Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Update - Kline Preston Asked Me to Take Down ALL the Stuff About Stephen Preston. Meanwhile Others Tell Me "They Look Alike" and That Had it NOT Been True Then the CIA Would Have Said Something. I Asked for An Affidavit Saying the Stephen Was NOT Klines Brother... Just for Peace of Mind. I Was Told NO... Hello.... IF Stephen is NOT Klines Brother Kline Should Have NO PROBLEM Signing a Document Stating That Fact. I Fear for My LIfe. I'm Sending Packets to People That Will Ensure Investigations If Something Happens to Me. I'm Terrified. I Want Respect. Being the Victim of a Politcal Witch Hunt is Horrible. I Do NOT Know Why The State of Tennessee Picked on My. ALl I Did Was Speak Out Against Discrimination and Wasteful Spending of Taxpayer Money. Someone HELP!!!

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