Sunday, December 2, 2012

I Might Owe My Freedom to Al Gore.... I'll Thank Him in Person During His Deposition....(What are the Odds of Him Doing That?) It's Hard to Digest. Here's a Copy of a Blog Post to a Conservative Blogger Dana Loesch Get s a LOT of Views.... It Explains Stuff.... Anyway the MONSANTO Connection is BIG.... FYI - Hold NO Opinions about Monsanto EXCEPT it's Powerful and the Play "Both Teams"..... Their Allies Control the Courts and the Gov't. Monsanto CIA Pushed the Agent Orange....They Knew Michelin CIA..... Ghosn's Dad Was Part of Operation Condor... It's GLOBAL and It's SCARY... I Just Want NISSAN to Mediate a Job and Health Insurance...In Reference to Monsanto That's All I'll Say..... Too Much Info and Still I Do NOT Have Enough Info to Speculate...

To him THANK YOU although I'm still UPSET because he should have done it 19 months faster...
 My child did NOT deserve to have all this "drama" in her life....  Now I have to subpoena Al Gore....

                                                         DANA LOESCH- 

In 1993  had to leave my friends and family because "my knowledge" scared people.  Until I became a whistleblower my life was "normal".  NISSAN Executives connected to Sal Russo have terrorized me.  I know your enjoying the "steak dinners"  FYI they come at a price.  You lose your "freedom" to speak your mind.  Your a member of the "family".... Did you know in a way were cousins?

At the Franklin Center of Public Integrity Forum during the RNC convention I asked a panel about harassment from blogging.  I believed "it's taped"  Dana Loesch said she gets them all the time. Well the fact is a LOT of people connected to Ali Akbar have complained of "faux" death threats but they are "in the club" I'm NOT "in the club" and people have funded Alk Akbar to harass bloggers like me and numerous others that want the TRUTH exposed.

The people that read my blog were connected to the Military Industrial Complex- Rahm Emanuel- the Lockerbie Bombing-Solyndra - Dave Ramsey- Oprah and more.  Did you KNOW that NISSAN hires ex CIA?   Some from the Iran Contra era.  I had "no clue" what was going on. BUT I was around people that did.  You've been around them too.  Seems like your Sal Russo's communication team. 

DANA You Ignored a Woman Who Has SUFFERED.... For Years.
I'm Fighting Back.. I was taught HOW to fight by people connected to OPERATION CONDOR.  They were tough

Did you want to know WHY Sonny Bono died.  FYI- I do NOT think Sal did ....  just some "distant" associates.   

Margaret Lesher the wife of Dean Lesher died about the same time.  Evidently there were some that were "house keeping" 

I don't KNOW anything important.  I blog to keep my name PUBLIC just to STAY ALIVE.   Dana I take my death threats seriously.  

FYI "Girlfriend" I talked to a guy from the Pentagon.   Numerous defense contractors people from "think tanks" NISSAN current and former employees, diplomats, and VERY credible people.  

My sources are GRADE A ... Ali Akbar was discrediting me.... Luckily I was "warned"....  Dana do YOU want to ger a subpoena?  It seems like the National Bloggers Club is going to be a SCANDAL

 The TOP editor in America Mark Silverman confirmed that high level people KNEW I was whistle blowing on a LOT more than NISSAN

Dana Loesch I have feared for my life for over 3 years.  I've been terrorized in AMERICA by people that have profited from President Obama's pet project the NISSAN Leaf.    Do NOT belittle me.

I deserve RESPECT!!!!

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