Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dianne Feinstein - Can Someone at Your Office Contact the Dept. of Defence. I Need to Reach Glen McWright. I'm Working on My Resume and i Want the Exact Dates of When We Dated. Thanks:):)

1985 I was engaged to Tom Huffaker.  According to Google he's a VP in the Canadian oil industry... Looks like he wants the pipeline.   Anyway...  Back in 1984  when I met him he was a divorce lawyer working at local 
law firm in Lafayette California-- Firms partner named Wally and he liked to run marathons 
we lived together in an apartment.  

I met Tom on a Tuesday night  (it was a primary) we met while I was working at a local TV station doing "call in" updates about election results.... I had to wait for new numbers and then run to the pay phone accross the street to report them to the station.  The goal was to beat the "others".. This is before cell phones were common. FYI- Dean Lesher the publisher of the Contra Costa Times got me that job.  It didn't last long....That night Tom suggested we go to the tavern near clerks office that was tabulating votes to wait  instead.  Lots of judges were waiting their to find out "how much" each would win by.  This is an odd memory  - The judge who got the lowest percentage of votes for victory paid for the drinks.  OopsI forgot to "call in" for the late night newscast and lost that job.  

Mr. Lesher was impressed that I could easily "fit in" drinking with a bunch of judges. I was 19 years old.  Mr. Lesher had called me into his office earlier that year.  I was dating a Walnut Creek City councilman named Ken Little who was more than double my age.  Mr. Lesher said he was "protecting me"  & said  "I hear your a lot like your mother.... I don't like your mother"  Then he said "I want you on my side"..... 

Back to Tom Huffaker.... He came home one day and said- "I'm going into the state dept". I had never known he took the test.  Oddly I was NEVER interviewer for his security clearance.  Anyway during a temper tantrum over something stupid I Threw the ring at him and it fell in the heat grate. 

When I was in Leningrad in 1990 I had dinner with the Consulate General (Charles?) and they let me sleep in the same room Nixon stayed in... How cool is that? Tom had worked with him in Yugoslavia.

Tom ended up in  MOSCOW After Aldrich Ames was caught.

After Tom left for Foreign Service training  I dated a nuclear scientist that worked at Lawrence Livermore lab (1986?) his name was  Glen McWright.   

Evidently Nancy Reagan was worried he might talk to Russian spies about his "work" Star Wars stuff... or something.

He never did tell me what he was working on.  Guess people at the DOD were impressed with his patriotism... Look at the job he has NOW.

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