Thursday, December 20, 2012

United Nations Told Me That NISSAN Did NOT Have Permission to Use UN Logo.

"We do want to thank you for bringing to our attention the company's use of the Endorser logo on their website, which had not been authorized by the Global Compact Office.  Use of the endorser logo (We Support) is encouraged as a way for participants to promote their commitment to the initiative and raise awareness of the United Nations Global Compact, and can be used on for example corporate websites.  However, every use of the endorser logo requires advance permission from the Global Compact Office.  We have informed the company about how they can go about seeking permission to use the logo. ...."

For further information about our logo policy, please visit: 

NISSAN did NOT have approval from the United Nations to use the logo. Senator Feinstein. This alone should open up investigations into trustworthiness of their corporate ethics & marketing techniques. It's obviously something is fishy at the Franco/Japanese carmaker that took over 1 billion American tax dollars to build a car with outdated technology.  an AUDIT needs to be done & laws have to be changed. 

Thank you to the United Nations for telling me who I can reach out to next for help.It looks like I can go after NISSAN in various foreign countries in which they do business.   By insisting on RESPECT for ALL People.... then maybe it might happen.  It's a good thing that in the last 14 years I've hoarded about 2 million miles and points in various programs  Carlos Ghosn..... Guess YOUR CSR dept. is busy getting UN approval.

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