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Senator Feinstein Do You Remember Bob Dornan? He was on the Intelligence Committee .... He Can Tell YOU About Lebanese Businessmen that Support CIA Drug Trafficking..... I Told the Truth Stephen Preston.... America Deserves Better Than a CIA Run By Good Ole Boys!!!

Information of Hezbollah
The name Hezbollah comes from a Koranic verse promising triumph to those who join the Party of God. Hezbollah was founded in 1982 in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley by Shia clergyman educated in Iran, and it subsumed a number of Lebanese Islamic groups. Hezbollah's formation was a direct response to Israel's 1982 invasion of Lebanon designed to eliminate the Palestinian Liberation Organization's base of operations

 Lebanon is roughly two-thirds the size of the state of Connecticut in the United States. 

Sorry Charlie YOU Need to Testify about CIA drug Trafficking and the Lockerbie Crash..... I think YOU Know Who Did It..."

Gotta Love Bob Dornan- He Spoke From His Heart and in Some Cases He was Spot On.

THE WORLD'S LARGEST DRUG FIELD -- (BY DENNIS EISENBERG) (Extension of Remarks - July 27, 1990)

[Page: E2519]
in the House of Representatives
FRIDAY, JULY 27, 1990
  • Mr. DORNAN of California. Mr. Speaker, for some time now I have been trying to educate my colleagues on the brutal nature of the Assad regime in Syria. Syria is a state sponsor of terrorism. Syria's Armed Forces occupy large areas of Lebanon, thus denying the Lebanese people chance at true political reconciliation. The Syrian Government also runs drugs out of the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, which is the issue I want to address today.

El Ixir is run by the Debbane' family of winemakers. They also own five vineyards in Jezzine, in southern Lebanon, which were bombed by the Israelis in 2006, and in Deir al-Ahmar, in the Bekaa Valley, which is mostly controlled by the Hezbollah Shiite militias.

"...I was told on the executive floor at NISSAN North America that Carlos Ghosn used ex Nixon era CIA to "keep in control" of both Renault and NISSAN..."  Sharyn Bovat

  "NISSAN outed me & my CIA past after I complained about discrimination, wasted spending of taxpayer money & corruption in Tennessee.... NISSAN feared I would be deemed credible due to my family that's apart of the intelligence community: They did everything imaginable to discredit me-  I was was bullied jailed, harassed and have had death threats....I'm fighting back  .... 

A NISSAN executive accused me of using an alias.... (I was using my married name).

I do NOT know if the Lockerbie crash is connected to CIA drug trafficking: It's more realistic than Megrahi....  Maybe someone should question the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn?   Lebanon is NOT a big country.  Mr. Ghosn got a big promotion at Michelin during Iran Contra and another after the Lockerbie Crash... 
Carlos Ghosn got the NISSAN gig in 1999 & became its president in June 2000  An auto CEO what a great cover for a CIA Asset.. The CIA & America helped NISSAN?Carlos Ghosn by restructuring NISSAN's debt.  Ghosn would look like a hero... This is a Theory.

Carlos Ghosn was named chief executive officer in June 2001. Maybe a reward for a job well done -a successful conviction thus the cover up worked -this is just my theory.
Lebanon is 2/3 the size of Connecticut.
The vision behind Ixsir is to work with the best Lebanese terroir from Batroun in the North to Jezzine in the south, taking in the slopes of the Bekaa, planted with internatinal varietals and cultivated for sustainable development. The winemaking and aging takes place in Ixsir’s Batroun winery. Carlos Ghosn, the auto-industry guru is one of the partners so no one should underestimate the ambition and expectations of this exciting newcomer.

Reportedly, Lockerbie was about heroin.

Pan Am hired the private investigative firm of Interfor to look into the bombing.
Interfor maintained that PanAm 103 was part of a heroin smuggling route run by a drug trafficking ring protected by the CIA.

Interfor claimed the ring was overseen by Monzer Al Kassar.
The CIA and DEA had apparently both instructed Germany’s internal intelligence agency, the BKA, to allow certain suitcases to pass uninspected onto US bound flights at the Frankfort airport, where Flight 103 originated.

A suitcase which was supposed to be full of the usual heroin was covertly substituted with a suitcase full of explosives.

     whole world now knows that Hezbollah is a religiously inspired group of Lebanese Shia Arabs, supported by Syria and Iran that is devoted to the destruction of Israel. They are not Palestinians fighting for a homeland. What the world does not know is that Hezbollah's religious leaders, have also issued a "fatwa," a theological ruling that sanctions worldwide support for the illegal production and distribution of narcotics to finance its war against Israel, America and their democratic allies in the West.
    In addition to using drug money to finance its terrorist infrastructure Hizbullah believes that their drug trade will help weaken and enervate Western society. Hizbullah religious leaders say, "We are making these drugs for Satan, America and the Jews, if we cannot kill them with guns, so we will kill them with drugs." Some of the evidence points to Canada as one of many places for transshipment and delivery to the United States.

    Sal Russo Who Got Lots of CIA Contracts was hired to get Oliver North His Reputation Back and Make Him a Hero 
    As the Bekaa valley is now firmly in the hands of Hezbollah and beyond the control of the weakening central government of the besieged Lebanese State, the news agencies who report on that part of the world are curiously silent about what many people do in the Bekaa valley to make a living, who profits from these activities and where do the profits go.
    Decades ago the Bekaa valley was a fertile breadbasket watered by the mountains of Lebanon. During the last few decades over two thirds of its arable land has been converted to producing cannabis and the poppies that are at the base of the marijuana and heroin trade.
    About 80% of the world's cannabis is thought to be grown in the Bekaa. This is the home of that informal award winning kind of cannabis called Lebanese Gold. The producers of Lebanese Gold are client centred and oblige the large North American market for "black pot" by adding just enough oil to give it the right color demanded by Canadian and American consumers.

    Sharyn Bovat a low level researcher jailed 3 times and almost a 4th.
    She's been slandered and made unemployable. NISSAN needs to RESPECT
    the whistleblower.

    Carlos Ghosn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Carlos Ghosn, KBE (Arabic: كارلوس غصن‎, born 9 March 1954) is a French LebaneseBrazilian businessman who is currently the Chairman and CEO of ...

    Situated in the Middle East, Lebanon is a small country on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Lebanon has a narrow coastal plain along the Mediterranean Sea, which is 225 kilometers (139.8 miles) long and is bordered by Syria on the north and east and by Israel on the south. A small country, Lebanon's total area is only 10,400 square kilometers (4,014 square miles), roughly two-thirds the size of the state of Connecticut in the United States. Beirut, the capital, is located in the center and overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. Other major cities include Tripoli in the north and Sidon in the south.
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