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Emails Showing That YES!!! I Told Kline Preston My Family Was Part of CIA Stuff... He did NOT Dislose to Me WHO His Brother Was. The Case Has Been Delayed.. Has it Been Delayed So an Obama Program Would NOT BE Exposed for the Election?

I've Been Abused by NISSAN for OVER 3 

Years  - I'm Fighting Back UNTIL I get



It's been relayed to me that NISSAN is "playing games" and racketeering is something I must look into.  Being jailed 3 times on "trumped up charges" and suffering massive bullying is wrong. The state has a LOT to gain by keeping me silent  NISSAN wants the DOE loan "written off"..   ... I'm sharing my text messages between me and the lawyer that "forgot" to tell me that his BROTHER was Stephen Preston the top Lawyer at the CIA...

I see a MAJOR.... Lack of disclosure....

Please NOT Klines Brother was working for "most likely" the CIA so the Prestons are in the INNER Circle....  Sorry David Barton YOUR Hero was Gay!!!  Time to RESPECT Gay Rights?

Already I've spoken to a DOJ lawyer who told me to sue civilly and I will go back and show them that I've tried to sue civilly but NISSAN does NOT play by the rules.  That and my lawyer Kline Preston "forgot to tell me" his brother Stephen Preston is the top CIA lawyer...

From the beginning I told Kline I was suffering the abuse in the courts because I used to do research for  CIA operatives and on the executive floor I was told Carlos Ghosn used ex Nixon era CIA to "solve problems" and to stay in control/power.

I was called into 4 meeting with HR and twice with Mark Stout - I said for over three years I was interrogated.

I was told NISSA executives won't be deposed in reference to malicious prosecution of "me"....and issues about the Leaf.   The fact is the Malicious Prosecution case was filed in July.  My lawyer used "certified" mail to send it.  NISSAN never accepted it.  Then I had to "scream" at my lawyer to "serve" it the way any other lawsuit would be served.  Also had he wanted to "save money" he could have sent it UPS.  I have communication documented that the case was being "stalled".... Because his brother is up for a TOP political appointment it shows " a reason" why it could have happened.  The fact is I've had to "beg" Kline Preston to do everything.  I knew "something" was fishy... Luckily I was told to go to the conference where his brother spoke and I was able to "connect the dots"...

I'm angry and want justice.  That said I know that for people like me "average" there is no such thing in America as fairness.  yestereday a former CIA operative that had a cover company in Tennessee told me to "make the best deal and move on with my life"  that means I have to work with Kline and Stephen Preston. Then I called on of my relatives and they said that YES!!!   These people are powerful and I'm lucky they have not killed me of done worse that slandering me and trying to put me in prison for year.  FYI- the trespassing charge is the "same" as those as Occupy Nashville.  I got the Bake Donelson  submission and they write it like I"m a "horrible person" who committed a crime.  I have not committed any crime EXCEPT for asking for respect for the America Taxpayers.  Evidently in Tennessee that is NOT allowed.  I learned that Tennessee has more per capita of "ex CIA"   that almost every other state.  The courts her are the most corrupt and I think there is a connection   I was "railroaded" and forced to spend 19 months in the courts for a 1st time misdemeanor = to a speeding ticket with a maximum $50 dollar penalty.  I suffered the humiliation of Rob Trayham reading from by blog about my my PTSD.  

We'll I'm no longer ashamed to have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  I have it.  People I worked with were "whacked" and I'm terrified.  My stress is REAL. Baker Donelson wants to extend this till January 14.  This upsets me.  I need to file other lawsuits because I want NSSAN to mediate for what they have done.  I do NOT trust the Tennessee courts.  Terry Wood is taking the "hit" an it makes no sense when NISSAN had a lawyer on the payroll the ENTIRE time.  

So I'm headed to DC and I will keep going UNTIL I get a Federal Investigation to the "racketeering done to me" If the Preston Brother want to Explain what has happened and tell me WHY I suggest they do it quickly.  

Justice needs to be trusted in America ... As of NOW justice is not blind and favors ONLY the selected "few"....  Below was sent to me by a man whose angry at Lawyers ... I keep telling him that not all lawyers are bad and we need them to protect the constitution.  He just sent me something on the Original 13th amendment and this man who some say is "whacky" all of a sudden makes some sense.  Luckily he's going on a talk show soon and will communicate to the "birthers" my issues.  He seems to be the ONLY person that wants to "fight for me"   it's sad that I could not find any other lawyer in America to help me.  It's not like we have a shortage of them.

Why does the CIA lawyers (led by Stephen Preston) not want to support me.  I've given up so much of my life to do the research others told me to do and in the case of the Lockerbie cover up research that I was "set up" to do.  When I quit in 1993 I was told "you can't run away from who you are"... I learned that to be true when in 1998 my husbands company asked him to open a office in the Netherlands... I was treated like a princess.  I got to go visit my mom whenever I felt like it and had unlimited calls to the states.  My mom told me to join every women's club and meet lots of people.  I played bridge with the British women's club, the Canadian Women's club and the American women's club.  Had ANYONE from those communities said anything about the trial I would have told my mom over the phone (that was monitored) Louise Arbor was my neighbor and when I complained about clicking noises I was told that it was due to her.  So I was "used" between 1998 and 2001 by the CIA.... Get it.  In 2001 the company my future ex husband worked out decided to NOT have the office anymore.   It makes as much sense as America giving NISSAN 1.4 Billion to build a "crappy" car with outdated technology that won't create jobs. 

So .... the point of this email is to tell Stephen and Kline Preston that it's Time to RESPECT me.  That means get NISSAN to do depositions.. STOP wasting time.  Obama won and the NISSAN loan will probably be "written off' because of the mainstream media is in bed with the Obama Administration (just like your bother...)  I don't care... I'm used to seeing "cronyism and power grabs.. if your brother gets the top job.  GREAT.. Just make sure I get RESPECT. 

I've fought for the taxpayers for OVER 3 years and nobody gives a shit.  Taxpayers are average people that people like those that control the "shadow" society like to crush. It's OK I get it.  

Stephen Preston YOUR the "big man on campus" and have the power to tell NISSAN a company that does business in IRAN and took over 1 billion tax dollars for a car to "fail" because they had a cash flow problem.  Stephen Preston YOU tell NISSAN to mediate.
As of NOW your brother is "still my lawyer".... My Aunt told me that I had to "give him a chance" to "clean up the mess".... She's really a cool lady. She dated a guy from Argentina that profited from Operation Condor  At the time she did NOT know about the "throwing people out of airplanes"  she did NOT like the fact that his family were former NAZI's... just like the other allies of ex Michelin CIA that are connected to Carlos Ghosn.

The girl from El Salvador that I roomed with in boarding school when I was 14 years old her mom used to sell jewelry to buy her Gucci purses.  My Grandpa said the jewels came from DEAD jews.   Did you know that the Mossad agent that I had dinner with in Tennessee is NOT my first Mossad experience.  I was the houseguest of one in the early 90's and oddly in the middle of the night I had to go to the bathroom and heard a "funny" mumbling sound.  I found a cassette tape recorder in an empty drawer playing the sounds.. Later I heard it was supposed to be a way to "brainwash" me... I thought that was WEIRD.   Anyway I did not mention it my host.  Do YOU think that is "strange".... I think I'm tired and need to have "closure" Its time for the Preston family to show NISSAN America has "balls".....

Why did a man come up to my last summer and tell me that Casey was "whacked".... that was "creepy". FYI- I said NOTHING...



High rank or distinction of superiority to be treated with deference or obeisance. From Webster's Dictionary, the archaic definition of "honor" (as used when the 13th Amendment was ratified) meant anyone "obtaining or having an advantage or privilege over another."

A contemporary example of an "honor" granted to only a few Americans is the privilege of being a judge: Lawyers can be judges and exercise the attendant privileges and powers; non-lawyers cannot.

By prohibiting "honors", the 13th Amendment prohibits any advantage or privilege that would grant some citizens or corporations (legal fictions having the status of Person) an unequal opportunity to achieve or exercise political power. Therefore, the second meaning (intent) of the 13th Amendment was to ensure political equality among all American citizens, by prohibiting anyone, even government officials, from claiming or exercising a special privilege or power (an "honor") over other citizens.

Therefore, "honor" is a key concept in the 13th Amendment. While "titles of nobility" may no longer apply in today's political system, the concept of "honor" remains relevant. For example, anyone who had a specific "immunity" from lawsuits which were not afforded to all citizens, would be enjoying a separate privilege, an "honor". Think of the "immunities" from lawsuits that our judges, lawyers, politicians, and bureaucrats currently enjoy. As another example, think of all the "special interest" legislation our government passes: "special interests" are simply euphemisms for "special privileges," i.e., honors.

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