Saturday, December 15, 2012

The CIA Has A BIG TIME Good Ole Boy Network. It's Sad the Lady That Got Bin Laden Did NOT Get Promoted. It's NOT Fair!!!!

Please click this link (Robert Baer who I blog about in reference to Lockerbie is interviewed)

Anyway- That woman "Jen" is a hero and she deserves the promotion.  

Senator Feinstein Can someone tell Stephen Preston to do the ETHICAL thing and respect her?  Give her that promotion.  

What image does that give the CIA if this does NOT happen BEFORE the movie opens nationwide?

It's on my blog that in 1993 I dated one of the men that "hunted Bin Ladin"  he started the hunt during the Clinton Administration after the Cole attack.  FYI- I have NOT seen him in almost 2 decades.  whenever I saw Pakistan stats on my Girl in the Black Honda blog I thought of him.... to him and the other hidden heroes at the CIA 

THANK YOU!!!!   

Peace and Respect


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