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Senator Can YOU Forward this to Michael Vickers and Stephen Preston. Something is Fishy - Extremes of Covering UP the NISSAN Whistleblower Story are Scary

 This could be a coincidence STILL I think it needs to be investigated.  

Message to Michael Vickers:

Michael Vickers I was Invited to Hollywood in Summer 2011.   It Was AFTER You Started Talking to The "Industry" Types.  In LA I Met Several People INCLUDING a Guy That Was in the Mafia.  

He was connected many "families" in NYC including the  & sold cocaine.  from Wiki:
Salvatore "Crazy Sal" Polisi – a former associate of the Colombo and Gambino crime families.[170] Polisi and his friends Dominick and Joseph Cataldo all joined the Mafia.[170] In 1984, Polisi was arrested on narcotics charges and became a government witness.[170] Polisi testified in John Gotti's 1986 trial.[170]

Oddly He Sent Me an Email Saying "I Know YOU Got the Goods".... I shared that info with my lawyer Kline Preston the "most likely brother of Stephen Preston. Michael Vickers do YOU Know Stephen Preston?   Sir did You know my Uncle was chief pilot of Pan Am?  Did YOU know that my mom took me all over the world when I was a child.  We would go to Hawaii by way but first stop in SouthEast Asia.   She always had a couple money belts on "real tight"....

In a May 23 letter, King wrote to Vickers that documents obtained by Judicial Watch in its Freedom of Information Act lawsuit “raise serious questions regarding your central role in providing classified and sensitive information to individuals without appropriate security clearances.”

Do you know that I told my lawyer that Andrew Breitbart might be the ONLY person with the courage to tell my story of ALL the abuse I suffered at NISSAN

Maybe that should get investigate?

who was the mystery woman that showed me around LA in a brand new BMW with an Obama bumper sticker?  

Is It a Coincidence.  I Mean.... My Family Being Involved with CIA Drug Trafficking and the guy in the mafia knowing People Connected to Sal Russo.....   At the National Security Legal Conference When I Mentions Sal Russo's Name People's Eyes Popped.   

"...The case involved a determination by investigators of the Pentagon’s inspector general’s office that Vickers provided the makers of the film “Zero Dark Thirty” with the restricted name of a U.S. Special Operations Command officer who helped plan the May 2, 2011, raid on bin Laden’s hideout in Pakistan, one official said.
The identities of special forces personnel can be classified in certain circumstances and making them public is against the law, according to experts.
Vickers, a former Army special forces operator and onetime CIA paramilitary officer, is the top intelligence adviser to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and oversees the Pentagon’s vast intelligence operations. He’s been frequently mentioned as a candidate to replace retired Army Gen. David Petraeus as CIA director.

The senior defense official, who requested anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to discuss the matter publicly, wrote in an email that Pentagon officials don’t think the case “will amount to anything.” He pointed out that the Pentagon deemed as “unclassified” a transcript of a July 15, 2011, conversation among Vickers, Bigelow and Boal in which Vickers identified the U.S. special forces planner by name as someone who could be made available to brief the filmmakers. The transcript was released to Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog organization, in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit....."
Read more here:

Read more here:

People connected to the LOCKERBIE Bombing are scared of me.  I used to say Lockerbie "cover up" but NOW by seeing "how deep" this goes... the people that did the cover up MUST be connected to those that did the bombing.  If I'm wrong tell me and I will Clarify.

  Heritage Foundation.... It's time to NOT support those that help the drug cartels.  It's important for society  Your group does a LOT of good ALL you have to do is to tell that element to "retire".. I do like some of Jim DeMints ideas.  It's time to forget the past and "move on".  DO NOT SUPPORT Michael Vickers.   UNLESS He will send me an affidavit saying he's not connected to NISSAN CIA and ask him to clarify if he know Cal Vickers.. Are they related.   A source connected to the late Marvin Runyon said Cal Vickers whose part of the Dept. of Energy fraud and the bullying of me was part of the Good Ole Boy network that's corrupt.  Basically the word Good Ole Boy is southern for Mafia. .  These people SCARE me I want out of Tennessee.

posted last summer/early fall

Tennessee Let's Define the Word CORRUPTION

In the summer of 2011 Sharyn Bovat spoke to Sal Polisi  about corruption in Tennessee: This man knows "right from wrong" he learned by doing "hard" time.  After his 3rd felony he "ratted" out John Gotti & went into witness protection after he helped the feds. Sal says he's reformed leads an honorable life he loves his family & the Lord

Now he's a screen writer in Hollywood.  
I want Sal to come to Tennessee and "educate"
ya'll on the definition of corruption.

He said YES he'll come the only thing he wants is a "hot girl" to have dinner with him.   Anyone have a daughter? 

Sal Polisi was a member of a "few" families in NYC including the Gambino family.  Oddly  members of the mafia knew some of the underground D'Amato people that were connected to Sal Russo & I helped people that were connected to him...Wow!!!    Sal Russo is considered the King of the Tea Party.  I  can say that he's a genius and someone to respect.  Back to the issue of politics and the mafia:

One of the NISSAN Whistleblowers hero's is Rudy Giuliani 
unlike some from that republican Law & Order "cast" the NYC Italian politicans confront issues "head on" & didn't sweep issues under the carpet.

Bovat learned from Sonny Bono that Vanderbilt's own Bill Lacy tried to "earn his keep" to become accepted in the "predicted" RNC's Heir's Lair....  Lacy didn't expect a Mississippi man to "pounce" thus taking away his Grand Poobah status as the GOP's Southern Guru.

Time has proved that Lacy and his "man" were NOT part of the Good Ole Boy family that took control of the RNC in 1994.   The dynasty that deemed winners and losers made those that were not "team players" marked men.

In 1992 while enjoying a taco back stage at the RNC convention Sharyn Bovat was told to be a "team player" by former President Gerald Ford:  The problem with Bovat is nobody told her "what team she was playing on".  For years she was used by many as a tool to gather information for MANY different reasons.  Sharyn learned to give a "non biased" view point and she always told the "truth" based on her experince and conversations.  Her opinion was "valued" until the Mississippi man deemed "political correctness" as a weapon.   It turned out after 1993 a "different" Heir controlled the Lair.

Earlier backstage at the RNC convention in Houston Bovat knew that trailers were "set up" for a reason. She did not know at the time that she had front row seats to the "battle for the heart of the party" and the ONLY two that had a chance at holding the torch were brothers that were "going at it".  Later I was told that their daddy wanted his boys to duke it out at a "family event".

How many families call an RNC convention a "family event".

In 2012 I HOPE I get good seats in Tampa.  This time as a blogger :):)   
Fun Fact:  At a Republican Governor's Conference in Park City Utah Sharyn Bovat was called an Amoeba by a top staffer of "presidential wanna be" and Massachusetts Governor William Weld.   Bovat "was" a credible research worker.   

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