Monday, December 10, 2012

Thank You AEI - I Learned How to Help the Taxpayers the GAO.... Stephen Preston Will YOU Help Get Your Congressional Friends to INSIST on a GAO Investigation on the 1.4 Billion Dollar NISSAN Leaf Loan? I Think I PROVED that It Needs to Be Done..... Sir I Want RESPECT!!!

As far a NISSAN goes and getting money from the Treasury Bank it looks like Paulson and Geithner are the bad boys for the letting the Treasury bank be used. OMG!!! Do those guys lead some sort of cartel? 

To AEI for having a forum on shadowy Financial Regulations THANK YOU.  An economist afterward told me "how" to get justice for the taxpayers. I've gotta get a GAO investigate... Darrell Issa.... might already be doing that, just in case I'm gonna speak LOUDLY.  I think Marsha Blackburn, Jim Cooper and Diane Black owes it to Tennessee to INSIST it gets done.   Very smart people told me that is HOW to get RESPECT for the hardworking American taxpayers. 

  1. U.S. Government Accountability Office (U.S. GAO)
    Investigative arm of Congress charged with examining matters relating to the receipt and payment of public funds.

"....YES mafias are “scary” but they are just business people who should really 'pay' more” taxes.  I was told the history gets complicated in relationship to the CIA when drugs were sold to fund the Freedom Fighters. Years ago 'I said it was morally wrong'… nobody listened.  I asked my grandfather what to do & he told me to take up golf...."   Quote from a blog of Sharyn Bovat (People are products of their environment....the one I was raised in was "different".... Still I'm an honest ethical person and should be treated with RESPECT.  If Stephen Preston "just" wanted to suck information out of me and that's why his brother "deceived me" and took away my rights as an American then I would "hope" he has the balls to speak up NOW.  615-944-7599

Key findings from SCCRC report include CIA agent that Sharyn Bovat has blogged about a LONG time ago.   This man is connected to Mark Silverman’s former neighbor and friend Freddy Woodruff. 
Robert Baer  a former high level CIA guy that inspired the movie Syriana  believes Iran is involved with the Lockerbie bombing  worked all over the Middle East & Europe(including Lebanon & Paris). He was told in August 1993 of the  killing of CIA officerFred Woodruff  (Mark Silverman’s neighbor) in TblisiGeorgia.   Woodruff (Mark’s neighbor) had been in a car driven by….the head of personal security for Georgian president Eduard Shevardnadze, Subsequently, it was found that the Russian mole in the CIA, Aldrich Ames (a bad spy)  had met with Woodruff (Marks neighbor) shortly before, and had an argument
1993 is the same year I was asked about going to Georgia for a democracy trip.   Glad I did not go Aldrich Ames a bad spy was ratting out people (although he would not have know who I was or maybe not... I DO NOT KNOW WHO I WORKED FOR

A man connected to British intelligence confirmed that Ghosn’s friendship to Russian President Putin is connected to Russian Mafia.  YES!!!  Wonder why Renault and Autovaz are “so cozy”… Ghosn’s connected to mafias all over the world. 

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