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Senator PLEASE Tell Tim Geithner to NOT Let Japanese Money Be Used to Support IRAN.... We've Got To Control Hezbollah.... Sure Mr. Geithner Gave NISSAN A Company with Links to Iran and Hezbollah 1.4 Billion...From the Treasury Bank.... ..Still I Think That Era of Reckless Spending that Hurt America's Nations Security Needs to END!!! It's To Protect America From MORE Wars.....

"...The company that's making the ChaDeMo Fast Chargers is ALSO subsidizing Nuclear Weapon Research.... Which might be OK since North Korea is so close.  ???   Should the American People be purchasing chargers for mass use that ONLY work on Japanese cars and NOT the FORD EV.  ..."  On my blog for almost 2 years...  www.CarlosTavaresRenault.com

Reuters: "Japan is seeking an exemption from proposed new U.S. sanctions against Iran that could effectively freeze Tehran's use of payments for oil, the Nikkei business daily reported on Tuesday, citing sources. Japanese Finance Minister Koriki Jojima asked U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner at an October 11 meeting in Tokyo for Washington to exempt Japanese banks, the report said, citing unidentified sources familiar with the matter. Geithner said the matter was being considered, the report said... Democratic Senator Robert Menendez, a member of the Senate Banking and Foreign Relations Committees, has said he is looking at ways to freeze an estimated 30 percent of Iran's foreign currency reserves held in banks outside the country. Currently, Japanese buyers of Iranian oil pay Iran for crude imports in yen via accounts set up at Japanese banks by Iran's central bank, and the funds later get transferred to Iran's private banks. But the proposed new U.S. sanctions would effectively freeze those assets, and if the measures are implemented, Iran would no longer be able to use Japan's oil payments freely, which could further curb Japan's oil purchases from Iran, the Nikkei report said. The United States is expected to set the details of the new sanctions from now on and implement them from around February, the report added." http://t.uani.com/XQ2YWP

On my Blog for almost 2 years...
"I got a PROOF that the technology used for the Leafs battery is the same s the NISSAN Altra from the 90’s the only difference is the battery now is “flat” and the cells are built like layers in a wedding cake and it’s different than the Altra version that was coil/spiral. Everything else is the same.  So basically Ghosn got the DOE money and instead of having something “viable” he called the old battery "the new battery" which was deemed NOT cost effective in the 90’s worse it was deemed a disaster economically for NISSAN. "

Three men at Renault were accused of being spies for “questioning” the EV strategy.   In North America I was told the EV was to be a “failed” Obama program.   I told Mr. Tavares about at strategy called “Failure of Power”..  Knowing that Ghosn has “deep rooted” ties to Iran and the Middle East  People MUST ask this Question:  ???  Who would NOT want the EV to succeed.

Khomeini’s using Renault car platforms for missiles.  The Iranian government seems to have a “healthy” economy and with Renault “existing” as a car maker and sharing resources with NISSAN via their Alliance indirectly the American car consumer is economically supporting a regime that wants American’s dead.  Therefore buying a NISSAN is showing “indirect” support for Islamic terrorist.
Also on my blog for almost 2 years..

"I believe that by making Libya the 'sole' conspirator saved lives.... The Geo Political experts knew what they were doing and still work tiresomely to prevent NUCLEAR attacks on America and our Allies."  Sharyn Bovat the NISSAN Whistleblower

"For 17 years I Sharyn Bovat feared that if I ever spoke about facts I learned in the early 90’s my life would be in danger.   Today I’ve spoken about what I know and YES!!! It’s limited but it sure does seem to 'scare the French' wonder why?
 "Sharyn Bovat the NISSAN Whistleblower
"I’m tired of living in fear.  OMG!!! 3 men were accused of being spies at Renault, a holding company of NISSAN one that helps the economy of IRAN.  A country that was involved with the Lockerbie bombing...OOPS"Sharyn Bovat the NISSAN Whistleblower  


The man next to me is Nabil.... in 1992 he was a currency trader.... connected to "people"....

Mar 28, 2012
While reading the report I discovered I might have spent time with Nabil who was mentioned in the section of Robert Baer. This was in Kuwait in 1992 He might be the man mentioned in the report that was the assistant to a ...

Former Ganett editor connected to murdered CIA field chief:

Monday, October 29, 2012

Senator Feinstein: America is NO Longer About Freedom.... Guess I Didn't Get the Memo.... I Understand Now

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <sharynbovat@aol.com>
Subject: The Irony….The People Responsible for Creating the DEBT Including CEO of Goldman Sachs are NOW Starting a Group to "Fix the Debt"…… Now I Want to Work for the Greedy People …. Oops I Should Say Lovely People :):) Jon Romano…. Welcome to My Viral Protest for Human Decency and Request for RESPECT for the Taxpayers.
Date: October 29, 2012 7:05:50 PM CDT
To: romano.jon@gmail.com
Cc: "rdickey@gannett.com" <rdickey@gannett.com>, "chudler@tennessean.com" <chudler@tennessean.com>, >


I whistle blew about Energy fraud that helped create the debt America is in.  I whistle blew about cronyism capitalism 
Oddly I spoke out against people that have NOW started a group called Fix the Debt....I'm tired so what the heck "if you can't beat em join em."    Sir, I can be a FIX the DEBT HAWK!!! 

For over 3 years I've been "fighting for the taxpayers"  traveling all across America speaking out about NISSAN and the bad spending of taxpayer money and the lack of oversight by the Obama administration.  
The people I've spoke too.  A lot of them in the Tea Party they know about the issues BUT they are NOT standing up for me because I'm socially a moderate; So fuck em.  

Jon I've decided to join YOU....I need a job.. so "what the heck" I'll work with YOU and "fix the debt".... 

I'm delightful. Just ask Mark Silverman the 2010 Ben Bradlee winner  www.SorrySilverman.com

Sir, ask a bunch of your CEO's listed below about my credentials.  Some of them know "who' I am.  In fact they would encourage having me work with YOU
(it's the keep your enemies CLOSER concept.  Years ago I did opposition research for operative connected to Karl Rove... Before that I did "other" stuff....get it).

The truth is a lot of the fancy people you work for are good people and as long as fixing the debt does not hurt their "bottom lines" they probably really want to "Fix the debt"....  the key is "outing" the bad spenders that are NOT team players...... wink wink....
Jon - I can do that.   Just ask Al Gore.  Seriously he was a "big" fan of my blogs.  You can also email Haley Barbour & Sal Russo.... I've got "quite" the reputation.

Years ago I was told I'm a Catalyst for Change....  Sir I WANT to change my address.  Getting OUT of Tennessee is my #1 goal.  My stuff is in a Pod and I'll I need is a job.
Until I get one I'm "on the road" ranting about Dept. of Energy Fraud- connected to my possible future bosses... oops I better stop swearing.  This is the "corporate world" and not the battlefield.....may types of fields....Jon-I need health care too.

Please tell the fancy people that fund you that I don't fly coach over oceans and I want 4 weeks vacation. Happy so see Delta is a supporter.  I do enjoy their lounges. Also I know how the Fix the Debt elite  "feed" their employees and I'm ready to take on the challenge of 7 course dinners. Anticipating the extra calories I will need to leave work early to do "yoga" just to "stay in shape."  FYI- I'm ready to stay in hotels that offer my "my choice" of pillow.  YES!!! I want 18 holes of golf to be classified as "team building" -   I want to be apart of the pampered elite and YES!!! I know that in return they'll have control over me.  That means I give up the "Freedom to Blog"  :(:( I'm OK with it...seriously.

It seems like giving up FREEDOM is the NEW American way.  Although I'm VERY sad that some of the leaders in "Fix the Debt" fuel companies that support IRAN.  I know in my heart now that I TRIED to stop it.  I can sleep at night knowing that for 3+ years I spoke out in support of our troops and maybe people listened but NOTHING can be done to stop it.  The People that profit from IRAN are on the list of power brokers of the world.  I must respect their position.  I get it....

Yes Virginia.... Sharyn Bovat finally "grew up"..... & will be the "team player" they type former President Ford told me to be.  It's the ONLY way for " me" to get peace.

God Bless America

Thank you

Sharyn Bovat

Steve Rattner of Fix the Debt Wanted to  Make Carlos Ghosn CEO of GM....

Carlos Ghosn leads a company that has proven to discriminate against women....

Carlos Ghosn leads a company that does Business in IRAN

Carlos Ghosn is a profiteer from the IRAN Contra & Lockerbie Cover Up.... & So are "some" of people listed below.

If NISSAN treated the whistleblower with RESPECT then Sharyn Bovat would NOT have to blog everyday to communicate the fraud in reference to the NISSAN Leaf.  The car is made with outdated technology that Ghosn called "garbage" that is UNTIL the "free money" was offered by the Dept. of Energy....

If I ran a company connected to Fix the Debt... I'd tell NISSAN to RESPECT the the taxpayers and STOP creating MORE debt for America.  Already hundreds of millions has been wasted on fast chargers what are ChaDemo and do not "comply"... Sharyn Bovat was told the pressure will be on whoever becomes or stays President to "not" write off the NISSAN loan as quickly as Ghosn "thought" it would.  If I'm still blogging I will make sure EVERY company listed below KNOWS "how" the fraud happened and how NISSAN lacks in the "art of humanity".....
The Campaign to Fix the Debt CEO Fiscal Leadership Council
Bill Ackman, Founder & CEO, Pershing Square Capital Management, L.P. Samuel R. Allen, Chairman & CEO, Deere & CompanyRichard Anderson, Chief Executive Office, Delta Air Lines, Inc.Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft Corp.
  Doug Bergeron, CEO, VeriFone Systems, Inc.Mark Bertolini, Chairman, CEO & President, Aetna, Inc.Leon Black, Chairman & CEO, Apollo Global Management, LLCLloyd Blankfein, Chairman & CEO, Goldman, Sachs & Co.Glenn Britt, Chairman & CEO, Time Warner Cable Inc.Greg Brown, Chairman & CEO, Motorola Solutions, Inc.Nicholas Calio, President & CEO, Airlines for AmericaRussell Carson, Co-Founder & Gen. Partner, Welsh Carson Anderson & Stowe Marc Casper, President & CEO, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.John Chambers, Chairman, President & CEO, Cisco Systems, Inc.David Cote, Chairman & CEO, Honeywell International Inc.Alexander Cutler, Chairman & CEO, Eaton Corp.Richard Daly, CEO, Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.D. Scott Davis, Chairman & CEO, United Parcel Service, Inc.Steven A. Denning, Chairman, General Atlantic, LLCJamie Dimon, Chairman & CEO, JPMorgan Chase & Co.Scott Donnelly, Chairman, President & CEO, Textron Inc.Craig Duchossois, CEO, The Duchossois Group, Inc.Brian Duperreault, President & CEO, Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. Larry D. Fink, Chairman & CEO, BlackRock, Inc.Martin L. Flanagan, President & CEO, Invesco Ltd.James Frank, President & CEO, Wheels, Inc.Kenneth Frazier, Chairman, President & CEO, Merck & Co., Inc.Paul Fribourg, Chairman, President & CEO, Continental Grain Company Daniel Fulton, President & CEO, Weyerhaeuser CompanyRobert Gasser, President & CEO, Investment Technology Group, Inc.Donald Gogel, Chairman & CEO, Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, LLCEvan Greenberg, Chairman, President & CEO, ACE Limited 

American TECHNOLOGY is Going to IRAN Via NISSAN Renault.... Look at This

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Senator Feinstein.... Over 3 Million Hits on My Blogs Since NISSAN Started Terrorizing ME.... Becaues I Whistle Blew..... I Need Someone to Tell NISSAN to RESPECT Me and to RESPECT America...... Thank You!!!

Years ago at a mentoring brunch Dianne Feinstein held my hand and said "if you ever see something that is not right speak up.... 

Well Senator Feinstein I did and nobody seems to care..... 

I have a child this is morally wrong!!!

Someone HELP!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

CIA - DIA.... What a Difference One Letter Makes.....

"...The US Defense Intelligence Agency alleges that Ali Akbar Mohtashamipur (Ayatollah Mohtashemi), a member of the Iranian government, paid US$ 10 million for the bombing...." on Wiki under alternate theories...

OK.... I remember this guy telling me this other was a PANSY...the other guy was CIA. 

Senator for the record I do NOT know "who" I did research for DIA or CIA.....or any other acronym. All i did was what I was told.  At the end of the day I did research for AMERICA. 

Below has been been on my blog www.RighteouslyRogue.com for a LONG time.  I can't believe NISSAN put me through ALL this HELL knowing they had abused me.  Dianne Feinstein DO YOU THINK what NISSAN did was OK?  FYI- Remember they "outed" me.  I need a job and health insurance.  

Senator, can you put a good word in for me at the George Bush Center for Intelligence.  I really want to live in a condo in Reston  near a future "metro stop" and across the street from a mall.  To me that would be the "good life".... So if Gannett does not want a blogger the CIA is an option.  Also I like the though of living near Dulles airport so I easily visit my daughter.  FYI- i did NOT tell the man that I was married to for over a decade that I did research for an acronym and he really wants to"move on" and have a life with a normal woman.  He's stayed married to me ONLY so I can keep my health insurance...   it's horrible!!!

I've been silent for a LONG time... I think I've said all that I can.... EVERYTHING I know about Lockerbie is out... below I posted on the blog of a father of a victim of Pan Am flight 103.

This is part of an email to a friend whose family is part of the international intelligence community. I've been lucky that once I was vetted people that grew up in similar families have reached out...

"...I have PTSD... from a trip in 1990 to Leningrad...Elections were happening "somewhere" in Russia and we wanted Democracy... Anyway about 3am a bunch of men came into my hotel rom (... strapped me to a board and took me to an abandon building... they did nothing to me but stare at me. Later I realized,,,, It was after the Lockerbie crash... I had been told by my family it was Iran... then they changed thevillain to Libya.... When the kGB held me I said NOTHING except "my country knows I'm here"... this is the weird part.. the night I was "saved" I got to sleep in the same bed Nixon stayed in and had dinner with the consulate general... a few years later I went to Bahrain and kuwait... I think the whole KGB hostage thing that was less than 2 days was done by people connected to the CIA....I have NO trust.... Still I'm terrified and have trouble sleeping.... it was horrible...."

There is a Russian aspect to the puzzle of finding the truth...

Last year I flew to LA to meet with a screenwriter interested in my life story..he said "didn't they rape you or torture you - this is a disaster"... Later I spoke to a member of my family and said they would twist the truth & make it look like I was raised by crazed Neocons. So that is on the back burner until closure happens on the NISSAN whistle blower issue.

My hope is Dr. Swire and the Lockerbie families get closure too. I've had a horrible 3 years and do not understand how you endued 24+ years.

Subsequently, the Agency provided threat data on "hot spots" throughout the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, while assessing the impact of changes in the USSR, Eastern Europe, and, to a lesser degree, Asia. In addition, DIA supported decision makers with intelligence concerning the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, events surrounding the downing of several Libyan jets, the civil war in Liberia, and the investigation of the downing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, in which an agent was killed. Weapons acquisition issues, counter-narcotics, and counter-terrorism, likewise, remained high priority issues.
With the end of the Cold War, defense intelligence began a period of reevaluation following the fall of Communism in many of the East European countries, the reunification of Germany, and ongoing economic reforms in the region. During this phase, DIA emphasized improved management of intelligence production, DoD-wide, as resource reductions once again threatened to negatively impact Agency objectives and manpower. Organizationally, DIA adopted the concept of functional management to better address unified & specified command intelligence issues.
In response to Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in August 1990, DIA set up an extensive, 24-hour, crisis management cell designed to tailor national-level intelligence support to the coalition forces assembled to expel Iraq from Kuwait. By the time Operation Desert Storm began, some 2,000 Agency personnel were involved in the intelligence support effort. Most of them associated in some way with the national-level Joint Intelligence Center (JIC), which DIA established in The Pentagon to integrate the intelligence being produced throughout the Community. DIA sent more than 100 employees into the Kuwaiti Theater of Operations to provide intelligence support. This DIA-led effort remains one of the greatest examples of intelligence support to operational forces in modern times.
The Armed Forces Medical Intelligence Center (AFMIC), and the Missile and Space Intelligence Center (MSIC), associated with the Army for over 20 and 50 years respectively, became part of DIA in January 1992. This was part of the continuing effort to consolidate intelligence production and make it more efficient.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dianne the Discrimination at NISSAN is REAL.... Can YOU Please Do Something.... YOU Told Me to Speak UP When I Say A Problem... I Did and NOBODY is Listening....

Is NISSAN Acknowledging  that AFTER Sharyn Bovat Complained About Discrimination to NISSAN Board member Carlos Tavares that Changes were Made?

Women Really did Decline from 20.9% in 2006 to 10% the year that I whistle blew....

20.9% In 2006 10% in 2009

Monday, October 8, 2012

NISSAN Cutting Prices to Get Sales Up Before the Election - It's a Gimmick and Will Cost American Taxpayers.... Please Stop the Fraud!!!

The car cost 80K to build. NISSAN is already losing money on each Leaf sold.

The NEW Lease Price is INSANE!!!

NISSAN Management MUST make a statement that NO executives will get bonuses UNTIL a repayment plan is in place in reference to the DOE loan of 1.4 Billion.