Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Senator - I think the UK Just Whored its Self to NISSAN & Cut a Deal - Finding the Truth About Lockerbie Might Be a Bigger Challenge in the UK Just Because NISSAN is Providing a Few Jobs.

Here's a comment... proving Ghosn worked with Tony Blair... Which we ALL knew.

"This is indeed fantastic news, and an amazing journey from producing the pre-developed Bluebird to manufacturing luxury cars under the Infinity brand. An important factor both for Nissan and UK manufacturing as a whole is exchange rate and back in 2000 the following article indeed provides a salutary message to both government and the Bank of England if we want to continue the rebalancing of the UK economy through a resurgence in UK manufacturing: Statement regarding meeting between Carlos Ghosn, Nissan president and the rt hon Tony Blair, prime minister on Monday 31 July 2000 By Press Release | 1 August 2000 Mr Carlos Ghosn: Mr Ghosn was pleased to accept the Prime Minister's invitation to explain Nissan's concerns about future investments at the company's Sunderland plant, now the UK's biggest car producer. Mr Ghosn warned about the effect on future investment of the relative strength of sterling against the Euro. He stressed the importance of exchange rate stability in planning long term investments. Nissan's president also confirmed that the company is purchasing fewer components in the UK, in order to cut costs and lessen the risk from changes in the £/€ exchange rate. Some 75 per cent of Sunderland's output is exported to the Continent..." Mike Boswell

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