Thursday, December 20, 2012

Senator: Please Ask Sen. Leahy to Investigate Judicial Harassment & the Secretary of Education to Make Public Statement to School Children About Movie That Promotes CIA Torture... Thank You

Can you ask Senator Leahy to investigate "HOW" I could suffer in the judicial system for OVER 19 months on a trumped up 1st time misdemeanor?  

I'm glad your staying in Intelligence. I believe in my heart that if the "right" people take over the CIA then things like torture & corruption will stop.  FYI- I'm a fan of William Webster.  He said at the ABA National Security Dinner that the torture technique was morally wrong.  

In reference to torture: 
I've blogged for over 3 years that I was detained (in a weird way) in the former USSR.  Men barged into my hotel room and strapped me to a board & took me to an abandon hospital. They left me in a room for a day and 1/2 and they stared at me.  I was terrified.  If I knew of torture techniques used by America it would have been horrible.  I would have worried that they would have done the same thing to me.  Instead I just told them over and over again "my country knows I'm here".... 

Can YOU get a the Senator in charge of Education to issue a note to ALL schools that the movie is fiction?

Although some have told me that "if" the CIA cooperated with the filmmakers they believe the torture to be TRUE) . Senator I told my child about 3 months ago that my family was connected to the CIA and that is WHY all this has happened to me.  I told her that CIA was boring it was just doing a LOT of listening and reading and putting puzzles together.  I told her ALL I did was travel all around the world doing low level research for people trying to keep the world safe.  NOW with this movie most people in America will think that people in the CIA are sadistic torturers.  It's HORRIBLE!!!  

My future ex husband whom I was married to for over a decade and did not tell him that I did work for the CIA until NISSAN outed me. Jokingly he has compared our marriage to "water boarding".... NOW with this movie it really does not seem funny.   I will not see the movie and will wait till I can get a DVD and fast forward the icky stuff.   

In reference to the movie I'm happy to hear that the "research" work gets a lot a of credit and that a woman who dedicated her life to finding Osama Bin Laden gets credit - still the torture stuff is disturbing.  

Can you ask the filmmakers to ALSO make a PG version that's less graphic -basically deleting most of the inhumane stuff that I've read is in the beginning?

IF they made a "toned down" then families could have the option to see that one.  It would be better at explaining the true work of the CIA and the Secretary of Education could tell America that is the preferred movie for those under the age of 16.

In Tennessee She has lived fearing that when she sees a police car that they will take her mom away.  Once I was pulled over in Brentwood Tennessee the police office did not like how I was "blinking my lights".. I was getting ready to make a right turn at a light and only blinked 2 times... evidently your supposed to blink 4.  After he took my license he said - Is their a warrant for your arrest?  I was terrified. Already I had suffered 3 arrests and a 4th time a Sheriff had gone to my child's home looking for me.  Luckily a man had given me the # of  My lawyer Kline Preston (the most likely brother of Stephen Preston) whom I called when 3 other lawyers refused to help me. Kline made some calls then told me that it was a "mistake" in the system. For over 20 hours I was terrified and made arrangement for my child incase they " got me" 

Senator - I've wanted that investigated BUT that has not happened.  I'm worried because of all the harassment I've received & I need to find a lawyer willing to sue the state.  As of yet mine has not done the paperwork.  I want to know WHY?

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