Tuesday, May 5, 2015

***UPDATE*** James Comey (FBI), James Clapper, John Brennan (CIA) Caroline Krass (CIA) The DOD Whistleblower Wants to See "How Good" Congressman Peter Roskam's Constituent Services are.

Video Added... I want people to see that "I get it"..... I know the Lockerbie Bombing truth too political. It's just hard to accept ALL the apathy in America:(:( 

Dear Congressman Roskam

Hello this is Sharyn Bovat I stopped by your DC office and they told me to use constituent services. My letter might seem a bit scattered it's because I have ADHD and I'm dyslexic. I'm trying my best to clearly communicate my problem that I've tried to get help for but have been ignored.  sharynbovat.com

I've been told I have Complex PTSD that was triggered after I was retaliated for whistleblower about taxpayer money being abused and that Congress had given money to foreign companies that do business with Iran and are sharing tech with Putin.  I'm the DOD Whistleblower.  Google DOD Whistleblower & do an image search, you'll see me.  http://www.rnla.org/bio/BioDetail.asp?MemberID=6936  I'm starting this to show issues I've exposed DODWhistleblower.org

I was cyberly outed by NISSAN for being a former researcher for CIA operatives during the Iran Contra & Cyclone gun running era.  My grandfather Karl Frisbie was Naval intelligence in the 40's & then went to work for a new "start-up" agency - he worked for John McCone (Kennedy's CIA director).  When NISSAN put my name in a global data base that put my life in danger and I've been blogging ever since - I'm using the Salmon Rushdie strategy to stay alive. My family was involved with CIA drug trafficking & a lot of powerful people are scared about what I know. 

After I was cyberly outed BOTH my mom & Uncle have gotten dementia, my sister who used to work for Senator Ted Stevens got a mysterious illness too. Did I mention that my Uncle is Bill Frisbie, he was the Chief Pilot of Pan Am and he got that role in 1984 the same year a friend of the Reagan's Dean Lesher asked me to be a spy for America (I was 19 years old).  I never did anything but go to places and listen & I did low level research needed to promote democracy. My first research project was in America - my job was to find out "how" to get average American's to want to support the Contra's & later it was my job to figure out HOW to get America to respect Oliver North. The concept of "he was just doing what he was told" was the one people identified with & that's all I ever did.  How come I still can't get people to respect me or listen to me? 

 The CIA has been totally not helpful & Buck Revell the guy that organized a lot of cover-ups sent me an email telling me to shut-up.  He even cc'd the entire Lockerbie cover-up team. Did I mention that I got to meet the Palestinian money launderer that worked for the Iranian National Guard that ordered the Lockerbie Bombing?   LockerbieCoverUp.com 

Anyway when I spied for America I never did anything exciting. I did go to the USSR & was detained by the KGB for a day & 1/2 and that is a BIG reason why my PTSD is now Complex: The KGB took me out of my hotel room in the middle of the night and strapped me to a board and drove me around in an old van then I was taken to an abandon hospital and they did NOTHING to me (they did it because I was showing Cosmopolitan magazines to women my age to see what would motivate them to want democracy).

 For years I've asked for help I've asked the CIA IGO for help, I've asks Dan Meyer the IC Whistleblower liaison for help, I talked to Robert Eatinger the former top lawyer at the CIA (whose on the torture report 1600+ times) for help. I've reached out to the Senate Intelligence Committee ( Dianne Feinstein used to come to my house in the 70's for AAUW meetings & she was part of the "Democracy Group" my mom was) for help. NOBODY WILL HELP ME... 

Sir, I was recently told to get you to help me with disability & It's not the direction I want to take but it seems like my only option. My daughters dad desperately wants a divorce & he's been patient but he needs to have closure with our marriage that is why I'm seeking the disability & I need it expedited. 

When I met I'm in the mid 90's I NEVER told him I did the CIA research & ONLY after I was cyberly outed by NISSAN did I tell him.  He's Jewish and because my grandfather was part of the CIA'S Nazi protection team (they recruited dictators for South America too) since he learned about my past he refuses to have sex with me (it's been over 6 years). That is why I had the affair with Gannett's Ben Bradlee winner  www.sorrysilverman.com  My grandfather was part of Condor too.  I've got pics of those we helped in Argentina  at pool parties in California in the late 70's. 

Congressman my marriage is ONLY in paper and my technical husband wants a divorce YESTERDAY & he's staying married to me ONLY so I can have health insurance-

Yes I know that I can get Obamacare BUT it does not work for me with all my medications I need for my PTSD, ADHD & I have an arachnoid cyst. I need reliable medical insurance and it seem like disability is the ONLY way I can get it.

Sir, people in the IC know I've told the truth that I did research for CIA operatives & I was told I could get a retirement package (low level- I really want it for the health insurance)  BUT I need the govt to sign off on i & if you can help me with that I'd be grateful. It's only because my family was involved with things that embarrass America that NOBODY is helping me. YES I will admit I was involved with Iran Contra (low level- I think I was the only person to tell Oliver North to his face I did not think the "Iran Thing" was a good idea). I've got pictures of me in Southeast Asia as a child. My mom gave me a package proving I was at places. She even took me to the Carnation Revolution when I was 9.  When I was about 5 we started taking routine trips to SE Asia and she'd take me into the airplane bathrooms & strap money belts on me. Later I learned it was most likely CIA drug money or documents. Also when I was 14 years old I was sent to boarding school and my roommate was from El Salvador & her family led the death squads that whacked Oscar Romero.  One of President Obama's people had a person that knew the priest talk to me and they made me feel guilty about things the CIA did and that made me blog about stuff.  I respect the President but feel like I'm used as a tool to re-org the CIA and I'm tired and stressed. I need to get disability so I can have health insurance. I really want to work and be a productive member of society BUT in 1993 I dated Mike Dorris the FBI guy the CIA lied to and a 9-11 commissioner staffer told me had Mike NOT been lied to 80% the towers would not have fallen.  Because of that I'm TOXIC to the intelligence community because the agencies don't like being exposed for not doing their job.

I'm in Naperville till Friday & I want to meet with a staffer to get my disability expedited. Also I want a PTSD dog.  I really think the CIA should pay for it 

Sharyn Bovat

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