Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Senator - I KNOW the NISSAN CEO Knows WHO is Responsible for the Crash of Pan Am Fllight 103.... Why are YOU Not Insisting He Testify Under Oath?

I Know the NISSAN CEO Knows Who is Responsible for the Crash of Pan Am Flight 103.....   Will YOU Tell President Obama to RESPECT Sharyn Bovat.  I Need a Form Filled Out to Get Retirement from the CIA.   I Think I Did MY Job.  I did NOT tell the man I married that I did research.  Can YOU understand how mad he is?    

ONLY When NISSAN Outed Me - Jailed Me - Slandered Me - Bullied Me - DId a Whisper Campaign Saying I Was Gay (I'm Not.... Still There is NOTHING Wrong With Being Gay) - Only Then Did I Speak Up.  

The Fact is People in the UK and Corporations Have Profiteed from the Cover Up.  Carlos Ghosn Almost Destroyed the Lives of 3 Men In France.  The Executives at Renault Were Innocent.  I Proved That.  

The People in the Military KNOW That is Was IRAN.  They Are VERY Upset that They Military is Being Downgraded and America's Biggest Enemy is Still Intact.  Too Much Time & Money in Other Countries.  

America Has NEVER Gone After the Root of the Problem & that's dealing with IRAN.  IT's Time for Tough Sanctions, Peace talks and stopping any nuclear effort.  Religious zealots are NOT people that should get a weapon of mass destruction.

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