Friday, February 22, 2013

Sharyn Bovat's NOT Classified Cover Letter to the CIA Human Resources

Hello - My name is Sharyn Bovat and this cover letter could be one that stands out.  I hope in a good way. 

The below links show my writing style and my knowledge about America, the CIA,the Military Industrial Complex, Drug Trafficking, the Lockerbie cover up and more. 

Although  I will admit that emotionally “coming out” as a former researcher for CIA operatives has been stressful (I did not tell the man that I was married to for over a decade about my IC family... We’re getting a divorce and I need this job).  I admit that I blog about having PTSD including “flashbacks” I strongly believe it’s just an anxiety disorder &  I’m emotionally healthy.  

After harboring so many secrets about Lockerbie for almost 20 years simply telling the truth feels good.  I do not know what the intelligence community is going to do in reference to Lockerbie.  An an individual I have to trust that the leaders of our country will make the right decision. 

Thank you for reading,

Sharyn Bovat

Here's some screen shots of my application.  FYI- the program won't let me "do" quotes and I found "that" VERY difficult :):)

I just sent a letter to the NISSAN lawyer asking WHO at NISSAN will do my references FYI- That is WHY I was there on July 7th 2010.  ALL I wanted was RESPECT & for HR to follow up on my reference requests and training that they had promised.  Because I whistle blew they TERRORIZED me.  NOW... ALL this has been exposed.  The corruption in Tennessee is severe and I hope the Feds are looking into issues I uncovered.  The taxpayers too deserve RESPECT.

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