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James Clapper, Michael Vickers & Stephen Preston: Lets Release John Kiriakou from Jail BEFORE the 4th of July? It's Time for Whistleblower Amnesty & Then a NEW Policy. Seriously... As of July 4th Leakers Will Be Persecuted.... Lets Give Amnesty so Michael Vickers & Leon Panetta Can "Keep Calm & Carry On".... In Reference to Edward Snowden.... Let Him Live in Another County- Take Away His Citizenship and "Let Him Be".... The Political Baggage He Carries is TOO Extreme. I'm Sure NOT Being Part of the Free World is Punishment Enough. Booze Hamilton Can Chase After Him... The US Should Go After Them for Allowing the Documents to Be Leaked. Maybe They Could Hire Me? The Key to Hiring Good IC People is Knowing About The Job Applicants Character....

"I'm not going to be scrambling getting jets for a 29 year old hacker..."   President Obama

Thank You President Obama - Finally some logic

YES!!! he's a HACKER and not a whistleblower.  Still some of his actions were admirable.  He lost me when he reveled the China stuff.  He really should have stopped at the Prism program.  The fact is my international sources are now mostly silent.  One sent me a message and at the end of the note he left a message for his IC handler :):)    Kiriakou is a hero in my book because torture is WRONG.  FYI-  during the Cold War several men barged into my hotel room - the Intourist guide smirking...   (really early in the morning).  I was taken to an abandon hospital... not hurt.. just terrified.  Glad torture was not "in" back then.  I was caught talking to Russian women my age about their lives.  I was showing them Cosmopolitan magazines  because I wanted to see what would motivate them to want a DEMOCRACY.  I was not a spy just a researcher that did not tell people what I was researching.   Some say that's a spy?  Can someone ask John Brennan to clarify the definition of a spy?   thank you:):)

As far as Edward Snowden's fate just "let him be" he can't get any more information.  His life is forever changed. He'll never see his family again unless they travel to a nation that's hostile to Americans.   The lifestyle is America is 2nd to none.  

YES!!!  I respect the lifestyles in other nations... but I'm an American & the fact that I can blog about issues in Tennessee and have been able to keep my freedom after exposing a LOT of fraud says something about the greatness of this nation.  Granted I feel safe for the 1st time in a LONG time because I no longer live in Tennessee -  I told some people at  cocktail party last night that I moved to the Chicago area until I find a job.  I said I had to escape the corruption...  At least in Illinois they put their corrupt governors in jail....

YES!!! I believe that John Kiriakou should be released.  Because I believe that he was "selectively" persecuted.  I'm tired of laws only applying toward the outsiders but the "insiders" get a pass.   

America can ONLY get healthy when all follow the rules of the land.  That includes the people at the highest levels of government.  

James Clapper, Michael Vickers & Stephen Preston - Please Tell John Brennan that Loyalty Comes with Trust. The FACT a Few Bad Apples at the CIA Have Brought Down the Image of an Agency ... If He Does NOT Accept That Then He Won't Be Trusted. I Hear He's OK. He's NOT an Evil Twisted Human Being... He's Just "Old School"....

"Be that as it may, if we look at this disgusting history with an objective eye, we might consider the honesty and credibility of all these characters. The standard test of such is usually "Would you buy a used car from this man?" Our answer is: No. And we wouldn't buy a new one, either" Jim Swire the Father of a Lockerbie Crash Victim

The fact is some ex CIA have used their connections to build a Global Good Ole Boy Network.    They do NOT have LOYALTY to America.  There are some great people at the company formally named Blackwater :  Still there are a "few" bad Apples.   It's Time to tell them to STOP - just put America 1st.  I know their "good friends" of some and BIG political donors BUT I've talked to members of our military and they too have lost RESPECT for the CIA.  They have lost RESPECT of the political leaders of this county.   This is a systemic problem.   The next generation needs John Brennan and the CIA to succeed.  They need to be taught the Loyalty is Important BUT they need to the RESPECT the people that are asking them to be loyal.  They need to know the the leaders of the CIA/DOD have their priorities straight.  So how's my application proceeding.  I really need the "health care"....  FYI - I NEVER outed anyone.  I did ALL this blogging and NEVER hurt my country, because I LOVE America..... warts and all.  

Below I posted on my website  a LONG time ago....

Why did President Obama give money to NISSAN from the Treasury Bank for over 1 billion dollars when they do business in Iran?  It really does not seem like smart geo political thinking to me.
Please let me know it you need anyone to help the committee... Please understand I understand "confidentiality"   I was silent for OVER 17 years and was leading a normal life it was NISSAN that "outed" me.  They made the relocation consultant the #2 Security Threat.   Anyway when I was in DC I got it confirmed that Iran is "most likely" responsible for the Lockerbie bombing.  My friend Mark Silverman says it's the sexiest story I've got.   Never thought dead civilians scattered across the UK countryside was sexy but heck.... it's the Mainstream Media.  I think they’re a "little late" in covering the story.   What do YOU think?
Sharyn Bovat is Gonna Fight for Humanity: As one of the family members of the Lockerbie tragedy wrote:   

Sunday, June 23, 2013

James Clapper, Stephen Preston and Michael Vickers... Looks Like the Carlos Ghosn & Nicolas Sarkozy Lockerbie Profiteering Types are Scared. Are They Whacking the 2nd Layer of People Connected to the Cover Up? I was Told I Was 4th Layer and Could NOT Identify Any Key Players so I Was Safe: Still Once They Start Going Murdering 3rd Layer Players I'm Seeking Canadian Asylum... Can Someone Contact My Former Neighbor Louise Arbour? Get the NISSAN CEO to Testify at the Senate Intelligence Committee Under Oath About the Lockerbie Crash... Give the People the TRUTH...STOP The Violence - The People Responsible are Circling the Wagons and Lord Peter Fraser Could Have Been Whacked....This is Getting SCARY!!! I Heard Sarkozy Ordered the Former Libyan Oil Minister Killed... He Had a Heart Attack and Fell into the Danube.. The Gannett Papers did NOT Report Much if Anything.. The Mainstream Media is Helping the Lockerbie Profiteers Escape Justice. Gracia Martore the CEO of Gannett is Getting 46 Million "if" Fired... Here Husband Joseph Martore is a DOD Contractor CEO with Calibre - There is a CONFLICT of INTEREST.

Tory former minister Lord Fraser of Carmyllie has died suddenly aged 68, the party has announced.
Peter Fraser was a Conservative MP for Angus and a minister in the Thatcher and Major governments.
He was made a life peer in 1989 and served as lord advocate, Scotland's senior law officer, with ultimate responsibility for the Lockerbie bombing investigation.

Thatcher minister and Lockerbie investigator Lord Fraser dies, aged ...

Evening Standard-9 hours ago
He was made a life peer in 1989 and served as lord advocate, Scotland's senior law officer, with ultimate responsibility for the Lockerbie ...

Good News I'm Closer to Canada....

Nissan Whistleblower: Carlos Ghosn is Connected to an Elite Group ...

Apr 22, 2013 – The blog of Sharyn Bovat the NISSAN Whistleblower. Because she ...Libyan oil minister who defected from Gaddafi regime found dead in .


Begin forwarded message:


When a good source brought this up I wanted to vomit (article below about TWA crash). The Lockerbie 
cover up might not be the ONLY one exposed....

The issue is the NEW generation of Intelligence community - IT based.  
These hacker types want feed by finding Answers- their looking for facts. FYI - I was silent and never 
would have said as little as I knew about the Lockerbie Cover up Had I not been bullied and jailed. 

It's obvious Sarkozy was a little too cozy to Gaddafi. 
Innocent people are having their lives harmed.  i'm NOT the only person facing retaliation.
Powerful people fear the truth will be exposed.  The ONLY way to save society is to tell the truth.  PLEASE.

Things are getting very weird.  The calm before the storm is really scary.  The Carlos Ghosn/Sarkozy 
types will not go down without taking others with them.  I heard wagons are circling...Ouch!! 

Thank you for making the world better,


Louise Arbour - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Louise Arbour, CC GOQ (born February 10, 1947) is the former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, a former justice of the Supreme Court of Canada and ...

Saturday, June 15, 2013

James Clapper, Michael Vickers and Stephen Preston - The Jury is Still Out on Edward Snowden - I Never Would Have Learned About Freddie Woodruff or Helped Accused Renault Spies Had People Known About Surveillance STILL Do NOT Let Him Seek Refuge in Russia.... Putin Already Has Steven Seagal to Play With.

Understanding the Edward Snowden issue is one that people are BOTH sides have strong opinions & the facts are not yet out.  Most people can't figure out how he'd have access to all the data and was able to give it to the Guardian?

  Most people LIKE the fact he speaks out for trasnparency in government.

My only fear is that the 3 men from Renault that I "saved" by being told by a person connected to Blackwater they were innocent and the documents that the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn's allies were using to convict them had not be manufactures.. Thus a window to force transparency.  The men were quickly vindicated once pressure put on the Sarkozy regime

Renault Spy/Strauss Kahn - Note to NISSAN Board

Had my source had known about the NSA programs they might not have told me the vital information that led to the "viral fight for human decency".... so my opinions on him are mixed.

British Source Connect NISSAN CEO to Russian Mafia..... NEW


Also the murder of former CIA field chief Freddie Woodruff - I was able via the web to get information & that "cold case" might be solved.

Georgia Promises New Look at Freddie Woodruff Killing - NYTimes ...

Apr 28, 2013 – 

 I do NOT think Edward Snowden is a traitor - in fact I think the people that put him in the positions of holding all that data are the ones to blame.  Snowden was doing what he thought was best for humanity.  Still that knowledge will lead to less communications ...... Booze Hamilton looks bad.
So does the CIA.  The drunk driving issue I can see happening.

Guess on this issue I'm neutral....

It's complicated and I hope the mainstream media is non biased in their opinions.

As you can tell the "jury is out"....  My only opinion is do NOT let him get refuge in Russia...