Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Senator - Please Get This Message to Rupert Murdoch. I'd Like that Megan Kelly to Break the Story. James Clapper Should Ask Michelle Bachman About the Iranians Sending a Stinger Missile to Mexico & Learned About It When Someone Connected to Her Contacted Me...It's a Whacky Story. Why Do People think i Know About Gun Running? Anyway I Talked to a Guy Than Told This Guy Connected to Her That it Was Most Likely Just For a Collection. I Did NOT Think a Drug Cartel Would Bring Down a Plane Filled With Vacationer Traveling From Los Angeles to Cabo.

If Fox news wants to expose the Lockerbie Truth 1st they'll have a LOT of credibility. The facts are NOT classified.   

Also- Carlos Slim is more than a bit dirty but i'm not blogging about him.  I like to travel to Mexico and don't want to get whacked:):)  

 One of his cartel people has a "stinger" missile in his collection.  How weird is that?

Begin forwarded message:

 This is NOT an American vs UK   - it's the Elitist Profiteers vs. The World.

If you want the Lockerbie Truth told the mainstream media must want to report the stories.

An AP reporter told me that journalist are tired of having to wear muzzles and with the advent of the internet people that report from what used to be considered "prestigious" papers are now just known propagandist.  It's kindof ironic that the "free press" in America wants me (who they have ignored to help 'free' them).  

The people that control the editors are controlled by shareholders.

Gannett Board sets date of 2013 annual meeting of shareholders McLEAN, VA - The Board of Directors of Gannett Co., Inc. (NYSE: GCI) said today the 2013 Annual Meeting of Shareholders will be held at the company's headquarters in McLean, VA, on May 7, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. ET.  Please contract companies listed as their top shareholders and INSIST on ethical reporting.

Gannet a large NeoLiberal media group is having their annual shareholders meeting next week. 

I've emailed people at Vanguard and asking people that want the Lockerbie Truth to start an effort to ask those that control the purse strings of the Gannett Elite to INSIST that stories that matter to society are reported.  Included in this email is a copy of one that I sent.  Also a list of the top Gannett shareholder.  

It's time that we work together!

Sharyn Bovat

James Clapper, Michael Vickers, & Stephen Preston - Guess You Could Say I Went to the Chuck Hagel School of Charm:):) Recently I Sent an Email to the Jewish Lobby & Accused Them of HYPOCRISY Because They Know NISSAN Does Business in IRAN and STILL They Support Mayor Michael Bloomberg Making NISSAN the Mandatory Taxi Cab for NYC...... NOW I'm Telling Jewish People About Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam and HIs Family Business That Supports IRAN and Oddly Their Assets INCLUDE Evonik The Company Formally Known as Degussa Who Made the Chemicals Used to Kill Jews in the Ovens During the Holocaust. Recently A Person Connected to Halliburton Met WIth Me and Told Me the CIA Was "Fucked Up".... Seriously- I'll take a Lie Detector. Anyway Even War Monger Types KNOW That the Drone Child Killing Needs to End. Maybe People Tell Me Weird Stuff Because They Can't....

CVC Capital is the company that owns Evonic that "used" to make chemical used to burn Jews.                     It's really disgusting....

Hello Jewish Elite connected to an NFL owner & Cleveland Plain Dealer:

I would hope that the JAFI organization speaks out in support of  ALL Jewish people  - Please let the people of Cleveland have an ownership deal like the people of Green Bay.  It's important for Browns fans to feel respected.  The deserve RESPECT just like those that attend temple on Friday nights. ALL people deserve respect and it's obvious from the FBI affidavit that the Haslam family does not offer that. 

RESPECT for all people can only happen when hypocrisy is "off the table".... I see a LOT of hypocrisy with the NFL family that "pretends" to have a "giant" heart.....  it's really sad.


Haslam company lauds denial of witness tampering claim

Kingsport Times News-19 minutes ago
Meanwhile, major Pilot shareholder CVC Capital Partners has issued a statement expressing confidence in Haslam's leadership at the ...

Haslam company lauds denial of witness tampering claim

Kingsport Times News-19 minutes ago
Meanwhile, major Pilot shareholder CVC Capital Partners has issued a statement expressing confidence in Haslam's leadership at the ...
Pilot's Biggest Investor Not Named Haslam Stands By The Company

Monday, April 29, 2013

Senator - It Might Be Easy to Get Al Gore to Come Clean.. He Really Didn't Do Anything Evil... All He Did Was Profiteer and Lets Face it - IT Looks Like That is "Standard Practice" with People Connected .....

It Feels Good to Finally Expose the People that are Harming Society.  It's NOT the Republicans or the Democrats... It's Just the New World Order....Creepy Types.   

A Little Clique of Nixon Remnants.... Some Did Well for Reagan BUT President Bush (H) Didn't Want Anything to Do with Them.  Carlos Ghosn's Daddy Got Him Connected... Someone Should Talk to Mr. Ghosn About CIA Drug Trafficking- the Lockerbie Crash and 9-11.  He'll know about issues. Heck lets get him to talk about benghazi too.  Somethings being "covered up"....  what?

Lets Give the NISSAN CEO an Orange Jumpsuit and Put Him in the Pen with the Governor..... It's BiPartisan in Needs to Be Exposed....     

I know I'm not crazy.. I was deemed sane to stand trial & represent myself for a 1st time misdemeanor... 
a FULL jury trial .... one that cost the taxpayers a lot of money.   Judge Kurtz a decent man deemed me sane.   Also if I was crazy would I have been invited to a cocktail party where they had people that served on the 9-11 Commission?   I think not.  The fact is people connected to Al Qaeda live in Tennessee and the government protects them.  For that we need to thank Governor Haslam.

Everyone locally knows that NISSAN is linked to terrorism....

I guess Tennessee accepts it because the Governor is too?


Kim Helper
(the Williamson County DA) 

Michael Vickers CIA
Michael Vickers Dod

Stephen Preston CIA
(he's the top lawyer)

Google James Clapper
(top intel guy... look for the picture of the terrorist act next to Carlos Ghosn)


Joseph Martore Calibre
(He's a CEO of a DOD contractor and the husband of Gracia Martore the CEO of Gannett)


NISSAN execs
Scott Becker NISSAN
Bill Krueger NISSAN
Erich Marx NISSAN

Gannett execs... 

Larry Kramer Gannett
Bob Dickey Gannett
Kate Marymont Gannett
Jeremy Gaines Gannett
my friend Mark Silverman Gannett

Senator - The Cleveland Browns Needs to Be Seized By the Feds "if" CVC is Connected to Iran... Which it is. I Just Emailed the Treasury and Jimmy Haslam & Pilot Flying J Need to Be Investigated for Their Links to IRAN. Also- A SUV Has Been Circling My Home... I'm Scared.... PLEASE Tell Tennessee to STOP Harassing Me. Thank you!!!

Sharyn Bovat <sharynbovat@aol.com>
To: Treasury, Plain Dealer Ohio & the United Nations
Cc: Sharyn Bovat <sharynbovat@aol.com>
Sharyn Bovat Reaches Out to Treasury, United Nations & Cleveland Plain Dealer to Ask for Help…. The NFL Knew the Haslam Family Dealt With Companies Linked to IRAN.  Cleveland Browns Should Be Seized By Feds. The Issue First covered in 2010 - Link to Video.  Also Bovat Fears Retaliation is Happening & Was Terrified Today When SUV Circled Home.  Tennessee Won't Help Sharyn (Me) Can the United Nations Send Someone?   

Hello Ohio Plain Dealer and United Nations:  i really don't know what to do. The harassment has to stop.

TODAY a SUV has been circling my home  & I  have a witness. It's happened before many times and sadly it's just another creepy day in Tennessee BUT I'm stressed.  I do NOT trust the Franklin police because they jailed me multiple times (once with a warrant sworn out by a NISSAN exec & twice for a crime that does not exist)  & I was told to NOT trust the TBI.  I'm scared. Below is a link to a description of similar harassment that happened in 2011. http://youtu.be/UvfIsGwHfEU  This has gone on for almost 4 years....  

Uploaded on Apr 28, 2011
Sharyn Bovat who whistle blew to Carlos Tavares the #2 as Nissan says she's been harassed for almost 2 years. Bovat complained of wasted spending of taxpayer money. A person who was working at Bovat's home experienced some of the problems that Sharyn has and now there on tape, Bovat has others that will testify of harassment that Bovat has received in Franklin Tennesssee.

Monday, April 29, 2013

My 2010 site analytics web stats will show that 
GERMANY was really interested in reading my 
issues about solar/ev fraud.... this was before 
they drew down some of the money.

Also my current page views on blogger are 
interesting too....from areas that are owned by 
Evonik companies.... 

Why would two solar "competitors" start business 
in Tennessee?

Why would the NFL not know that Jimmy 
Haslam's company did deals with companies 
connected to IRAN especially when "this" 
is on YouTube in 2010? http://youtu.be/wd6lrYQmHIs

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Senator - After i Posted this on My Blog a Black Professional in Tennessee Told Me "Your Right Racism at NISSAN Really Happens" and He'd Never Work There.... Respect for ALL People Matters!

 I Was Told at a Bourbon Tasting with NISSAN Execs That They Hired This Black Guy Cause He Acts White...     I Complained About Racism and Look What Happened to Me...  

Looks Like The Mississippi Earth Day Photo Op Went Bad....


Friday, April 26, 2013

Michael Vickers is Really Good at Weapons Deals.... Lets Hope These People "Don't Turn on Us"...... Respectfully I Wish I could Have Read This in an AMERICAN Paper...

Pol. International
Arming the Maghreb: Algeria buys in the U.S. market. Coincidence?
Posted on 26.04.2013 at 8:20 | React Jaabouk By Mohammed (6) Favorites Print Send Newsletter
The year 2010 saw the launch of a U.S. anti-terrorism assistance in favor of Algerian military program. Since the sessions are held regularly, the latest was in late February. This military cooperation has taken a new step with the signing of arms contracts. Washington wants its share of the Algerian cake.

Today, the electronic version of the daily El Watan reported Algiers could buy weapons from the United States, including military transport aircraft type C17 Globmaster II. A device is "since last Monday" on the tarmac base Boufarik to perform a series of demonstration. In a first phase, the Algerians could control between 6-8 carriers. Each unit costs about $ 170 million.
And that's not all. In March, the U.S. company, Harris Corporation, won a major contract to equip the Algerian air force a new communication system (Liberty-STAR Voice Communication) to assure him "the air traffic control even in remote areas of the country, "said El Watan. A visit to the net, we learned that Harris has already sold seven such systems to Algeria and four others are optional. Algiers is a strategic ally of Washington and Rabat
These contracts are expected in the near future, to multiply, as the needs are enormous. Algiers wants to diversify its suppliers of weapons. The U.S. military industry also needs new markets to continue to grow. It's a win-win, especially since the Israeli reservations about arms sales to Algeria no longer citizenship.

In addition, the side of Morocco, the official press tend to forget that the eastern neighbor is also a strategic ally of Washington as well as the kingdom. Last October, held in the U.S. capital the first session of the strategic dialogue between the two countries. This is Abdelkader Messahel, Minister Delegate for Maghreb and African Affairs, who led his country's delegation to the meeting.
A meeting which prepared the ground for the visit on March 10, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Defense for Intelligence, Michael G. Vickers, a former CIA agent, who met with the Minister of the Interior, Dahou Ould Kablia. The timing of this move comes just two weeks after the announcement by the New York Times of an agreement aimed at strengthening security cooperation between the two countries whose main consequence is the green light from the Algerian authorities to U.S. drone stationed in Niger, to fly across its airspace.

If the recent diplomatic crisis between the United States and Morocco in Morocco surprised some, others see as a consequence of warming relations between the Americans and the neighboring Algeria. If worst will these recent arms contracts as a trigger, the most optimistic shall conclude a mere coincidence.