Thursday, December 27, 2012

Senator: Please Have a Staffer Forward this to Michael Morell. Kline Preston Sent Me an Email that Scares Me. I do NOT Know His Connection to Stephen Preston. I Want the Answers & The Truth. For over 3 Years I've Been Abused By People Connected to the CIA. the NISSAN CEO is Connected to Drug Profiteers. Why is Nobody Doing Anything?

Senator Dianne Feinstein.  My mom took me to a mentoring brunch with you years ago: You told me to speak up when I say a problem & I’m still speaking until someone listens.

Message to CIA Elite: 

I've said from the beginning that ALL I was during the Cold War was a "Friendly Fixture"....basically because of my “DNA” I could fit in places like bases, embassies, conferences, country clubs, political conventions & many places.  People in the Reagan and Bush Administration used me to find out who was with who. I told YOU that a long time ago. 

Sharyn Bovat’s Family Was in the Intelligence Community 

My grandfather was Naval intelligence and he was in Korea during the late 40's and helped divide the lines.   My mom lived in Tokyo in the 50's and she hired & trained stewardesses for Transocean Airlines (CIA sponsored) she trained women to spy for America.  My mom’s uniform was donated to a museum in Oakland.  She was contacted by them a few decades ago they wanted to “preserve” it because it’s part of history. 

Sharyn Bovat pictured with her grandparents in the early 80's in front of the Monterey Peninsula Country Club (the same one Leon Panetta is a member of...  My grandfather knew Kennedy's CIA director and a lot of other high level people.  He never spoke of anything that was happening at the Country Club  that was known for harboring super "spooks"... 

it's said the guy in charge of membership was the personal assistant to Bill Casey - I was told he was murdered.  I'm sure it was just speculation.

Sharyn's uncle Bill Frisbie was the Chief Pilot for Pan Am and  He served as head of the Airport Commission for Reagan and Bush. He that spoke to the Intelligence community about the Lockerbie crash.

1987 at the Mike Monroney school of Air Traffic Control.
Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center is administered as one of the FAA Regional Offices. Located in ... Air traffic controllers receive their training at the Academy.
one of my instructors names was Frank Bordeax (? spelling)  he was Navy my other instructor Bill (?) was AIrforce.  

In 1987  I went to the air traffic controller academy in Oklahoma City.  supposedly to see how women were treated.  Years later I realized the purpose of the ATC academy was to keep me from people involved with Iran Contra and for me to stop using drugs.  It worked.  

My mom's boyfriend  a World Airways captain was known as a "gun runner" he slept with a gun under his pillow.  He disappeared

After I got back I was invited to a Nancy Reagan luncheon highlighting the "Just Say No" campaign: I sat at the same table as the Secretary of Transportation. I told him that at the academy I had more “metal to metal” crashes in the academies history - no worries... it was simulated (lab)

My instructor Frank Bordeaux had tears in his eyes when I told him I really did not want to be a controller.   You see my technical scores were in the 30’s and 40’s and he’s instructor evaluations were always 97+.  He was keeping me from “washing out”    I think the tears in his eyes when I quit were tears of joy :):)

More soon.....

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