Friday, December 14, 2012

NISSAN Violated UN Compact WIth Corruption & Discrimination Practices in the United States. If the American Congress Won't Help Sharyn Bovat Maybe the UN WIll? After ALL the Bullying Was "Most Likely" Done to Hide LOTS of Stuff Like Lockerbie.... It's Global and the UN is in Need of Good Press.

Sorry Charlie!!!

Looks like the truth might  come out. Even members of the mainstream media that NISSANgave "kickbacks" to so they would NOT tell the story of discrimination, corruption and wasteful spending of taxpayer money.  They violated the UN Compact the signed... I'm gonna inform the people in NYC. 

Sir, to people that care about humanity owning an Infiniti is NOTworth selling ones soul.  

On December 9th 2012 this was put on the blog of Dr. Swire a man who lost his daughter in the crash of Pan AM flight 103

A few days later the UK committee that could have quashed a further investigation
UNANIMOUSLY voted to let it continue... 

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