Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Senator - Thank Your For Explaining.... FYI- PTSD is Real. I'm Scared That My RIghts Will Be Taken Away for No Reason - That's What Happens When Someone is Jailed 3 Times on Trumped Up Charges. Living with PTSD is NOT Easy. I think the Cure is RESPECT.

Many questions press on this issue: why are there repeated efforts by Congress to affirm the power of military detention of Americans?Why are Obama's lawyers drafting language that yet more broadly targets journalists and activists who might be subjected to military detention?

Feinstein amendment doubles down on NDAA's assault on ...

 My name is Sharyn and I have PTSD.  I'm going to fight it by taking on the people that have giving me flashbacks by terrorizing me or lying to me.  It's time that Americans suffering from PTSD got RESPECT.  I think that's the cure.PTSD is an anxiety disorder related to
exposure to a severe psychological trauma. 
Symptoms include re‐experiencing the event, avoidance and 

arousal as well as distress and impairment resulting from 

these symptoms.

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