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Senator: Please tell Congress that 2013 Needs to be the Year of RESPECT for All People.

 Read This and Tell the Feds the to find out the TRUTH about the NISSAN Leaf EV Scam.  

Where did the money go?

Congresswoman Blackburn & staff:

This is Sharyn Bovat the NISSAN Whistleblower with a request.  FYI- I'm cc'ing a lot of people because I'm terrified - What has happened to me in the Tennessee courts is beyond inhumane. I'm BCC's Ed Gillespie's office in hopes that he'll use his influence & tell the state legislatures they need to make major changes in reference to transparency, accountability & judicial disclosures.

Current Problem that I Need Congresswoman Blackburn to Assist:
I'm trying to communicate with NISSAN counsel directly (to get a letter so I can secure employment out of state during the "dragged out" malicious prosecution case) also I've decided to represent myself after being deceived &/or suffering from bad professional judgement by my lawyer (who by the way is Kline Preston your former Treasurer and currently the President of Marsha Blackburn Inc). Last night Brigid Carpenter of Baker Donelson the law firm retained by NISSAN  told me that ALL communication must go through Kline until there is an order saying I can represent myself.   

Marsha Blackburn you will read in this email that I have a critical need that needs to be addressed.  I'm requesting your help to encourage Kline to do this. In the near future my goal is to obtain a local lawyer and also a lawyer that deals with national security issues.  Until then I will represent myself: which I have done in the past.  

Below will explain WHY I do not feel comfortable with Kline Preston.  I want it noted that I'm NOT slandering him just stating the facts and am backing them up with copies of communication (text messages) between me and Mr. Preston.  

Mr. Preston has had numerous opportunities to clear this up with me and has not.


Last month I was told to go to a National Security Law conference sponsored by the ABA at the Ritz Carlton and sitting in front of me on the panel was a lawyer that looked like Kline and had the same last name- Stephen Preston the top lawyer at the CIA.

I did not know what to do so I decided to ask Kline if it 
was  a relative and he texted me YES.

FYI- I sent him a certified letter at the beginning of December asking for all the documentation of request in reference to my malicious prosecution case.   He ONLY sent me the filed response from Baker Donelson.  For almost 6 months I've communicated that I want the state listed as a defendant too.  He has not done that. This is after I had spent 19+ months in the courts fighting a 1st time misdemeanor.

Recently I found out that due to the lack of disclosure of NOT being told Mr. Preston was connected to the CIA I have grounds for a re trial on the trespass charge... maximum penalty $50.

FYI-  I had told Kline in Fall 2010 that I thought all the arrests and allegations against me were because of the Lockerbie cover up (the crash of Pan Am flight 103).  I told Kline in the garage of the court parking "Iran did it." I have also sent him numerous emails stating that due to my past research work that is WHY NISSAN was making false allegations about me. When I spoke up about wasted money and discrimination due to my past research work I had credibility and they wanted me discredited.  For the record I had not told anyone about work I did during the Reagan and Bush administration.   Even the man that I was married to for over a decade.  It was NISSAN that "outed" me.  

Over the last 2 years I've documented my frustrations of the courts in reference to 3 arrests and 19+ months in the Tennessee courts. I was clearly not happy on how the "trumped up" criminal cases were handled.  I've now been told that I can ask for a retrial on the low level misdemeanor that had a maximum penalty of $50.  The one NISSAN hired Joe Baugh to babysit and also paid numerous lawyers to read my blogs -It's been said that NISSAN has spent over 1 million dollars on lawyers reading my blog... if that's true I hope it is NOT taxpayer money, can you office investigate?  

Out of desperation a few weeks ago I started to blog about the deception/lack of disclosure done by Kline: I did this 2 days after he told me Stephen Preston was his brother and then two days after that Kline said it was a joke.  So I told him I would take it off my blog once he sent me a notarized affidavit saying Stephen Preston was not his brother.  

Now I've amended that to any relative: I've sent the DOD a request to clarify & I clearly state on my blogs I NEVER wrote about Kline until this happened.  When he sent me a text saying that his brother was the top lawyer at the CIA that alone "true or not" shows that my legal representation must change.  

Congresswoman when you google -   Stephen Preston CIA  -  look at what pops up... my picture.

Also I've documented for 2 years that issues I told Kline about that would have shown my innocence were ignored. For example the security tape from the NISSAN HQ of the day of the arrest - he did not attempt to retrieve. Kline kept telling me he had everything under control.  I later learned he had done almost NOTHING.

In August at the RNC convention (Fyi- I enjoyed hearing you speak at the Palladian View event) during the convention Kline Preston and I were texting...  I told him that in the 80's I was a shield for gay republicans and he responded to me "out of the blue" that Ronald Reagan was gay....  

After communicating his comments to people in the GOP gay community I believe what Kline said was false & I've been told Kline "most likely" wanted me to tell people that I had a source saying Reagan was gay just to discredit me. It's clearly malicious or  the alternative is Reagan was really gay. Marsha Blackburn.... does this really need to be investigated?   
I've been told to send copies to the American Bar Association.

Below are copies of text messages between Sharyn Bovat and Kline Preston during the RNC convention in Tampa. Sharyn has LOTS more and was told that the messages alone are grounds for a retrial on the "trumped up 1st time misdemeanor with a maximum $50 fine)

All along my fear was that NISSAN wanted me discredited due to the CEO's connection to CIA drug trafficking .... Now I know those connections to CIA drug trafficking are real and they did want me discredited. Looks like the CIA has a Good Ole Boy Network and they want me discredited too.   I was told that James Clapper helped push Petraeus out the door to make room for Michael Vickers (who might be related to NISSAN Senior Purchasing Dir. Cal Vickers whom I was told my a person connected to the late Marvin Runyon former President of NISSAN North America, former Postmaster General and connected to the CIA.  I was told that Cal Vickers was someone I should fear. I've blogged about that.  By what's happened to me- I pissed off some people at the CIA.  Good news those not connected to CIA drug trafficking want that element gone from the CIA.

Anyway James Clapper led the DIA from 1992-1995 the same time Stephen Preston was the acting General Council for the DOD.  This is the same time that I was asked to go to Georgia for a democracy trip and the same time that Mark Silverman's former neighbor Freddie Woodruff was murdered in Georgia.  he was a CIA Field chief.  

Google Freddie Woodruff CIA and you'll see pictures of Carlos Ghosn, Mark Silverman the former editor of the Tennessean and me.   


Dec 25, 2011 – This web site is NOT a Gannett web site: It's NOT done by Maria De Varenne it's just a woman reaching out to the mainstream media wanting ...

Today I've texted Mark Silverman because I've connected CIA operatives from the Clinton administraion to the Russian mafia.  I'm sure it's innocent.... i do think it needs to be investigated.   In 1990 I was in Leningrad and was detained by the KGB for a day and 1/2.  For the record the treated me better than the Franklin Police. 

I DO NOT FEEL SAFE IN TENNESSEE.  What happened to me is against the laws of America. 
This state has a LOT of CIA cover companies and I was told they get preferred treatment in the courts.... is that true?
Therefore I can ask for a new trial and Kim Helper can assign an ADA to persecute me again.  When I have a lawyer who looks out for my best interest and I'm allowed to have my constitutional rights..witnesses to support my claim of innocence I know I will be vindicated.  

FYI-  It was Judge Robbie Beal that quashed almost all of my witnesses 2 days before my trial.  I did represent myself "pro se" due to a phone call telling me that Kline was going to "lay down" and still wanting to believe he had my best interest I used him as a legal advisor.  When I could find nobody else in Tennessee to do a malicious prosecution case I paid him $5,000 to file a suit.  When I gave him the money I told him I wanted it filed against NISSAN and the State of Tennessee.  He has yet to file against the state and the statue of limitations is expiring.  

For a 1st time misdemeanor to go to a jury trial is "insane"

Here's a copy of the email Sharyn recently sent to Baker Donelson.  I admit that I have PTSD and fear for my life in Tennessee. I think its justified.
I've already expressed to your office that I believe the mysterious deaths of Sonny Bono and Margaret Lesher to have been murders.  I've seen too many people disappear.  I'm a mom who just wants a peaceful life.  PLEASE help me and tell the President of Marsha Blackburn Inc. to replace his name on the malicious prosecution case with mine.  Until Mr. Preston provides me with his relationship to the CIA I'm not comfortable in fact I'm terrified. 

Begin forwarded message:
From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Letter Request for Sharyn Bovat
Date: December 27, 2012 3:29:25 PM CST
Cc: Sharyn Bovat <>


Sharyn Bovat request a letter from NISSAN saying they no longer consider "a high level security risk" to be used when seeking employment out of state. Since "email" stalking/harassment charges were dropped twice in the courts (that label made my client "me" unemployable) this letter is justifiable. 

Sharyn Bovat (me) has PTSD and acknowledges the fears she has for her safety might be an over reaction.  Still people she knew in the past were murdered and those she perceives to be connected to the crimes live in Tennessee.   Sharyn (I) fears for her life in Tennessee.  Death threats were not treated seriously by the Franklin police. People stare at her (me) and her child has suffered due the "small town" gossip. It's in my clients medical best interest to not live in a state that she perceives is filled with people trying to harm her. 

The malicious prosecution case has been dragged out. She suffered 19+ months fighting charges.  This letter today is to request that NISSAN acknowledge that Sharyn is NOT a security risk so she can gain employment in a state that will offer her "peace." & the freedom to have a normal life.

Thank you

Sharyn Bovat
Sharyn Bovat

Congresswoman Blackburn:

My blog stats show that LOTS of people know I whistle blew about CIA drug trafficking connected to NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn and that the Lockerbie bombing was NOT done by who was blamed.  Below is what I put on my blog showing the Lebanese CEO of NISSAN and his connections in Lebanon and that he will know WHO is responsible for the crash of Pan Am flight 103.     FYI- My uncle was Chief pilot for Pan Am.  He testified at the intelligence committee. The truth has been quashed.... All I want to know is Why?

Also, I wants James Clapper, Michael Vickers and Stephen Preston to testify under oath on what they know about CIA drug trafficking.   

I would like congress to tell the intelligence community to stop destroying the lives of ALL whistleblowers that speak up for what is true and morally right.   The era of CIA drug trafficking, corruption and profiteering needs to end.  The premature launch of the electric car was just a false flag operation that was meant to scare away future gov't investments in electric cars.   Members of congress will think twice before allowing so much money to be wasted.  What NISSAN did by taking over 1 billion us tax dollars to build  a car with outdated technology. Using a Rutherford County IDB bond as collateral- knowing the could not make a successful affordable EV & they can't afford to pay back the loan- guaranteed by the Treasury.  It's a crime.  I do NOT understand why Kim Helper the Williamson County DA spends all her time persecuting me.  Can you find out Why?

It's time to Respect America.

Thank you

Sharyn Bovat

Senator Please Let America Know the Truth.....

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Michael Vickers, Stephen Preston and James Clapper.... More About Lockerbie......

My former lawyer sent me this (full email below):

On Wed, Dec 26, 2012 at 11:38 AM, Sharyn Bovat <> wrote:

 Even if Stephen Preston were my brother, what would it matter? You have really crossed the line here  (your email)

Respectfully if Stephen Preston is YOUR brother they YOU crossed the line!!!

Google Stephen Preston CIA and see that my picture pops up....


  Date: December 26, 2012 11:47:58 AM CST

"... I want an affidavit that states under oath all of the things you have told me including your source of money. .."  in an email to Sharyn Bovat from Kline Preston

For the record I'm an honest American & I reported in ALL my income.... my lifestyle was MUCH better than how it looks on that social security report that I get every year.... wonder why?   That form will prove 2 things. Why I need retirement and it will show you that I never profited from the cover up. 

*Except for the years 1989 & 1990 those years I had income from real estate... In one year 1sold 31 homes & traveled to the former USSR to fight for Freedom and Democracy. Along with a bunch of other trips...Although I do think I'm talented I do NOT think I'm wonder woman.

It's easy to succeed in real estate when a guy comes to a bar and hands you a half dozens listings.

I fear my former lawyer was "pumping" me for information as part of a CIA originated witch hunt. Worse I think he does NOT want the truth of who did the Lockerbie bombing exposed. That is WHY he did not defend me to the best of his ability.  

Why did he send me an email asking me to do an affidavit on some money that I legally received & paid taxes on?

It's non of his business.   

Senator it shows that he wants me to put what I told him in writing. He never told me what he was going to do with the information & I don't trust him.  Disclaimer: It could be related to Lockerbie or maybe not. It's definitely connected to the intelligence community - since my trip to the former USSR in 1990 was a few months after the Pan Am Interfor report I believe that there is a connection. It must have been about 3am-4am when men barged into my hotel room, strapped me to a board and took me to an abandon hospital.  It was TERRIFYING.  Since the arrest in Tennessee I've had flashbacks.  Senator - I too am looking for the truth.  I will tell you or talk about how I obtained some money  "under oath" in a live televised hearing.  I just want to feel safe/

The fact is I've been terrorized in Tennessee for OVER 3 years.  There seems to be a pattern of the CIA discrediting whistleblowers. My whistle blowing was done to a corporation.  One that hired ex CIA.  My past was exposed by them.  They made the relocation consultant the #2 security risk.   

The DOD has still not responded to my request on Kline's relationship to Stephen Preston.  ALL I want is the truth or for NISSAN to mediate so I can get my life back.  I told someone last week that NISSAN making me unemployable has given me time to think about WHY the world is angry with America.  Granted we're a great nation & I'm proud to be an American... till be can be bullies.  After living in Tennessee I'm tired of being around bullies.  

If the American congress wants to keep giving money &/or write off a 1.4 billion dollar Dept. of Energy loan to a foreign company that does business with Iran than OK.  If the Treasury wants to gaurentee loans for foreign companies to build EV's being built with outdated technology & using collateral that NOT backed by the company but a 2 billion dollar IDB bond. than OK. If the US congress knows that the CEO of the company taking American taxpayer money knows details on the Lockerbie crash cover up.  Brochures that were proof read by the Ben Bradlee winning editor Mark Silverman (a credible guy) National Press Club award.  If the Congress wants to ignore something that he "must" believe to be true ( he was at one time the NEWS editor for the USA Today) then OK.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Kline Preston
Subject: Re: NISSAN Whistleblower Sharyn Bovat's Lawyer Status Change - Effective Immediatly.
Date: December 26, 2012 11:47:58 AM CST
To: Sharyn Bovat 

I told you he is not my brother. I want an affidavit from you that you are connected to the three men at Renault and how, I want an affidavit that states under oath all of the things you have told me including your source of money. Then and only then will I give you an affidavit stating what you already know to be true. 
On Wed, Dec 26, 2012 at 11:38 AM, Sharyn Bovat <> wrote:

 Even if Stephen Preston were my brother, what would it matter? You have really crossed the line here  (your email)

Respectfully if Stephen Preston is YOUR brother they YOU crossed the line!!!

Numerous times I have said to you and it's in writing that I will take it ALL references to you and Stephen Preston down as soon as you send me a signed notarized affidavit saying that he is not your brother (I'm now adding relative & for you to disclose how your connected to the CIA). All I want is the truth.  The CIA's motto is "...Ye shall know the truth and it shall set you free." that's what I want.  Freedom from this mess. I have told the truth & have been terrorized. I've never mentioned the names of other lawyers I have consulted with on blogs.  

ONLY did I blog about you AFTER I had evidence that you provided me showing that you did not represent me to the best of your ability. YOU never filed against the state. Yet would pacify by telling me you would. Numerous emails and communications and NOTHING.  Also you served the case via certified letter and did not track the postcard... that was my wake up call to start monitoring your commitment to my case.bpoenaed and you did not make the argument in court. I have a dozen examples of how I feel that my case ( a first time misdemeanor) was not represented to the best of your ability Based on your connections I fear you could be working against me.  I don't know.  I'm encouraging the DOD/CIA to investigate. 

What happened to me in Tennessee makes NO sense. To have this issue clarified and resolved is the best for all of us.  

I hope you enjoy the week.


Sharyn Bovat


James Clapper, Stephen Preston and Michael Vickers Did the CIA Support Carlos Ghosn in the Renault Spy Scandal of 2011? I Also Heard the Strauss Kahn Deal is Connected Too? Tell Me if I'm Wrong? Please I Just Want the Truth.

These men were accused of being spies by Renault/NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn in January 2011. I was the 1st to say they were innocent.

I told Kline Preston Back in 2011 Carlos Ghosn had CIA connections and was framing the men at Renault. I said I was connected.    When he told me the top lawyer at the CIA was his brother I felt like I had been raped. that should have been disclosed.  If it's not true... it's unprofessional.   I've asked for clarification

"...I want an affidavit from you that you are connected to the three men at Renault and how,.."  in an email from Kline Preston last week. This is after I had told him NUMEROUS times that I was connected to the Renault Spy Scandal and it was me who led the viral effort.  I even have an email from a French diplomat in 2011 saying my effort were justified.

"It looks like someone is going to  have a lot of explaining to do in the near future. Renault SA Chief Executive Officer Carlos Ghosn stated that he has “multiple” proofs  that some of the company’s executives were involved in the recent leaks of its business model about the electric vehicles currently in development.
“We have certainties,” said Ghosn during a telecast on TF1 television. “All these elements will be passed on to justice.”
According to  Ghosn,  company secrets that may have been stolen were actually business plans to help make electric vehicles affordable.  Fortunately, for now,  Ghosn has no evidence that technology was leaked as well...."
About 2 years ago one of my blogs viewers communicated information that led to the swift resolution of Renault Spy Scandal.  The NISSAN CEO accused 3 men of espionage.  They were innocent. The story broke on January 3rd the same day a federal judge asked NISSAN to show tax records and this was the same day I was in DC meeting with people about the fraud.   
 I started a blog  on January 13th.

Carlos Ghosn went on French National TV in late January saying he had "multiple proofs" of their guilt 
***China was accused of stealing EV secrets*** 

It was a BIG story in France.
  1. I knew in early January it was FASLE... the men were framed.   and did a press release in January 2011 saying I thought they were innocent. Then I emailed the French consulate in San Francisco and in Atlanta and insisted they get fair treatment. I was told the "proof" Ghosn was using to the frame the men had not yet been complete.  To help the men that were innocent I did the press release and the blogging to save them from being "Mini Megrahis"
  2. Above is a text message between me and Mark Silverman the Ben Bradlee winning editor of Gannett- who got a Pulitzer prize nomination.  He still calls me and he KNOWS I'm connected to the Renault Three.... 

    1. Renault Spy/Strauss Kahn
      Jan 18, 2012 – Renault Spy/Strauss Kahn. People that are connected to the CIA do not like seeing the bullying of a former research worker. Carlos Ghosn was ...

The men were vindicated and received settlements of about 4 million euros each in less than 3 months.  I was told in DC "that" was the precedent when mediating with NISSAN- For over a year I told m lawyer about the connection. That is was my effort that brought that situation to resolution. Last week he FINALLY asked me about it.  He's too late.  The trust factor is GONE,

After 2 years of being treated poorly by my legal council I'm going to take control of the "runaway train" and I'm going to find someone that will fight for me the same way I fought for the 3 men at Renault.  It's time Sharyn Bovat got RESPECT. 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Senator - My Opinion on Why 9-11 Happened is WHY I Believe I Was Arrested a 3rd Time. Tell James Clapper, Michael Vickers and Stephen Preston To Read It.... Thank You!!! I'm Thinking about Re Publishing ALL the Posts That I Feared We're WHY I've Suffered So Much Retaliation. The Fact is the Bad People Need to Be Exposed.

In 9-11-2009 Sharyn Bovat was Sad & from a Restaurant in in Carmel Indiana She Texted NISSAN board member Carlos Tavares information about WHY She Wanted Him andthe NISSAN Leaf EV to Succeed. Also That Night Sharyn Started Ranting About Americas Wars for OIL...Sharyn Wanted Ghosn to Succeed. She Thought the American "Good Ole Boys" Who Profit from Wars and Oil Were the Ones that Wanted the EV to Flop. 

Over the Last 3 Years Sharyn Asked WHY & "Grade A" Intelligence Confirmed Sharyn Was Wrong about her first thought of the Bush families involvement BUT was Right About the "Good Ole Boys" Connected to Haley Barbour (and those promoted in the Obama administration)  aka The War Profiteers: Sharyn Learned Carlos Ghosn Was Doing a "False Flag Operation"....By Using a LOT of Taxpayer Money for a Car NOT Ready for Mass Market. Ghosn's Goal is to KEEP America Dependent on Oil from the Middle East.....that's where his loyalties are. He's about making money.  Which is OK BUT when taking American taxpayer money.... abusing it .... not paying it back and STILL being treated as a hero by the mainstream media.  Something is wrong.    

In 2010 after I had been arrested twice I published this on my website  .... then NISSAN executives and the state of Tennessee had me arrested me a third time and attempted a 4th time.  I can PROVE that this post about 9-11 got 10,000 hits in one day.

If it were NOT for Good Ole Boy Greed these towers could "still" be standing.

All over the world I met great people...who inspire me to SPEAK today. Bottom line and “my” opinion:  

Iraq “thought” we wanted them to “invade”....
Maybe when “W” became president he and his VP “needed Saddam to be silent so keeping  and eye out for the “tall guy” was not on the radar and money monitoring the “tall guy” was diverted to watching Iraq.  This was BEFORE 9-11.
Then the towers fell and after 9-11 the Greedy Good Ole Boys got their ‘money making plan’ together one that created jobs for companies owned by their “buddies”.  
They strategically "twisted” the blame for the Attack on America to Iraq. They gave congress “bad” info.
Congress was desperate for “action” to show they cared to their constituents and they voted to go to War without UN approval.  The “Good Ole Boy Greedy” made money Sadly the jobs were in the middle east and lives were lost.    

Think about this!!!!!
Had Bush #1 wanted success he could have gone to Baghdad.  The goal was a “long term embargo” to keep the price of a barrel high.  Better for the Good Ole Boys....Businesses profited and others were formed overseas at American taxpayer expenses to keep the back accounts “full” of those aligned with the “Greedy Good Ole Boy Elite”.  

Carlos Ghosn's "right hand man" Jim Morton helped to fund the right wing political Good Ole Boys. Carlos Ghosn was a "Friend of Bill's".....huh 

How close of a friend was he?

This "skirt"  GETS IT!!!!   side thought: A former client of mine Frederique was a skirt they did not want speaking too.

Back to my point:  I called my mom and told her the planets were aligning for a "September Surprise" :) :) 

America will know before the midterm elections that I was WRONGED by a Good Ole Boy network and in the process of communicating that message America will learn "they too" were wronged by the Good Ole Boys.. (that did not was the last time I spoke to her before the Alzheimer's took over... some say her meds were tweaked)

OMG!!!  The man I've documented for OVER a year "swore out" a warrant to arrest me and I went to jail "twice" and ALL I was doing was sitting in the lobby.  NO court order and NISSAN is having an Internal Battle of Control.  The DA did not let me tell "my side" & neither did the police before they arrested me.   NOW I'm going to the grand jury.  WOW!!!  If the police would have simply asked me to "leave" I would have.  The warrant written by "Rob" is a piece of "fiction".   I've been set up for failure by the Good Ole Boys & I could NOT find a "local" lawyer to represent me in court (that I could not talk about too) What happened to me in Williamson County was WRONG!!! 

Luckily Tennessee is "still" apart of America and I have the Freedom of Speech!!!
My voice could be the ONLY thing that can save me.   I'm scared of the Tennessee courts still i'm STRONG!!! I'm fighting for our American Rights & I'm getting ready to POUNCE!!!!

Innocent people died on 9-11-2001 and then so did thousands of our brave troops.
Again, it did NOT need to happen.

People need to know the truth about the "Greed Good ole Boy Elite" and how their war profiteering hurt America.   Our Economy crumbled under long term Good Ole Boy leadership and what happened at NISSAN was a miniature version.  Businesses and Countries need to be run by those with "pure hearts" and NO hidden agendas. The goal MUST be the betterment of society/the company NOT personal greed.. 

This is "just a rant" & God Bless America.....   

Have a Good Night!!!


Below are other popular pages from my website that got over 2 million hits and "woke up" those that have created a culture of deception .....
This is my 2nd Biggest Post: 

Failure for Power - Note to NISSAN Board
The Original Blog of the NISSAN Whistleblower .... Failure for Power ... After he left NISSAN Mr. Morton then went to work for a consulting company in South ...

Starbucks the preferred beverage provider of
The Girl In The Black Honda

Yesterday several people told me I should be in "civil" court NOT criminal court.  Those that understand this complicated situation wonder how I'm able to continue with so many in the community against me.

I believe many understand the "value" of my battle for human decency yet they are terrified of the Good Ole Boy mindset that dominates this culture.

The road to acceptance of diversity is a long one in Tennessee and because the Good Ole Boy networks abuse of taxpayer money I'm able to harness my passion of talking about REPECT FOR ALL PEOPLE to my fight against their bad taxpayer spending.

Maybe I will lose my "battle of human decency" and I will do as one Williamson County employee suggested and that's to "move"   If that happens I have a new book ALL "thought" out.

Tennessee Relocate Me   A former top relocation consultants backward journey for cultural acceptance in the south.

My name is Sharyn Bovat and this website has been a "tool" for change globally at NISSAN and one that is being used in Tennesseee.   This website will come down when "you know who" tells me to take it down.   From what I hear that person is "busy" doing LOTS of change at NISSAN and my "thoughts" are expressed in the code of conduct.     The "wall" will crumble :) :)

Have A Great Day!!!               Sharyn

Love Cars~Love People~ Love the Planet

Below was put on my website in November 2009 at

People Are Products of their Environment...  I truly believe that.

It's in my DNA to speak up.  I was raised to Respect All People.  If there are different than me I'm intrigued, I find diversity interesting.   My mind is different than most.  It's like a tape recorder.  Because of this "born" talent I was taught how to ask questions that get answers that get results.  Finding solutions is my "thing".

What amazes me is that in 1979 my mom was a part of the 1st "official" all female delegation of elected officials to China to promote human rights and democracy.

??? Why 30 years later am I doing the same fight in Middle Tennessee?

My family made an effort to raise a "color blind" girl that knew in life she could do anything she wanted.   It's important for people to make an effort to "mix" in society.

During my childhood while waiting for an airplane at LAX Muhammad Ali was in the gate area being adored by his fellow passengers.  Someone yelled out "When's your next fight"?   He said "I don't know, but I'll be ready".   That man had so much self confidence it was incredible.

I've decided to use the SPIRIT of ALI to make people believe in respecting diversity in Williamson County.  I don't float like a butterfly but I do sting like a bee.   :)

Have A Great Day!!!!


***********************Sal Russo has been friends with Haley Barbour for GENERATIONS.
I'll catch you up on HOW Sarkozy and Blair are connected to NISSAN CEO Ghosn too.... Also "most likely" IRAN is to blame for the Lockerbie crash....France and Carlos Ghosn helped in the cover up.   Congress needs t get Ghosn to testify.   It's IMPORTANT!!!

I had heard at parties with NISSAN employees that the FAILED Nissan Leaf was "Haley Barbours ticket to the White House" ... The Guy the Promotes the Tea Party and Sarah Palin is a former War Profiteer....He's a Genius Too

On Apr 2, 2011, at 1:23 PM, "Sharyn Bovat" <> wrote:
> Sal russo is part of the jim demint Michelin group .... He worjed for reagan then He got lots of CIA communications contracts ...FYI 
> Even though russo fights against rove and gillespie they still (in a way) play on the same team. Barbour plays in both.> 
> I told Tavares cars are a LOT less "twisted" and that I could easily "fit in" 
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 THIS is The Tennessean Ben Bradlee Winners Response to Me.
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You're right!

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