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James Clapper, Stephen Preston and Michael Vickers Did the CIA Support Carlos Ghosn in the Renault Spy Scandal of 2011? I Also Heard the Strauss Kahn Deal is Connected Too? Tell Me if I'm Wrong? Please I Just Want the Truth.

These men were accused of being spies by Renault/NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn in January 2011. I was the 1st to say they were innocent.

I told Kline Preston Back in 2011 Carlos Ghosn had CIA connections and was framing the men at Renault. I said I was connected.    When he told me the top lawyer at the CIA was his brother I felt like I had been raped. that should have been disclosed.  If it's not true... it's unprofessional.   I've asked for clarification

"...I want an affidavit from you that you are connected to the three men at Renault and how,.."  in an email from Kline Preston last week. This is after I had told him NUMEROUS times that I was connected to the Renault Spy Scandal and it was me who led the viral effort.  I even have an email from a French diplomat in 2011 saying my effort were justified.

"It looks like someone is going to  have a lot of explaining to do in the near future. Renault SA Chief Executive Officer Carlos Ghosn stated that he has “multiple” proofs  that some of the company’s executives were involved in the recent leaks of its business model about the electric vehicles currently in development.
“We have certainties,” said Ghosn during a telecast on TF1 television. “All these elements will be passed on to justice.”
According to  Ghosn,  company secrets that may have been stolen were actually business plans to help make electric vehicles affordable.  Fortunately, for now,  Ghosn has no evidence that technology was leaked as well...."
About 2 years ago one of my blogs viewers communicated information that led to the swift resolution of Renault Spy Scandal.  The NISSAN CEO accused 3 men of espionage.  They were innocent. The story broke on January 3rd the same day a federal judge asked NISSAN to show tax records and this was the same day I was in DC meeting with people about the fraud.   
 I started a blog  on January 13th.

Carlos Ghosn went on French National TV in late January saying he had "multiple proofs" of their guilt 
***China was accused of stealing EV secrets*** 

It was a BIG story in France.
  1. I knew in early January it was FASLE... the men were framed.   and did a press release in January 2011 saying I thought they were innocent. Then I emailed the French consulate in San Francisco and in Atlanta and insisted they get fair treatment. I was told the "proof" Ghosn was using to the frame the men had not yet been complete.  To help the men that were innocent I did the press release and the blogging to save them from being "Mini Megrahis"
  2. Above is a text message between me and Mark Silverman the Ben Bradlee winning editor of Gannett- who got a Pulitzer prize nomination.  He still calls me and he KNOWS I'm connected to the Renault Three.... 

    1. Renault Spy/Strauss Kahn
      Jan 18, 2012 – Renault Spy/Strauss Kahn. People that are connected to the CIA do not like seeing the bullying of a former research worker. Carlos Ghosn was ...

The men were vindicated and received settlements of about 4 million euros each in less than 3 months.  I was told in DC "that" was the precedent when mediating with NISSAN- For over a year I told m lawyer about the connection. That is was my effort that brought that situation to resolution. Last week he FINALLY asked me about it.  He's too late.  The trust factor is GONE,

After 2 years of being treated poorly by my legal council I'm going to take control of the "runaway train" and I'm going to find someone that will fight for me the same way I fought for the 3 men at Renault.  It's time Sharyn Bovat got RESPECT. 

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