Sunday, December 9, 2012

Message to Marsha Blackburn.... My Blog Probably Created More Jobs than the NISSAN Leaf....

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Note to Marsha Blackburn….Your Former Treasurer & My Lawyers Brother is TOP CIA Lawyer Stephen Preston- I Got the Shaft in the Courts & Want Respect. The CIA Did Something Sleazy - Surprised?
Date: December 9, 2012 10:38:42 PM CST
To: Marsha Blackburn's office and members of the Press

Marsha Blackburn,

I'm in DC to ask for RESPECT. Why did YOUR former Treasurer Kline Preston my lawyer NOT tell me his brother was the TOP lawyer of the CIA? 

- Stephen Preston is the TOP lawyer for the CIA &  My entire defense was that I was being bullied by NISSAN because of my "past" research work. His brother Kline did NOT let me defend myself the way I wanted.  I have a LOT of emails that will prove it.   I ended up representing myself.  It was HORRIBLE.  

 OK.... Why did Kline NOT tell me that I was at a dinner sitting next to a Mossad Agent. 

After the dinner I told him I suspected her of being a Mubarak remnant BUT he said she was just a "gypsy" then he told me a couple days ago she was really Mossad. HELLO - Alarm bells?

There so much more... I have this video....

Do YOU know how many "foreign spies" have come to Tennessee to "check me out"...? 

FYI- I had over 2 million hits on my blog and I think a LOT of governments got "curious... from at least 4 continents.  

Congresswoman you should declare me a stimulus program...I helped out the economy.

My blog that cost less than a dollar a day (I'm a free market thinker) most likely created more jobs in Tennessee than NISSAN did with the leaf....  Imagine all the lawyers that were paid to read my "rants"  NISSAN said they spent OVER 1 million reading my blog. Probably taxpayer money.  Governor Bredesen paid one of his lawyers Michael Thomason to "spy" on me - going undercover as my bridge partner.  Do YOU know how crept out I was.  A guy told me in DC that Michael was spying on me & I had to STILL play cards with him...for OVER a year. 

In reference to the foreign spies...the food and lodging reveune.. That's a WINNER for the state. 

Marsha I knew of at least 2 different Japanese spies.   Then there was the French guy that followed me- He wore a silk suit and Italian shoes... he looked really "out of place'.... The fancy people in Paris need better training for operatives going undercover in the US... OK the guy might have 'fit in" in NYC but in Tennessee he looked like a metro sissy.  From Kline I got good stuff on "Reagan"  A tabloid might want that story... Still he's the hero of a LOT of people.   Maybe YOU should tell Mr. Preston and his baby brother to treat me with RESPECT.  I think I've earned it.

I'm tired.  I really need this resolved.. Baker Donelson is trying to "stretch it out" I think someone needs to put pressure on NISSAN to mediate. 

Thank you,

Sharyn Bovat

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