Saturday, December 22, 2012

Posted on Lockerbie Victims Father's Website

"...It was also established that night that Pan Am officials and Washington D.C. were aware of this time-framed bomb threat, since American embassies were put on alert several weeks prior to Dec. 21st..." Huff Post Article

My cousin was a Pan Am flight attendant that regularly flew through Heathrow. My grandfather wanted her "accounted for".... 24 years ago most of my family was visiting my grandparents. It was highly unusual. I remember when the phone rang & silence. The call was for my uncle (chief pilot for Pan Am). He wanted to know the names of the crew. My mom thought that it was not fair that she was saved and that meant someone else's child would die.

It made me sad when I was told a few years ago that she told one of my relatives when I went on one of my international "vacations" she said "they were gonna kill me".... & she did NOT stop me, to this day I find it difficult to comprehend. Especially now that I'm a parent. My thinking is my Uncle did what almost every other person would do. NOBODY would let their child fly on a plane if they thought a bomb was on it.

My question is WHY did the planes fly that week when they KNEW that a bomb would be on the plane?

WHY was there not extra security at the airports?

Why did they not go into the cargo hold and double check EVERY bag that week?

Yesterday was very emotional. Today was intolerable. Knowing that the mainstream media on TWO continents knows the truth and let the lies continue for over 24 years is just destroying any hope I had for humanity.

Only the truth will make all that is wrong ... somewhat right.

That way it can never happen again.

Thank you to those seeking justice it's no longer just for Megrahi - it's for a better future for the the next generation.


  1. Later my uncle disowned my cousin for marrying a Persian man. He came from the same country that was responsible for the Lockerbie crash.

    I meant to write my mom "thought" they were going to kill me. Who is "they".... They are the people connected to the weapons sales and drug trafficking. It's a global group of ex CIA and others (many business people) from All over the world. They are people that have profited post WW2.
In reference to this:
2 years AFTER working with my lawyer fighting "trumped up" charges that I told him stemmed from my "previous" CIA research and the cover up of the Lockerbie Bombing(2010 I told Kline Preston that Iran was responsible for the crash). I found out LAST WEEK that my attorney's brother was the TOP lawyer (Stephen Preston) of the CIA.

IT's NOW weirder.
Michael Vickers the man being considered to take the CIA Chief's job (formally Petraeus) might be related to Cal VIckers. Earlier I had gotten word from a friend of the the late Marvin Runyon who was a past President of NISSAN North America, former post master general and connected to the CIA that Cal Vickers of NISSAN (he reported to one of my former clients) was connected to the "creepy people" what I call the ex CIA who profit from the illegal stuff.

Michael Vickers whose up for Spy Chief has been accused of Leaking to Hollywood in summer 2011 classified information about the Bin Laden killing. Oddly in the summer 2011 I was invited to Hollywood about my story. It could be a coincidence. If so there a LOT of them.

Vickers claim to fame is the Afghanistan "Charlie's War" stuff.

I have a request to the DOD to confirm the relationships of Cal Vickers and Michael Vickers & Stephen Preston and Kline Preston. It's been over 2 days. I was told it would be 24 hours. I was told if their not related I would get a quick "no"... the silence from the DOD press office is very telling.

Michael Vickers cannot get the promotion: If so the truth about Lockerbie will not come out. It seems like the intelligence community wants the truth to come out. Otherwise people would not give me data. So far it's proving to be true. Which means that for 24 years the Lockerbie families have not gotten the truth.

Lockerbie is connected to so much that once it's exposed LOTS will. Then the world can "move on".... It's just sad!!!


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