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Senator - Tell James Clapper It's Looking Like the Links to Freddie Woodruff's Death are Heroine and Russian Mafia - May be YOU Can Insist on Asking the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn to Testify to the US Intelligence Committee on Heroine Trafficking that Rogue EX CIA Were Connected To Iran Contra. Also Ask Stephen Preston to Confirm or Deny any Relationship to Kline Preston. Kline Preston Asked Me to Find Out About the Lack of News Coverage in Referenc to the Russian Elections. He USED Me as a Source of Information Than the Big Prick Told People I Was Crazy. NOW He's Asking Me to Hand Over My Contacts. I Can't Because Kline and Stephen Preston Might be Connected to Unsavory People That Want to Harm America. Maybe YOU Should Tell Stephen Preston To NOT Think About Drones, Torture and Hidden Prisons for a Day and Go Back to the Aldrich Ames Era. We Might Be Able to Solve Freddie Woodruff's Murder or At Least Give Closure to Those That Want It. The Lockerbie Families Want Closure Too. Investigating This is a Win Win for Humanity.

So my ex lawyer asked me to find out WHY the Russian elections in Dec 2011 were ignored by the mainstream media... I reached out to a friend in the IC and here's the response... 
On Thu, Jan 19, 2012 at 10:42 PM, Sharyn Bovat <> wrote:


How are you?

My issue is now at the Dept of Justice
Odds are they won't do anything. It's run by an Obama appointee.

I was told to make sure people knew about the fraud so I started

So hopefully some media soon on DOE fraud. Was told it would be an election tool.

So question about Russia:  my friend did the election monitering and said it was a valid election he spent two days with vladimee churov the head of the election. In America the story is not told and it's twisted saying elections were fraudulent. also a press embargo on the Russia story (similar to the press embargo on Lockerbie). WHY.  Last night I was told it. Had to do with the  nuclear issue...  Is this about Iran too?

Just curious

More soon

The damn EV  story just has to break and that won't happen until Romney secures primary victory(he did not bring up the EV fraud... some of Romney's kids made money  from stimulus type's pissed off Paul Ryan that Mitt would not take the gloves off)

I was contacted by a French lady who wants me to make a statement on the Renault deal For the conservative running. (I begged them to not endorse Sarkozy.  America is safer with a socialist leading France than a war monger like Sarkozy.  The French sell weapons to those that deal with IRAN. Why does nobody in the Obama administration care?)

Does she/he have a chance?

Take Care

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On Jan 19, 2012, at 3:58 PM,  ************************* wrote:

Long message but first and foremost - big thanks for the contact
Russia and the destabilization of Putin (why = oil & gas) is an overworked theme of the Crazy Left of the type Naom Chomsky, MT Klare, William Engdahl

I prefer to les renvoyer deux dos a dos - send them away, both rotten Under Boris Yeltsin we already had the Neoliberal Free Market Russia which almost instantly morphed into a Mafia criminal state, taken over and inherited by KGB Putin when Yeltsin drank himself to death. So which do you prefer ? Me. I prefer neither.

Nuclear issue ? Maybe yes but not much. Note my book published by ************************ is out pretty soon

Best 4 now

I've spent too many holidays trying to clear my name AFTER the people connected to the NISSAN CEO had me arrested 3 times on "trumped up" charges.  My lawyer told me in a text he was connected tot he CIA and then tried to take it back.

Google    Stephen Preston CIA  and do an image search

he's the current (i think) General counsel to the CIA and was the interim head of legal for the entire DOD during 1993-1995.  He would know about Freddie Woodruff and Aldrich Ames. 

Google    Freddie Woodruff CIA     and do an "image" search.

"...After Mr. Woodruff's funeral in Washington, family and friends gathered for drinks at the home of his widow, Meredith, who was working at the time at CIA headquarters in Langley, Va. Among the guests was Aldrich Ames, a veteran CIA officer and an old friend of the Woodruffs. He'd been in Tbilisi a few days earlier. Mr. Woodruff's sister, Georgia Woodruff Alexander, says Mr. Ames spent much of the party talking emotionally with her grieving father..."  WSJ

Our Man in Tbilisi -
Oct 18, 2008 – CIA agent Freddie Woodruff, who was killed by a shot to the head. ...Shortly before Mr. Woodruff was shot, veteran CIA officer Aldrich Ames ...

Date: December 25, 2011 2:24:12 PM CST
To: ""
Subject: This is Spooky your former CIA neighbor connected to CIA guy that thinks Iran did Lockerbie bombing



My "low level" research parallel this guy’s career.  Why?

Remember  after you told me your CIA neighbors wife learned that her husband died while you were at the movie theater watching the Clint Eastwood movie with her called "in the line of fire"  and then I asked if it was 1993 ...  We googled it was.....  Then I told you I was asked to go to Georgia for democracy thing.... I did not do it because I was still freaked out by my previous USSR trip ( FYI-having a bunch of men barge into my hotel  room in the middle of the night and strap me to a board was a little stressful, they drove me around and took me to an abandon hospital and stared at me it was horrible) .... Well this former clandestine CIA spy guy Robert Baer who’s convinced Lockerbie was done by Iran and Lebanon was in Georgia when I was asked to go.   He's (Robert Baer) is in publications commenting on your neighbor Freddie woodruff's death and it includes the Aldrich Ames stuff,   CREEPY!

I've had WAY too many viewers read my blog.  YOU’RE really nice to me.   Yes I’m adorable.  I'm just trying to figure out WHO exactly I worked for.  CIA yes but they had different "teams" in the organization (like at Nissan) my instincts say I did cultural research for various people on different teams (like at Nissan) Nothing else makes sense (like at Nissan).

Have a Great Day!

  1. This web site is NOT a Gannett web site: It's NOT done by Maria De Varenne it's just a woman reaching out to the mainstream media wanting "humanity". - Cached

Robert Baer  a former high level CIA guy that inspired the movie Syriana  believes Iran is involved with the Lockerbie bombing  worked all over the Middle East & Europe (including Lebanon & Paris). He was told in August 1993 of the  killing of CIA officer Fred Woodruff  (Mark Silverman’s neighbor) in TblisiGeorgia Woodruff (Mark’s neighbor) had been in a car driven by….the head of personal security for Georgian president Eduard Shevardnadze, Subsequently, it was found that the Russian mole in the CIA, Aldrich Ames (a bad spy)  had met with Woodruff (Marks neighbor) shortly before, and had an argument

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Senator Feinstein - Happy Easter. How About Telling James Clapper to Provide The Lockerbie Truth To President Obama. I Don't Think His BIG Donor That Was the Ambassador to the UK Told Him.

On Good Friday it was Reported that Gannett Dumps SEC Filing that Shows CEO Gets 46 Million Dollar Deal.   Below is from the "actual" SEC report (link below).

SEC Definitive Proxy Statement Shows News Boss Who Forced Furloughs & Froze Pay Increases Making BIG BUCKS if Terminated.

Gannett CEO Who Led a Mainstream Media Effort to Silence Whistleblower Gets 46 MILLION if Terminated.  Meanwhile Gannett Led Go of Thousands ..... Gannett is Covering Up MORE Than Dept. of Energy Fraud.... When ARE They Going to Let the Lockerbie Truth Be Exposed?

When are They Going to Tell the TRUTH About NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn?

While those 2,800 people were sent back into job search mode under Ms. Martore's reign, usually with a meager severance package, she will have no such worries if the day ever comes when she and Gannett part ways.

The definitive proxy statement indicates she will receive a termination package totaling more than $20 million. If something unfortunate should happen and Ms. Martore dies, her family will receive almost $30 million and Ms. Martore would receive about the same amount if for some reason she becomes disabled.
And as noted above, if the company changes hands and she loses her job, she gets $46 million, including a pension worth $17,745,638 and $7,650,000 in severance pay.

READ official SEC report
I guess NOT reporting the NEWS that matters to society is HOW to become rich?

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Senator - Some of My Blogs Viewers are ALSO Speaking Out ***The Internet is a Great Thing****

People email me who want society to get healthy

Begin forwarded message:

Thanks Sharyn. I know TVA is evil and the good ole boy crap is alive and working here in TN, lived here all my life. I don’t care for Alexander, Corker (who is in their hip pocket), or any of the rest, don’t trust them either. I have  friend, *********************************** Guess we won’t be friends any more after he sees the info I’ve collected, dirty is dirty. Nissan I have heard is crooked too, as are most multinational corporations, I worked for **********************************so I have seen more than my share. Bankrupt or in debt, that is the plan and how Goldman Sachs, WB, & IMF get control of nations. Now they are in my backyard and after friends and good people’s tax money and property, people that can’t afford to fight back.********************* I’ll be damned if I will stand silent and watch them take these people’s homes without trying to help. I got word out to *****************, and a few others. I am neither party, from where I stand I see no difference in the 3.
From: Sharyn Bovat []
Sent: Tuesday, March 26, 2013 11:26 AM
To: ********************
Subject: Re: Hi
I think I'm just pissed:):)
Your right about the TVA - the former Tennessean editor said their "worse" than Nissan. Then a former head of TVA mike Duncan confirmed to me a cronyism problem. (I was able to talk to him at CPAC in 2012) Evidently lots of kickback- no bid type contracts.  You should ask Lamar Alexander for an audit....  I'm a republican but with Senators like him well go bankrupt as a nation  twice as fast.
Have a good day!

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On Mar 26, 2013, at 2:14 AM, ********************* wrote:
  Ok, you are either crazy or pissed. Personally I think you are pissed. I scanned your website and it is hard to tell, but you seem to have some info on a lot of things. I need to ask you what you know about these Megasites TVA is building. Whos who and whats what. I know it is something wrong going on.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Just Sent an Email to the United Nations.... I Was Told a Marsha Blackburn Staffer is Connected to NISSAN Dept. of Energy Abuse. New Tip on IMF-World Bank Issue Linked to the TVA. Tennessee is Truly the Most Corrupt in the County. PLEASE Help Relocate Me.

Hello:  I got an email about IMF & WB connections to NISSAN and the TVA.  Looks like Sarkozy and Blair have been "busy".... Once that info is verified ANOTHER scandal connected to Lockerbie profiteers might be exposed.  It does seem like Sarkozy is the sleaziest.  He's connected to the arms dealers that have hurt American and British troops.  Still Mr. Blair seems too cozy with Sarkozy. The Lockerbie Truth will come out & people in their 70's and 80's want the opportunity to tell WHY they did it.  That is another reason WHY the truth needs to be exposed sooner than later.  Also there's a "chance" for justice.  At minimal STOP the profiteering and preferred treatment to people like Carlos Ghosn.

Please read it shows how the people working for American Lockerbie cover up profiteers have used unethical social media practices it's being exposed by the Curtis Bostic campaign.  The good-news is their doing stupid things- maybe they know the National Security profiteering "gravy train" is coming to an end? FYI- Rick Santorum is a political extremist WHO knows that Iran is "most likely"responsible for the Lockerbie Bombing.   Foster Friess Knows too. He's connected to Jim Demint. 

These people I'm telling you about today are connected to the abuse I've received in the courts.... Kline Preston my lawyer who did NOTHING to help me (whose most likely connected to the CIA) is closely aligned with Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn.  He was her finance chairman & on his website it says (last I looked) he's in charge of Marsha Blackburn Inc (I believe her PAC) - She's closely aligned with Sal Russo/Tea Party Express and Freedomworks.   It's complicated.  Someone PLEASE investigate.  Blackburn's office helped me with an IRS issue (I was also bullied by the IRS- NISSAN said my expenses were income and refused to do an amending 1099 after I whistle-blew). Still Blackburn's office NEVER stopped the NISSAN fraud.   I heard that she was protecting the people connected to the NISSAN Dept. of Energy fraud. It was relayed to me that her TN staffer Steve Allbrooks is a Good Ole Boy.  Maybe Mike Reynard can look into that?  If it's true I'm sure Marsha Blackburn would want to know.  If it's NOT true than Steve Allbrooks will want his reputation back.   A request for a DOE investigation focusing in on Blackburn's office will be made.  Since it takes "two" to tango and to have a successful cover up you need bi-partisan support I expect you'll learn the Lockerbie cover up on the GOP side is being done NOT by those aligned with the Bush family BUT by those aligned with Sal Russo-Freedomworks.  The Russo people are trying to pin ALL blame on those associated with the Bush.  It's ridicules.  FYI- ALL POLITICIANS Republican and Democrat Linked to Intel Committee in the Late 80's KNEW ABOUT THE COVER UP.  Ask Bob Dornan? Find out about Dick Armey's 8 million "buyout" ..... WHY?  Freedomworks got a LOT of money from "odd donors" from Tennessee.  Why Tennessee.  The TVA issue could be a reason?

Below is on my Voice of a Moderate blog too....

The Bloggers Connected to Sal Russo That Have Abused me are making the news....Huff Post too...


Notice the so called "official" website that the campaign is denying has the SAME picture as Robert Stacy McCains blog. 
As usual a DONATE button is prominent? If the official  campaign is NOT getting the money it could be illegal.

Below is a copy of letter I sent to the Bostic campaign.  These creepy bloggers are connected to "global profiteers" that support IRAN.  I read up on Curtis Bostic and I know marines and if he KNOWS whose helping him is in bed with people/companies aiding a terrorist nation "most likely" Curtis Bostic will stop dealing with Vice and Victory, Freedomworks and if he drives a NISSAN he'll sell it and buy a Ford or GM.


This is Sharyn Bovat & I've been researching fraud connected to people associated with Freedomworks (wanna know WHY Dick Army left?) Also I've discovered a LOT of phony websites being created with the sole purpose of soliciting donation.  Look at this one for the Madison project directly below).

The fact is there's other organizations with the names  Madison Project that  REALLY are organization that funds worthy projects.  I'm trying to EXPOSE bloggers that use peoples names just to get donations to profit fund.   What there doing is morally wrong and too many people that think their giving to "the cause" are being ripped off.  Worse they don't pay taxes.  If you have hired Vice and Victory be careful.

Recently I sent some info to the Treasury that including proof of money laundering  happening in the State of Tennessee and yesterday I got a text that 2 different people were being audited.   That money is connected to Freedomworks.   My hope is that Ali Akbar is ALSO being officially investigated.  Please call me and I can email some documents that I sent to the Treasury to be investigated. 615-944-7599.

Mark Sanford is a HORRIBLE candidate and if you want to win you need to disassociate yourself from Ali Akbar and his associates.

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Senator Feinstein - I'm Tired of Bohemian MEN Deciding "WHAT" Happens in the World. That Grove Thing Is REAL.....

 Bohemian Grove - Some of my sources have told me things.  I really think that the mainstream media is responsible for a LOT of the worlds problems.  Had they done their jobs correctly then all the fraud, corruption in the courts and the Lockerbie Truth would have been told.  

from Wiki:

Membership and operation

The Bohemian Club is a private club; only active members of the Club (known as "Bohos" or "Grovers"[11]) and their guests may visit the Grove. These guests have been known to include politicians and notable figures from countries outside the U.S.[2] Particularly during the midsummer encampment, the number of guests is strictly limited due to the small size of the facilities. Nevertheless, up to 2,900 members and guests have been reported as attending some of the annual encampments.[citation needed]
The membership list has included every Republican and some Democratic U.S. presidents since 1923, many cabinet officials, directors and CEOs of large corporations including major financial institutions. Major military contractors, oil companies, banks (including the Federal Reserve), utilities (including nuclear power) and national media (broadcast and print) have high-ranking officials as club members or guests.[12]

"Less than a mile from us there are millionaires, billionaires, people who control the world, control the central banks, build nuclear weapons. This is their summer playground,” Sonoma State University sociology professor Peter Phillips told RT in 2011. “We know for sure that Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan sat down and had conversation about who was going to run for president when and they made a deal.” The Washington Post has even reported that a planning meeting for the Manhattan Project occurred at the grove in 1942, leading eventually to the creation of the atom bomb.

Look at this guy in 1997  vs today.  Evidently "lying and profiting" has taken a toll on Blair.

How come Ghosn does not have Facebook in French, Japanese or Portuguese too?
It's odd that he's playing to his recent "down played" heritage.

Is he communicating to his Hezbollah friends?

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Senator - Tell James Clapper When I Heard in 2011 That My Lawyer Used the Term "Red Snow" I Knew He Was a Sal Russo NeoCon

One of Kline Preston's friends told me that Kline would fight for me until the "snow was red"... and made a joke about clubbing seals. I knew I could NOT tell him things... because I was blogging about the SUPERHAWKS.

A lawyer connected to Donald Rumsfeld talked to me and NEVER helped me.  I knew the NeoCons did NOT like me.

My death threats came from sources connected to Sal Russo.
It was those connected to Ed Gillespie and Karl Rove that helped/listened to me.  For a while Mark Silverman was playing on Haley Barbour's team.  Gillespie and Rove to my knowledge did NOT know the deals Barbour did in reference to manipulating the mainstream media.

Haley Barbour is Connected to BOTH Tea Party and GOP Establishment.   He controls Reince Priebus.  Romney was a puppet for the SUPERHAWKS
I liked Romney because I knew he'd have respect for my pedigree and would not tolerate the bullying.  Haley Barbour's nephew is a racist and had NO respect for me in the early 90's. His dad Jeppie is a true racist and the reason WHY Barbour can play both teams.  

  1. Voice of a Moderate
    Voice of a Moderate. CPAC Participants BLAST Karl Rove with Stealth Attacks.... GOP Elite - A LOT of people participating at CPAC told me they do NOT like you ...

OK back to the point.

I was raised NeoCon and as a child my mom had me watch documentaries of Russian clubbing baby seals she said the people killing the seals were communist.  That image kept me strong.  People in the 70's that were NeoCon did NOT want to raise children that were pansies.

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Senator - Tell James Clapper About the Euro Elitist Clique Connected to Sarkozy and Blair. They're Harming America

Drive of Black Altima/Maxima whose Plate # is 655 YZP YOUR the kind of aggressive driver thats dangerous to society. YOU were zip zagging through traffic in Cool Spring (Franklin) and are a danger to society.  Based on "what" I've been through in the Tennessee courts you should have to do 3-5 years.  To the white Rogue that keeps driving by my child's home.... STOP. I do NOT trust the police in Tennessee (obviously they're corrupt- Randy Elrod told me that) and whenever I feel threatened I will put tag #'s on this BLOG. It' time NISSAN treated Sharyn Bovat with RESPECT.

This is my cat Miranda... named after my "rights

NOW don't you think I'd "rather" spend quality time with my cat rather than "ranting" about NISSAN fraud.  The fact is NISSAN is run by unethical people that have TERRORIZED me and until I find out I'm OK I'm emailing the United Nations & Diplomats (Portugal too) I'm tired of fighting for humanity BUT humanity has not happened. 

Back to ranting about Carlos Ghosn & Global corruption connected to Sarkozy-Ghosn will KNOW about Karachi affair

There's a Euro Elitist "Clique" Connected to Sarkozy & Blair that work with Ex CIA that are into weapons deals and linked to 80's era drug trafficking. They're connected to Carlos Ghosn and Lebanon and the Lockerbie Bombing.  Evidently They "used" Al Gore for his "green credentials".... Too much money was milked and  NOW is in off shore accounts.  Someone stand up for America.... 

Is someone investigating?  

Daniel Glaser How is the SDN list coming?
Below is from a "recent" email I received.....

Friday, March 22, 2013

Senator _ Just Sent This to the CIA (Mentions Frank Duggan & Lockerbie) It's About Calibre and Possible Conflict of Interest with Gannett

Begin forwarded message:

"I think Al Gore is a Genius & Invented the Internet so the Lockerbie Truth Could be Told"  Sharyn Bovat 

New Blog to Expose "Possible" Conflict of Interest Between Calibe a DOD Contractor founded in 1989 (same year cover up started) and Gannett (the mainstream media that IGNORES the Lockerbie truth).

This blog is going to be a "Tale of Two CEO's"
Is the power dual Joseph and Gracia Martore just in bed with each other OR are they sleeping with IRAN?   
Mr. Martore is a DOD "vendor" that takes pride in offering advice to "top level dod executives" The CEO of Calibre Joseph Martore must have known that a foreign company (NISSAN - a company that is on the IRAN watch list for dealing with a terrorist nation) NISSAN got over 1 Billion US tax dollars to build a car with outdated technology & used a taxpayer IDB bond as collateral. Funded by the Federal Financing Bank (the Treasury bank that seem to accept a LOT of bad loans that regular financial institutions won't risk taking) The CEO of Gannett who knew of NISSAN fraud "let" a whistleblower be bullied for a LONG time and the CEO of the paper that own of the USA today NEVER reported it and odds are she told her husband who proved intelligence to the US government.  Wow!!!  This could be the breakthrough needed to EXPOSE the TRUTH.

It's time the Lockerbie Families got RESPECT!!!

Sharyn Bovat

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Senator - Tell James Clapper to Tell President Obama to Start The "Transparency" Thing... Thank You

Email Sent to Lockerbie Families Frank Duggan Did NOTHING. The Truth About Pan Am Flight 103 is STILL Not Reported By the Mainstream Media.  Still MOST Connected to the CIA KNOW Iran is Involved.  Why is the Obama Administration STILL Covering it Up?  Isn't He Supposed to Be the Transparency President?

----Original Message-----
From: sharynbovat <>
To: contact <>
Cc: msilverman <>
Sent: Thu, Aug 18, 2011 12:17 pm
Subject: From Sharyn Bovat....former research worker who traveled to the Middle East..... My Uncle Bill Frisbie was Chief Pilot for Pan Am My Grandfather worked in Naval Intelligence

Respectfully I'm reaching out to the families of Flight 103.   My goal is to get Congress to question NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn about what he knows about the Lockerbie cover up.& to get trial observers in Tennessee on Sept. 27th.

My name is Sharyn Bovat & I came "out" of the closet as a former research worker AFTER Renault wrongfully accused 3 men of spying.  They were framed by orders from the same executives connected to  Ghosn that targeted me and had me sent to jail 3 times on "trumped up charges"...  It's very complicated. Nissan's Mr. Ghosn got a BIG promotion in 1985 to work in South America for French company Michelin.  The French & Lebanese were used during Iran/Contra.   Mr. Ghosn got a BIG promotion again in 1990.  Today he is connected to ex CIA that were involved back then, 

Bottomline:  I'm just a mom who had a job and then had to disclose my past because they tried to discredit me because they did not know what I knew about Ghosn & his supporters past.   The French still today support IRAN sales of Renault cars are up by 70% this year.
 A few weeks ago Mark Silverman the editor of the Tennessean took me out to dinner and said "Sharyn, you could be the one to finally give the Lockerbie families closure".  that statement terrified me. 

He and I agree that the story needs to be about your loved ones and "fixing the problems" that cover ups create.  I've sent some letters to members of congress asking for hearings in reference to the cover up.  Still I'm being harassed in the courts and I'm not asking the  Lockerbie families to support me I'm just asking for Trial Observers.

My phone number is 615-7***-****.   Thank you for reading.   Sharyn Bovat

"Years ago I lived in Holland and Louise Arbour the Chief Prosecutor for the War Crimes Tribunal was my neighbor.  She and her mom Rose encouraged people to attend the trial of Milosevic.   For justice to happen there MUST be Transparency in the courts"   
 Sharyn Bovat the NISSAN Whistleblower

Senator - The Dots Came Together in reference to Gannett PLEASE INSIST on Investigations. Thank You!!!

*****UPDATE-  Insiders says stock price issue minimal  but refused to comment on CONFLICT of INTEREST.****

It seems like most stocks went from the 2009 low only "doubled"  Gannett almost quadruples ?

I Got a Tip I'm Sending to the SEC Gannett's CEO Gracia Martore's Calibre Conflict of Interest (Her Husband is the CEO of TOP DOD Contractor & "Most Likely" Benefited from NISSAN Story Being Squashed) Might Expose NISSAN Fraud.  The Leaf Was Built With Outdated Technology * NISSAN Does Business with IRAN.  Why are Tax Dollars Wasted?

  Gannett Stock Soared During 1st Obama low as about $6 a share to over $22.  SEC investigation needs to happen.  Obviously Gannett is NOT reporting stories to protect the Obama Administration and maybe they got rewarded?

  1. Bob Dickey Gannett
    Bob Dickey, My life has been hell and Gannett does NOT report the news. I hear your the CIA's pit bull. Is that true? I've been terrorized for over 3 years.


"We moved beyond aggressive journalism" said by Mark Silverman while accepting his Ben Bradlee Award

Fun Fact:  Dana Bash and Andrea Mitchell BOTH received awards too.

this was "who's who" of mainstream media.  

So to the point Mark Silverman, The Tennessean, accepts the Benjamin Bradlee Editor of the Year Award at the 28th Annual National Press Foundation Awards Dinner on March 1, 2011 in Washington, DC. Look at the dates of my text messages.....

Bovat's Battle
  1. A text conversation between NISSAN Whistleblower Sharyn Bovat & Mark Silverman the editor of the Gannett owned Tennessean, he's a Ben Bradlee award ...
He thanked his wife for letting him spend "countless" hours playing newspaper  that was when he was accepting his award in front of 1000 mainstream media journalist. I had NOT seen his wedding ring until I watch him get the award on CSPAN.

The date he got the prestigius Ben Bradlee award was on March 1st 2011.

"' People have been nice to me I hope that Tucker (Carlson of the Daily Caller) is treated as nicely at a liberal meeting like the American Society of Newspaper editors..."  Paul Begalia of the Clinton Administration at CPAC event called Fight Club. 

The mainstream media KNEW about Dept. of Energy fraud and remained silent.

                         The NISSAN Fraud has been covered up by the mainstream media

Mainstream Media Bias is REAL!!!