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DOD Whistleblower Emails Dan Meyer (IC Whistleblower Dude, Mike Dorris (ex FBI & Current Stratfor/Credit Suisse Corporate Security Exec), Mark Silverman (Former Gannett Editor - Ben Bradlee Winner - Pulitzer Prize Nominee) the Issue is Blacklisting & Sharyn Wants James Comey of the FBI to INSIST on RICO

I fear Bob Dickey and Gracia Martore are gonna make Mark Silverman the "Scapegoat".... Am I right?

Lots read the below link yesterday: Maybe having the CIA "blacklist"me was a good thing?  evidently not many people "respect" the CIA and by having them single me out for retaliation shows "what" I'm doing matters. huh...Maybe the blacklist is the "new" white list... Yes!!!  I know I use a lot of quotes... OMG!  I was raised by a spy- HELLO:):)
Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Being Blacklisted... NOW I've asked my member of Congress Roskam to Help... I gave his office your names - it's in this months brochure. 
Date: June 28, 2014 at 1:15:12 PM EDT
To: Mark Silverman <>,, Michael Dorris <>

Mark Silverman what you said to me yesterday is not true BUT it's OK... were still friends - I get it… you were just doing what you were told. FYI- GANNETT told me I'm gonna get crucified by the press....I think you are too.  It's just scary! 

Mark told me yesterday he was mad at me for blogging about his kid. I ONLY did it cause his kid sent me an email telling me to STOP blogging about his dad - this is the kid that go jobs at NISSAN and VW and I’m BLACKLISTED… that made me mad.  Obviously his kids are “whitelisted” and don’t ya’ll think the term Blacklist is racist?  Maybe Eric Holder can prosecute Gannett for telling me my life has been destroyed in a racist way?  Yesterday Mark told me his kid got a job at VW from meeting a guy in a bar… 

>>>>>>> On Mar 31, 2011, at 5:14 PM, "Silverman, Mark" 
>>>>>>> < 
>>>>>>>> wrote: 
>>>>>>>> I was bragging. I gave him the name of someone to call. I never 
>>>>>>>> made the call. He never used my name. 
but I went to a blog post and found the email conversation.

When I was at Gannett they told me I was BLACKLISTED by an agency & then the corp security guy asked me “how” I got into the building.  I told him I did nothing wrong I get into a LOT of places… (Hello I was raised by a spy) anyway we struck up a conversation he said that administration did NOT want the information that I had given to the Senate Intel committee - I was blacklisted by an agency.  I told him that a UK tabloid was gonna do a story about me and that was gonna break the press embargo & I wanted to figure out a way to have the story break in a way that I don’t look like a bimbo… I told him I had a child and ALL I wanted was a job but the blacklisting of me has made it impossible for me to get a job or a lawyer.  I’ve been treated like garbage and it seem like the CIA really does want me dead cause how am I supposed to support myself?  It’s just sad. My child was bullied and I told Mark that it’s too stressful for her dad to have me live at their house.  What am I supposed to do. I’ve been told that at an AP editor conference I was discussed. Reporters already have stories written about me they want to release.  They have stories about Silverman too.  They have stories about Mike Dorris and Glen McWright (the NSA liaison that I dated cause Nancy Reagan feared out scientist would date Russian spies that flirted with them.  ALL those stories are embargoed BUT once it’s lifted it’s UGLY… 

Gannett if they choose to attack Silverman and me are bonn go after his Country Club membership at Trump National and his “car deals”… his kid got a job at NISSAN and then a job at VW and Mark tells me he had NOHING to do with it…. then i see on a blog I posted an email saying YES he gave his son the name of a person to call?  HELLO Gannett has ALL of the emails that Silverman and I sent to each other….   All I want is a job and to not live in fear… This is scary!!!!

Someone Help!


Sharyn Bovat for months tried to get the editor to write about discrimination against women and bad spending of taxpayer dollars happening at NISSAN North America and in her “quest” for human decency.  She’s been meeting regularly with the world class journalist.   For the record Bovat admires for his steadfast dedication to his career still she worried that Mr. Silverman is ignoring her story for “political” reasons.
 On Mar 31, 2011, at 7:04 PM, Sharyn Bovat <> wrote: 
> At cracker barrel with 2 skaters will listen to your voice mail > later. I'm getting a publicist. THiS has to end!!! 
> Sent from my iPhone 
> On Mar 31, 2011, at 6:58 PM, "Silverman, Mark" <> > wrote: 
>> In car. Just left you a voice nail. 
>> Sent from my iPhone 
>> On Mar 31, 2011, at 6:44 PM, "Sharyn Bovat" <> >> wrote: 
>>> I've been beaten by these people for 2 years and I'm tired. . >>> You've 
>>> known about the inhumanity for two months (at least). I just don't 
>>> get it!!!! 
>>> I'm tired angry and mad at the corruption of the good ole boys and >>> mad 
>>> at you for being a jerk 
>>> Sent from my iPhone 
>>> On Mar 31, 2011, at 6:34 PM, "Silverman, Mark" < 
>>>> wrote: 
>>>> I am clearly not one of "them." Come on. 
>>>> This project will be set in motion Monday, once Soles4Soles ends. >>>> It 
>>>> needs to begin by getting documents. That's what takes time. 
>>>> -----Original Message----- 
>>>> From: Sharyn Bovat [] 
>>>> Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2011 6:24 PM 
>>>> To: Silverman, Mark 
>>>> Subject: Re: RE: RE: Re: RE: RE: 
>>>> You could call nissan get a quote and put a short blurb. Put the 
>>>> "heat" on them. OMG. You are one of them 
>>>> Sent from my iPhone 
>>>> On Mar 31, 2011, at 6:17 PM, "Silverman, Mark" < 
>>>>> wrote: 
>>>>> It will take us a couple of months to knit everything together. >>>>> It is 
>>>>> at the top of our list of major projects. Once we're clear of the 
>>>>> Soles4Soles stuff this Sunday, we'll be able to move onto other 
>>>>> things. 
>>>>> -----Original Message----- 
>>>>> From: Sharyn Bovat [] 
>>>>> Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2011 6:14 PM 
>>>>> To: Silverman, Mark 
>>>>> Subject: Re: RE: Re: RE: RE: 
>>>>> ??? When 
>>>>> Sent from my iPhone 
>>>>> On Mar 31, 2011, at 5:55 PM, "Silverman, Mark" < 
>>>>>> wrote: 
>>>>>> I do, but I can't by writing a story in the way you'd like. >>>>>> Anything 
>>>>>> we do needs to be a part of a broader picture of how things run. 
>>>>>> That's the way it has to be done by us. 
>>>>>> -----Original Message----- 
>>>>>> From: Sharyn Bovat [] 
>>>>>> Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2011 5:54 PM 
>>>>>> To: Silverman, Mark 
>>>>>> Subject: Re: Re: RE: RE: 
>>>>>> Guess you don't want to help me :(:( 
>>>>>> Sent from my iPhone 
>>>>>> On Mar 31, 2011, at 5:36 PM, Sharyn Bovat <> 
>>>>>> wrote: 
>>>>>>> Ok. Years ago I got a job with Pan Am because my uncle was Chief 
>>>>>>> pilot your being very defensive. Bottom line you got him the 
>>>>>>> "right" person to call this giving him an advantage. Mark "if" 
>>>>>>> it's 
>>>>>>> not true you never would have texted me about lunch so >>>>>>> quickly. I 
>>>>>>> just showed my daughters figure skating coach & she gets it!!! 
>>>>>>> I trust her . She saw one of the Nissan good ole boy death 
>>>>>>> threats 
>>>>>>> I got 2 years ago too. 
>>>>>>> My life is hell and your paper ignores my story ???? Why 
>>>>>>> Sharyn 
>>>>>>> Sent from my iPhone 
>>>>>>> On Mar 31, 2011, at 5:14 PM, "Silverman, Mark" 
>>>>>>> < 
>>>>>>>> wrote: 
>>>>>>>> I was bragging. I gave him the name of someone to call. I never 
>>>>>>>> made the call. He never used my name. 
>>>>>>>> -----Original Message----- 
>>>>>>>> From: Sharyn Bovat [] 
>>>>>>>> Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2011 5:13 PM 
>>>>>>>> To: Silverman, Mark 
>>>>>>>> Subject: Re: RE: 
>>>>>>>> Not what you said at the bar on our second meeting when you >>>>>>>> told 
>>>>>>>> me. 
>>>>>>>> I asked about them and when you said vw my eyebrows popped >>>>>>>> and you 
>>>>>>>> said "I admit I pulled strings" you smiled it's OK!!!! >>>>>>>> Lots of 
>>>>>>>> people do thonga for their children ...It's part of society . 
>>>>>>>> Sent from my iPhone 
>>>>>>>> On Mar 31, 2011, at 4:59 PM, "Silverman, Mark" 
>>>>>>>> < 
>>>>>>>>> wrote: 
>>>>>>>>> I've never taken advantage of you, Sharyn. Never. Ever. I was 
>>>>>>>>> upfront from the start on the kind of story we were >>>>>>>>> interested in 
>>>>>>>>> doring 
>>>>>>>>> -- a 
>>>>>>>>> broad look at overall Tennessee connections, etal. I'm truly 
>>>>>>>>> upset 
>>>>>>>>> that you feel this way. 
>>>>>>>>> (And I NEVER helped my kid get a job with VW.) 
>>>>>>>>> -----Original Message----- 
>>>>>>>>> From: Sharyn Bovat [] 
>>>>>>>>> Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2011 4:49 PM 
>>>>>>>>> To: Silverman, Mark 
>>>>>>>>> Subject: 
>>>>>>>>> Mark 
>>>>>>>>> …………..(and TN good ole boys) hate people that "simply >>>>>>>>> report 
>>>>>>>>> the news". They want "spin".... In their direction. YOU have 
>>>>>>>>> provided that to Nissan. Your papers biased blind reporting >>>>>>>>> in TN 
>>>>>>>>> has cost me my freedom and like you protecting your family I >>>>>>>>> have 
>>>>>>>>> a little girl. 
>>>>>>>>> I'm gonna fight for humanity for her. 
>>>>>>>>> Telling me a story about Nissan is 8 months away is >>>>>>>>> Unacceptable. 
>>>>>>>>> We're friends and  ************** 
>>>>>>>>> ??? can you call your buddy Scott Becker and tell him it's >>>>>>>>> in his 
>>>>>>>>> best interest to treat the whistle blower with RESPECT or 
>>>>>>>>> actually 
>>>>>>>>> put my story on the front page. Taxpayers will consider it 
>>>>>>>>> "worthy" 
>>>>>>>>> news mention the taxpayers funding "oxygen facials". And >>>>>>>>> the 
>>>>>>>>> women 
>>>>>>>>> being discriminated against. 
>>>>>>>>> I want "this" over. ... You saw me today I'm mad .. After >>>>>>>>> all I 
>>>>>>>>> was so stressed and feel emotionally abused by tennesse, the 
>>>>>>>>> tennessean and YOU 
>>>>>>>>> when we met months ago and you started kissing me and >>>>>>>>> telling me 
>>>>>>>>> and then said you were falling in love with me. omg!!! You're 
>>>>>>>>> happily married. 
>>>>>>>>> ??? Why did you do that to me. 
>>>>>>>>> You knew I was alone and isolated as a whistle blower. I'm 
>>>>>>>>> feeling 
>>>>>>>>> so taken advantage of by the successful editor. A man who >>>>>>>>> knew I 
>>>>>>>>> was vulnerable you did this to me while i was being >>>>>>>>> harassd by 
>>>>>>>>> corrupt members in the TN gov't but even with that knowledge 
>>>>>>>>> the 
>>>>>>>>> paper remains "silent". 
>>>>>>>>> ??? Why 
>>>>>>>>> Still I'm Kind  ************. It's the 
>>>>>>>>> humanitarian in me. 
>>>>>>>>> Sharyn 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

James Comey It Looks Like John Kerry Did NOT Get the Memo from the CIA That Kurdistan Was Happening. Also I Went to Gannet to Try to Drop off the Info I Gave to Davis Grannis and Jack Livingston at the Senate Intelligence Committee Office and Ask For Help in Getting a Job. It's NOT Easy Being a Whistleblower. I Told Them I Was Scared Cause I know a Foreign Tabloid Is Gonna Write About Me and I Want the Media in America to Be Kind to Me. What They Told Me is That Me & My Situation Was BLACKLISTED By An Agency. I Was Vetted as Telling the Truth BUT It Can't Be Reported According to the "Code".. So I Went to the CIA to Drop Off the Literature to Dan Meyer the IC Whistleblower Guy and Learned That They're Serious About the NO Photo Policy. I Took a Selfie on the Campus of Me in From of a Sign That Said "Bush Center of Intelligence" & then Met a LOT of People with Automatic Weapons... They Told Me They Could Search My Computer for Breaking the Law By Having Taken a Photo & I Told them "Fine" Look at Anyting My Computer Was Already Hacked & I'm Trying to Get Your Guys at the FBI to Investigate BUT The Feds Won't Cause iT' Was Most Likely the CIA That Hacked My Computer... YES!!! I Said This to the CIA.... John Brennan "if" Your Reading Thank Your Dudes for NOT Shooting Me. They Also Gave Great Directions To Starbucks..... Got Another Cute CIA Story But I'll Save it for My Book.

Evidently John Kerry did NOT get the Memo...

The CIA is having an "internal battle of control" the mainstream media is beholden to their shareholders that are GLOBAL and deals have already been done for an "independent" Kurdistan and after look at the data it's the ONLY thing that makes sense.  The CIA needs to get back in the "intel" business and OUT of the drone business.  Less people globally trust the CIA due to the para military "crap".... The CIA should be INTELLIGENCE ... Let the military do their job.  

Years ago my grandfather told me you have to "change your techniques" and to shake things up you have to deviate from your normal pattern.   America NEVER would have gotten involved with WW2 because we were not attacked in within our border. Pearl Harbor was the invitation we needed to go to WAR and we were ready for war.   People in Kurdistan were "prepping" for the invitation to become "independent" I was told in April about a job with refugees going to Kurdistan in April BUT I googled and they did not have a refugee problem BUT now they do.  I thought there'd only be 1/2 million but recently an IC guy said he predicted 1.5 million.  On twitter I complained that the only job I could get was in Iraq and want another option.  I'm still looking for other option.  Evidently Gannett won't help me.  I have good viewership & I think that cause they "vetted" me to be credible they should help me get a job. Because people know I'm not a loon they tell me more info and that puts me in a security risk.  I was told that to stay alive I need to be visible and to stay active on the web.  Many know that my research helped with the Russian Glonass issue that almost got approved.  They know that I helped exposed companies illegally profiting from Khomeini and companies that are doing illegal deals with Putin.  I get tips that turn out to be VERY credible and by exposing certain things it gets topics on the agenda and talked about and dealt with.  I was told people are using me to build a better intelligence community.  Still the mainstream media i SCARED cause they like it the way it is.  I think they're scared that the general public will know that the papers in America have lied to them for YEARS.

In Mississippi Haley Barbour a "kingmaker" and a person who scares the **** out of me knows I'm a VERY good researcher.  Because I went against the grain I've been bullied & terrorized. NOW I've learned I've been blacklisted.  Well it goes back to the CIA/MIC clique that rules the world and they know know that they "might" have to share in the profits from their little deals.  People like Tony Blair are now being criticized in the media and for that I say THANK YOU Jesus:):)

Bob Dickey & Gracia Martore Who originated the BLACKLISTING of Me? 

Is it cause I spoke out AGAINST Haley Barbour or cause the CIA is scared of me

From Wiki
The term blacklisting may be used in a pejorative sense, implying that a person has been prevented from having legitimate access to something due to inappropriate covert actions of those who control access. For example, a person being served with a restraining order for having threatened another person would not be considered a case of blacklisting. However, somebody who is fired for exposing poor working conditions in a particular company, and is subsequently systematically blocked from finding work in that industry, is described as having been inappropriately and often illegally blacklisted. Blacklisting can and has been accomplished informally by consensus of authority figures, and does not necessarily require a physical list or overt written record.
Blacklisting can be formal or informal. In the employment setting, applicants who apply to numerous positions regardless of being qualified or not can soon be ignored during some or all subsequent applicant processes, This can be an informal choice made by one person or a shared formal response taken up by one office, and not an issue that would be described as blacklisting. In the past, blacklists of union members have been shared or circulated between multiple organizations to prevent hiring of employees who, rather than being incompetent, have been critical of management actions. People have been prevented from working for decades due to being on a blacklist; in some cases the information on the blacklist was false. [1]

  • Blacklisting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    blacklist (or black list) is a list or register of entities or people who, for one reason or another, are being denied a particular privilege, service, mobility, access ...
  • Thursday, June 12, 2014

    *** Sunday Breaking Update- Egypt & Israel *** ***BREAKING- Hezbollah Has Joined the Viewing*** ***UPDATE*** IRAQ is Reading Brennan That Means "Its NOT That Bad" ... right? They Still Got Internet:):) Message to John Brennan (CIA) Dan Meyer (IC Whistleblower Guy), Eric Holder (DOJ), Bob Litt (ODNI & Man Who Needs a Hair Cut) James Comey (FBI), James Clapper (DNI), Raj De (NSA) & Georgetown University.

    ***Breaking***  reading this blog we have Lebanon Hello Hezbollah ....  How are you today?   

    Hello Iraq

    Father's Day UPDATE

    Israel, Ukraine & Egypt  NOW listening!!! 

    If the guy that ordered Medea Benjamin to be beaten in Egypt is reading - he was upset when I communicated to war toy elite at AIPAC that CODEPINK  was starting to connect with "mainstream" America having the co-founder of the AMERICAN group beaten was NOT NICE & I want you to apologize you can do it by donating to help pay the mortgage of John Kiriakou- they take international donations...

    Happy Birthday Mr. President 

    Do ya'll at the CIA think you've seen it all?

           Dare Me")")


     John Brennan I read yours NOW you read mine...