Too...

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Frank Duggan Sorry to Tell Ya the Lockerbie Truth Elusive but INCOMING.... My mom hid docs from Uncle Bill....(Former Chief Pilot Pan Am) My family needs Dr Phil... 
Date: May 24, 2014 at 11:52:50 AM PDT
To:,,, Anita Househam <>,,,,, brian murtagh <>,,,, Mark Silverman <>,
Cc: Michael Dorris <>

ALL Cyclone & Condor Pilots are CLASSIFIED by me…. in reference to my data.  I know know how Glenn Greenwald felt when he got Snowden docs… It’s OVERWHELMING!!!  I’ve got 3 generations of personal photos & I’m gonna be VERY picky on what gets released.  

My goal is to not embarrass or harm anyone… I don’t want to uncover any cover ups BUT Lockerbie. 

Why did 4 IGO’s ignore me?  Why did members of congress?  You’d think they’d want the TRUTH…

One Aunt believes me & the other says I must be “crazy” cause IF I’m telling the truth the government & her brother LIED!!!

Have a great day! 


Sunday, May 4, 2014

James Comey How's the Rico Case Shaping Up? Did YOU Get the Khomeini Profiteers Linked to the Lockerbie Bombing? YOU Gotta Get the Haslam Allies- Just ask Frank Duggan and Richard Marquise WHO They are... Darrell Mills Too... Did You Here About the Jim Sheridan Movie about the Lockerbie Bombing? The Truth Will Come Out and Gracia Martore of Gannett will Get Her 46 Million Dollar Termination Bonus Too.... OMG!!! The Money Spent on the Cover UP is INSANE - People are Suffering and the CIA Wastes Money on Propaganda on Their Cover Ups... It's Just Sickening... It's Gotta Stop!!

Lockerbie movie will reveal truth of tragedy

Scotsman-May 3, 2014
Dr Jim Swire, a veteran campaigner who lost his daughter in theLockerbie disaster, believes the movie could be the way the “truth dawns” for ...
Lockerbie film will aid justice, hopes father
The Times (subscription)-3 hours ago

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: How About a Lockerbie Cover Up Reunion at the Movie Premier? Frank Duggan - Richard Marquise Ask Buck Revell if He'll Forgive Me for Being a Whistleblower... They (Those Aligned with the Lockerbie Bombing) "indirectly" MURDERED My Kids Neighbor... Is THAT OK? 
Date: May 4, 2014 at 7:05:40 PM CDT
To:,,,, brian murtagh <>,,,, Anita Househam <>,,,, Mark Silverman <>
Cc: Michael Dorris <>

Frank Duggan - Richard Marquise - Darrell Mills- Sir John Orr - Brian Murtagh members of MOSSAD have “terrorized” me wanna know WHY?

Do you people have any idea of WHO you’ve been protecting?  It’s time for the Lockerbie Truth and at least HOLLYWOOD will tell a more believable story that you…. Syracuse University has become CORRUPT… evidently they got money to “keep the lies going”   I’m gonna ask congress to AUDIT all Federal money that university got. It’s NOT respecting the families to let the lies continue… the TRUTH is out there… & people that know are LEAKNG!!!!  

I have an idea- lets chat with Al D’amato?

I told Mark Silverman “last fall” I spoke to the son of a Nazi-he’s from Ecuador has a Swiss passport- He knew all about Henry Kissinger’s Nazi protection~South American Dictator recruitment program too…. (my grandfather was part of the MIC/CIA clique that did it- YES!!! it’s CREEPY) anyway the son of the Nazi says that all the secrecy is gonna create another holocaust- that’s why many in Germany and other formally “bad” states want Snowden
to succeed. People are also tired of war & oppression. Sadly people linked to Mossad have done a LOT of that.  I hear that Mossad is “regrouping”… if that’s true than the world will be better.  It’s time for peace and that starts with the TRUTH. People hate America and do you (Lockerbie Cover Up team members) want your grand children retaliated against cause YOU were a sleazy operator who did NOT speak up for humanity?  Just curious?

Have a great night!

:):) Sharyn 

Frank Duggan - Call me 615-944-7599 I’m available for insults.  You called Dr. Swire a Crank- what are you gonna call me?