Saturday, December 15, 2012

Senator - Pardon the "French" Language BUT in a Way it's the French that Gave Us this Taxpayer Funded Monstrosity.....

1.4 Billion Tax Dollars Backed by the Treasury for this Car Built with Outdated Technology, collateral that's a 2 Billion Dollar Taxpayer Backed IDB Bond & the Company Renault-NISSAN does Business with IRAN and is NOW in Bed Big Time with Russia - This Whole Thing is is Fucking Retarded. 

Dr. Peter Wells of the Cardiff Business School wonders if governments will come to the rescue of electric car projects, but points out that the CO2-thwarting credentials of electric cars are now being questioned. "I think Renault and Nissan must be getting worried by now, even though a substantial proportion of the investment in electric cars has been supported by governments," Wells said

From The Detroit News:

Free Market Thinkers Do NOT Want NISSAN Bailed Out.   They MUST Pay Back the 1.4 Billion.

Senator - Please make sure the "tab" is paid.  It's ONLY fair to society.

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